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  1. When is intermission over? When does the campaign begin? And why is it a mystery every time a campaign ends?
  2. these are elbows.
  3. I thought is was 42. But 43 is a good answer too.
  4. yes. also for the lovely Insomniac SeaLions Operations I & II: > Kgarner > Wirklich > Potthead
  5. I think you're confusing Guy Lafleur ('The Flower'), the Montreal Hockey Legend, with the other LaFleur, who did a fake hockey disco album, with LaFluer (sic) the commonly mispelt Axis CinC. People often don't know which one of these triplets is real, especially when it comes to quadruple bypass surgery.
  6. We on axis awarded themouse 'The FieldMarshal Harvey Keitel' Cross for amazing defender against us. which he is.
  7. Players in many games, including this one, often form an attachment to their side their branch their squad and their friends. Some even prefer, and become expert in, specific equipment, say a DD, FMB - just like some prefer a certain plane or tank or infantry weapon. Your zeppelin's-eye view perhaps keeps you from noticing some of the finer aspects of the game and players thereof.
  8. We, the OT Committee for A Better Relationship with The Harbour (sic), would like to respectfully inform all forumites, players, CRSer's and Powers That Be, that there is A RIOT brewing over there. We don't normally like to make waves, but OTLeaks has recently received from un-named and unknown Ukrainian Navy Sources secret documents planning a full NAVAL UPRISING via the Harbour with the following demands: more naval infantry with full loadouts country-designated marine uniforms including special hats special navy only amphibious opels, morris and lafflys bigger guns on FMBs tank-busting torpedoes tugboats for destroyer auto-pilot guidance submarines and aircraft carriers for each side correct and enhanced naval 'piping aboard' sounds on each naval spawn-in swimming dogs correct spelling of the word 'Harbour' throughout TGTCWTF (the game that comes with the forums) You have been warned! Beware the Harbour!! OT CFABR-WTH Sorella, Co-ordinating UnderSecretary
  9. brilliant as always from Propa.
  10. That's OT in a Nutshell.
  11. Visit OT for Details on Forum Fun.
  12. city cps should be a bar caffe with AI civilians and music. and girls. and booze.
  13. I blame Oin and the Axis Dwarf Legion.
  14. On l'appelle 'L'Immortel' - comme Rocket Richard, taberwit.
  15. thx for the info. and yeah at least we're complaining about something small and inconsequential compared to the historical loadout and turn ratio for some not yet in game plane or the mantlet armour thickness for a tank the 2nd half of 42 compared to the first half of 41. or the egregious doppler effect engine audio of the off-road morris in 3rd gear in the rain.
  16. same. it should say somewhere prominent: uninstall and download from CRS website. downloading the 'patch' from the login is a waste of time since you only learn afterwards from an error message that you have to uninstall.
  17. agree. though I thought there was an old ATSF logo on one of the boxcars.
  18. not really. this would be a thread being hijacked: Number of AOs are directly related to trains and girls:
  19. It has had a perfect purpose ever since the day long ago when capping it used to blow the AI in a town. Now, its purpose is to be the centre of 'capping city cp is for noobs' jokes. What other cp can claim that high honour?
  20. only if they explode.
  21. Lets assume Columbus did discover America - its a matter of perspective. What's not perspective is that Russia built at most 7500 BT tanks of all variants (depending on your source - most accept the Morozov Design Bureau Archives, which uses a lower number) - maybe 1500 more if you add in the early T-Series. Mid 41 they also had about 950 T-34s and 500 KVs. Far less than the 20k you and Suvorov use speaking of the light or 'cavalry' BTs. But let's not quibble over tanks and maps. Trying to convince anyone with only apocryphal evidence or circumstantial presumptions that Russia had planned and was ready in summer 1941 to actually invade Germany and that Barbarossa was a pre-emptive strike is not only folly, it is historically inconsequential. First the Germans lost their European war and then 45 years later, the Soviets lost theirs. It's over. Unless, as Gaspipe has said you actually believe Germany was trying to 'save' Europe which, in an odd way, they seem to be still trying to do.
  22. We need AIR FRUs so airplanes from both sides can spawn in mid-air.
  23. One can tell you've been watching 'The Luftwaffe Channel' as Homer Simpson likes to call it. Please enlighten us with your German and Russian sources for the alleged plan of a Soviet invasion of Western Europe (beyond the 3 Baltic States in June '40) in mid 1941. Surely not Rezun's (aka Viktor Suvorov) discredited Icebreaker? Of course, broad plans and war games were in place for an eventual/potential Soviet war with Germany as outlined in both Solonin's and Bobylev's Russian language research and publications - but any military general staff would be remiss in not planning or gaming all possibilities. Either way, to judge by end results, any Soviet plan to invade Germany in '41 would have been the 'cover-up within the cover-up' as the Germans reacted, attacked and lost all of Europe within 3 and a half years and Stalin and Russia ended up with ALL of Eastern Europe and barely missed out on Greece and Iran.