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  1. never run out of satchel charges Moz, do you? even easier now with air bombs on veh tents. get your bofors out.
  2. its for real. we learned it all from C5.
  3. steam has no stats?
  4. 4 great names.
  5. Minimum Risk. Maximum Stats.
  6. I'd apologize too, but I'm more interested in where one gets the 'Moron' and 'Small Minded Idiot' DLCs. How much are they? As to snipers, I think every player should play the unit they want, the way the want. Snipers has become just a generic term for players hiding in odd places, shooting once in a while, usually rather ineffectively. I would never put in chat 'need less snipers, more cappers'. I would just say 'need better snipers'. That way no ei would interrupt your capping - or if defending you wouldn't have to guard a cp at all - as all the ei would be dead by sniper.
  7. We're vets and we have cool hats, pipes and moustaches. 48th Highlanders (Canada) FTW.
  8. +10/ And like Mr. Butkus, Area 51 is hard. Very hard.
  9. I know. Was pretty sure JSilec meant Moises Alou too.
  10. david06 confuses a lot of things. he's really talking about switching sides in supporting Lee Marvin or Moses Malone. its a tough choice.
  11. Lee Marvin > Moses Malone except in basketball.
  12. damn.
  13. Congrats. Did you win a free model?
  14. We like Lee Marvin. Big Red One was a good movie - basically the story of the writer/director Sam Fuller's real life. Hamill did suck in it however. Fuller's Steel Helmet was a great returning vet/Korean War film and his original White Dog (based on French author Romain Gary's anti-racist book) was/is 40 years ahead of Get Out by Jordan Peele. Point Blank was probably Marvin's best movie though.
  15. +100/ best idea in your history of great ideas for the game. you must be into submission. maybe you want to just 'vote a surrender' before the campaign starts instead of waiting 3-6 weeks? that way, we would never have to play at all. and how about you lead by example and surrender from the forums?
  16. total confusion on allied side last night in push for Koln - with Essen (4 factories) and Dusseldorf (2 factories) already capped: no one really knew, or was sure, or convinced that capping all of KOLN (with 2 factories for a total of 3 factory towns but only 8 factories) would end the campaign. SO: which is it actually for factory campaign victory: 3 Factory Towns no matter the total of factories OR 9 Factories owned and if 9 factories owned do the factory towns need to be fully owned or just the 9 factory facilities themselves, no matter who owns the town(s)? For ALLIES; if 9 factories owned (plus towns?) is the rule, then Allied need all 4 of Essen, Dusseldorf, Koln and Frankfurt? Yes?
  17. What if we send a c47 with paras to frankfurt, dismantle Axis Factory #9 and move it back to Koln, which we own, and reassemble it there?
  18. who has the rule book these days?
  19. 1. was a fan/follower of Strategy First Games 2. maps 3. box art 4. doppler sound 5. rat with pistols logo
  20. 4 kills per hour. KPH should become a new stat.
  21. combination of the above; plus what dptraeus said - ie. make it as foolproof as possible so they can only spawn, in the first instance via active battles, on a mission with fms/spawnable/clear active objective/other players/AO or DO action (with settings adjustments to alter this later for new or vet players - which is a great idea as well) PLUS as stankyus said; some hard-headed marketing or game descriptions making it clear this is neither a simple nor ultra-modern PVP FPS. new players aren't lazy -given the current pvp/wargame game environment and culture there is just no way for them to have a clue - because there is nothing out there that is analogous to this game - both the good of it and the bad of it.
  22. wonderful. ty for doing this.
  23. Don't understand: the player gifting the sub needs a support ticket or the player receiving the sub needs a support ticket?