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  1. wtf? try to make a free account to sign up for premium for a friend and no activation notice? tried twice, two different usernames and email accounts? how to solve this? want my money > help me out!
  2. yeah well, try again from the beginning and this is what you get: unfortunately there are no email activations sent to any of the 3 different emails, under 3 different names I tried. This is all you see now when trying: Free Account Signup Request You have been sent an activation email! You must click on the link included in the e-mail to activate your account. Make sure is added to your e-mail address book. I GIVE UP.
  3. its not fixed. you can't start over from the beginning because the registration account page rejects user names and emails that have not been activated but presumably must be floating somewhere in CRS space. WHAT NOW, please? THIS FROM A BUILDER, HERO and PLAYER WHO WANTS TO OPEN NEW PAYING PREMIUM ACCOUNTS and CANNOT.
  4. here is the issue OHM: I try to create NEW PAYING ACCOUNT twice; no activation, now I try again as you say in other thread and I GET: a) USER NAME NOT AVAILABLE EMAIL NOT VALID when they are the usernames and emails of the accounts that DID NOT RECEIVE ACTIVATION wtf? how many fake emails does one need to GIVE YOU MONEY????
  5. what other thread?> not helpful.
  6. this is still happening to me > have premium account players ready to pay but no activation emails for 2 days. whats up? this is as of JAN 23 2014
  7. gifting is good > but another issue > I'm trying to set up a new paying account for a nephew and a) system won't accept my email current (wwiiol existing account related email) address as valid created TWO NEW gmail accounts for new account and neither has received authentication emails what's up?
  8. yes. the above patch (takes about 30 secs) as recommended by OldZeke has worked for me and most squadmates eliminating the ctd (but not the long delay/hang) on entering workd, switching missions, brigades and/or towns.
  9. from Willy's thread in the barracks. check these out.
  10. THIS THREAD with the VIDEO LINKS should be STICKIED HERE for all new players. welcome to the game, mates, S!
  11. same: about 80% of time; either just as FRU is almost finished, or immediately after it is finished 5 times happened was setting 2nd (new) fru on same mission as ML: other times first fru from truck
  12. anyone with any information on this? link from BGE main site (about) and external links from searches/caches all get connection error. has the address changed? this is the link from BGE main site. any info would be helpful. thanks.