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  1. Maybe. But you both should spend some time talking/listening to 'green' players/FTP noobs, whatever: most of what they ask about is: how do I rank up to get new stuff? when do I get smgs/binocs? or do I have to pay? that was my obsession in the first 6 months, other than trying to see who/what killed me > to rank up. you're right in that eventually rank/level wears off/is meaningless but for new and especially younger players used to levelling up in all the games they play to earn new stuff, its a primary driver in the first days/week/month of their experience in WWIIOL
  2. agree. either: 1. go Proximity AOs only Tz3 with stringent number requirement for AOs (ie. 10/20 players to 'earn' a tz3 AO overpop/scale for underpop) 2. one AO Tz3 and/or 3. incent players to play TZ3 (all unit access / double rank points for underpop/even a lowprice tz3 time restricted sub)
  3. OT Medals UPDATE: please remind yourself that OT is now offering special medals to all Retired HC Officers, along with special OT Orientation courses. You can find the details here:
  4. I think B2K deserves a medal as he quite knows how to OT. You might forgive some OTians who aren't familiar with UK culture. Silky is quite remiss in spreading the finer points.
  5. OT is initiating a new 'Welcome to OT' programme for Retired HC of either side for which we will be developing a series of OT Retired HC Medals (courtesy of OT Medal Consultant, MikeAZ) along with a series of OT Retired HC Detox & Induction Seminars held by the Official OT Lord Protector, Silky. Handling and shipping for OT Medals have a small shipping & handling fee which can be wired directly in OT$ directly to MikeAz. You can read more about the details of this exciting, never done before offer, including reviewing the available OT Medals and Induction Course Description here: Retired HC Officers and regular players alike may also be interested in the upcoming 'OT Indoor CarWash Fundraiser' with full details over in OT.
  6. Can we switch the concept? We tend to go off-topic a lot.
  7. You have to spell the CINC's name right before getting a medal, I think. Meanwhile, here's your 'Prix d'Excellence'. Which one is you?
  8. MikeAZ has sent in the preliminary concept art and modelling for the new Retired HC badge to OT. We're working on the polycount, tiles and damage models now.
  9. Thank you B2K. You must be from OT. That is the most classic set-up line of all time.
  10. We're thinking of something more along these lines might better suit Retired HC thinking of coming to OT.
  11. OT believes this charm would work splendidly for Retired HC. However Mike has a few additional ideas he's working on.
  12. Merlin has reported in that since the OT Coders are still busy with the Eva Green custom Axis character modelling plus the EG Bobblehead release that there are no current plans for either ingame KPop personae nor fingersnap emotes at this time. Expect those in OT
  13. Just a reminder of the recent purchase of CRS by OT: some of the highlights: OffTopic LLC has finished it's indiegogo fundraising campaign and now has the required $1.200,000 OT$ to complete its long-rumoured hostile takeover of The Game That Comes With This Forum (Nasdaq: TGTCWTF). We would like to re-assure players and subscribers that there will be no major changes to the planned 1.36 release other than these new OT additions to the upcoming patch notes: AI Civilians will be introduced AI Trains and a full railroad supply grid linking all ingame RR Stations Full enforcement of Kilemall's 'Population Neutrality' Concept "Jumping' (j key) functionality introduced but only for tanks (new DLC) Snipers to get AI Dog Sappers on autofollow (new DLC) All HC members to get personal AI Staff Cars All exHC members to get bicycles Parachuting Dogs are now ingame (Allied Only) Parachuting Angels are now ingame (Axis Only) Signed, Sorella et al on behalf of: The OT Working Group on Working to Make OT a Better Place YOU CAN READ THE FULL DISCUSSION AND PATCH NOTES HERE:
  14. OT and Merlin51 in particular are under an NDA as to how much we can release of the art for the upcoming Eva Green persona however here is a hint of her in the proposed new Axis uniform: note the historically accurate field-red Axis nail polish and the third finger power ring. Also available for release is the concept art for the proposed OT WWIIOL 1.36.1 Eva Green Russia Space Expansion Module. We're still working of the bobblehead version for merchandising sales. The exclusive OT-Only DLC Membership Subscription Package is currently available by wiring 5$OT directly to Silky. However, he is experiencing processing delays due to Brexit complications. In the interim, kindly sign up for regular subscription via CRS. Please note that all funds from these new OT-Only subscriptions will go directly into the OT 1.36.1 Eva Green Persona Art & Character Model Development Fund (EGPACMDF) after appropriate deductions for handling and dog food for the live dog parachuting dog models.
  15. I don't think so. Just need multiple observers.
  16. way back was Schwartz Trucking Co. squad too I believe
  17. Atari would work: here's the bunker clearing test by Merlin
  18. so your game is about convoy driving instead of building walls? because in one the players form groups and in the other the players form groups? I'll wait for the trains thanks. meanwhile enjoy your ww2 driving simulator.
  19. great find Biggles! should be back in game with a rear lmg mount!
  20. check the map: south of Spa and above Malmedy and Stavelot you'll notice a red (paved road) circuit which essentially replicates the old Formula 1 Belgian Grand Prix track at Spa-Francorchamps. (modified today but still in use for F1). There are even buildings replicating the start line, pits and grandstands. used to be able to spawn a cool red mercedes there (on the training server) and have races. the track is still there, the cars are gone. but could they come back? Starting line/pit lane, grandstands and original track as from:
  21. We see some of this already in-game with the overabundance of 'builders' with new ppos. Started with Great Wall of Ciney and now expanded with more sandbags and barbed wire. There also used to be grand-prix racing with 37' Mercedes at the F1 track around Spa-Francorchamps (track still in game but not the benz). A more important lesson from Garriot, perhaps than UO, is the way he/they have recently funded Shroud of the Avatar from startup over 3 years and $22M from indie funding, pre-launch alpha and beta purchases of titles (Special Forces patch?), homes (squad barracks?) and stuff (cots? barrels of wine? baguettes? liberated cognac?). Like that.
  22. Yes. But you'll have to download the special OT 1.36.1 Patch. Its available here:
  23. Some players like to build stuff. Some players like to drive trucks. Others like to drive tanks and planes. Granted, most like to fight, kill stuff and blow things up. But the range and amount of the new ppos has added a whole new element/dimension to the game and does attract a lot of new players. And some old - as shown by the original SgtHenning's Great Wall of Ciney back at Steam launch. I'm just waiting for the other part of this thread: "How to Eliminate A Rifleman With A Tiger".
  24. Eva Green would have to taste test the bacon-wrapped turkey breast for OT before it goes on the ingame menu. Let us know how it goes.
  25. OT is surprised and delighted to welcome back one our own long-serving and esteemed honourable members. Jam, you are missed and I'm sure, on behalf of Merlin, Silky, Sudden, Yello & Gustaf you will be happy to know that the Eva Green avatar is being worked on as we speak. Well, as we post. You know. Whilst waiting for this in OT 1.36.1 you may wish to visit: