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  1. go Doc! you should post your diet in OT - sounds a lot like the stuff those guys are trying.
  2. wb no clue about the GeForce tech stuff. Preferences tab can be reached on any screen - Persona / Active Battles / Mission Select / Unit Select - via upper right tab mouse click other than when actually spawned into the game as a unit.
  3. well done
  4. you need the new & improved guardunit5000 models. ask Nily for the custom DLC secret code.
  5. pville not a victory. stalemate, like a lot of battles these days on both sides. window snipers? also abundant on both sides- its where new players hang out. just need to make the windows bigger and give'em time to learn how to get out without dying, and what to do or where to go once they out.
  6. don't hate anyone. just pointing out certain long-term fixations. we are humble, ordinary, get-stuff-done if you can, run of the mill player-people and switched sides a while ago; nothing to do with mess or not; had to do with play style preference - just like yours, your squad's or matamor's. it takes all kinds, on all sides to make the game work. but the allied style then, and still, seemed absorbed with self-absorption and personal success rather than side success. which is fine, its every player's choice. but as you say - you get what you play for. been around long enough to have seen that ez-mode goes in waves and switches sides every 2/3/4 or 5 campaigns and goes in cycles. and our all's $$$ is where it belongs - subscribing to the game.
  7. +10/ half wanted what we've got, the other half wanted what we used to have and the the third half wanted something different than the first two halves. now the 4th half wants what they wanted, only different, because what they wanted in the first place didn't turn out to be what they wanted at all.
  8. more like not enough STATS mate. you killing the wrong stuff and not enough of it and in the wrong place. we got 2 fb kills at Pville yesterday. seemed to make y'alls go away. defenders at pville feel the same way. attackers had endless inf and tanks to spawn from 4 garrisons and 4 spawnables. maybe y'alls want it so the defender supply exactly matches the number of players? 5 rifles, 1 mortar, 1 smg, 1 lmg per garrison? kill them off and win?
  9. we all understand this. WWIIOL 2.0 would be a big project that would take tons of money (way more than $600k) and a long time - Shroud of the Avatar (Garrett) started in 2013 with $1.9M crowd-sourced, another $1M investors, and $400 one time subs to contribute new art assets - its still basically in FTP with micro-xactions beta. Iron Harvest CS'd $1.5M; Wasteland3 CS'd, $3M+; ShenMueIII $6M+; all still unreleased. keeping 1.0 alive (or floating or on hold) whilst trying to move towards a crowd-sourced 2.0 - would be a difficult, literally game-changing, high stakes, long-term, big deal decision for CRS and the volunteers. but hey, as they say in NYC, yanevahknow. and congrats, major, on the somewhat positive, forward-looking, in-your-heart-you-love- this-game-post. keep 'em coming.
  10. dear debbie downer: you are trying to be negative, you are nothing but negative but you are anything but a critical thinker, to wit: any subscription game surviving today is essentially, prima facie, crowdfunded CRS 2.0 has had a least three if not more successful crowd-funding campaigns to improve and update aspects of the game already whatever one chooses to think of CRS 1.0/ the 2.0s have updated the game, physically, technically and with new gameplay elements and units more in the last 2 years than the previous 10 ten years not trying to be indelicate, as you might say, but with all the things wrong with the game, CRS and some subscribers are tying to move ahead to make it better - will it work? who knows. its adapted and overcome so far, longer than most other games. so one can only urge you to step up, subscribe and join the crowd, or as a non-paying, holier than thou, endlessly repetitive critic with no substance, just STFU - because so far, you contribute nothing of value - no ideas, no insights and no money.
  11. so like we're going to crowdfund a WW2 Space Game?
  12. Somehow through the mists of time, those pointless infantry skirmishes seemed exciting at the time. I remember my main role was sitting in the truck (later ms) hidden behind an edge of the 'hard forest' describing the crowded action in chat like it was a massive pond hockey game gone wild with rifles and grenades. +10/
  13. agree with this. if one made the game all stats only, with NO FTP STATS, subs would go up. publish weekly stats on the home page. publish daily stats for all categories, both sides, on loading pages. weekly ai generated medals for stats published on site, on loading pages. unlock units for stat achievements each tier or campaign. adapt ingame rank icons to show stat status instead of rank. let subscribing players earn Stats Points as kind of a 'Stats Loyalty Program' for use in micro-transactions or to buy DLC content. like that.
  14. here's the other, longer thread exploring some area capture ideas from 2 months ago:
  15. Seriously, Statsgruppen is serious and real. Ask Marcion5 the XO; he just booted me from STG ("Maximum Kills, Minimum Risk") for capping two cps in Beauraing yesterday instead of camping the depots. I blame dfire though, because it was his idea to put in the '2 caps and out' squad rule.
  16. area capture is one of the best possible solutions. there have been a few threads about it but don't know if the practicalities of coding and/or the difficulty of thinking through the concept and potentials flaws ahead of coding has/have been the roadblocks. someone put forward that a possible way to start thinking about it is to utilize the existing air-only AWS alphabetical grid (or a smaller scale version) as a starting point - i.e. simplistically - turn a grid square red with more than the enemy or a specific number of units (inf/arm/air) and its yours until the other side turns it red (or blue) for themselves to switch ownership. and/or tag a bunch of specific 'nodes' within a gridsquare (existing cps, bunkers, non-depot facilities, xroads, bridges, farmhouses, forest areas, elevations as 'capturable' (by time spent X players/units in near the 'node' like current cp cap mechanic) and then X% of nodes captured (50/75/all) defines 'area capture' and that then a captured or 'owned' area would unlock spawn points, or even the ability to place fms within the gridsquare, and/or fb pop up or ppo fb capability within the area, etc. making the captured area or gridsquare a jump-off point into the next/adjacent 'neutral' or 'enemy' gridsquares/area. like that. not much difference - but maybe more fun and certainly more use of the map/terrain - between having 1/5/12 players crammed in a cp to cap (or defend) than having those players in/near/on a bridge, hill, farmhouse, xroads to cap/defend. this does happen organically, sometimes (own/defend/block a bridge, hill, xroads) but not often enough and its certainly not essential given current gameplay and the singular focus on cp/town caps only. or, conversely, eliminate 'capture' altogether and just give cps, towns, areas, and the whole campaign to the players with the best STATS.
  17. Agree. The top stat should just be TOM - nothing to do with k/d, caps or anything else. Just TOM. Totally the best stat.
  18. make it a DLC. or part of the hero/builder sub. or both. make $$$. $5/mo $50/yr. like that. people who like it will pay for it.
  19. no training required unless you want to practice (you'll need a friend/pilot) para jumps from the plane either on the training server or from a backline AF with practice jumps. if you are asking (as it seems) is there (or why isn't there) a specific Airborne Training Tutorial - I don't know that there is actually. SPAWNING: for a para mission in game you would have to spawn as an AIRBORNE INFANTRYMAN (smg , rifle, etc loadouts available AS A PARA) only from a town with an airfield and a PARA/AIRBORNE GARRISON in that town. go in game and try for yourself. log in. pick side. open map, look for town with airfield of that side (say, Bertrix, Montfaucon, Gilze for Axis or Antwerp South, Brussels for Allies) ; right click on the town name, pick Airborne Garrison from the drop down. Create or join an Airborne Mission (if there is one) Enter world, spawn as a para at the para spawn in the middle of the selected AF. as said above, there may not be an existing airborne mission at that particular AF. if you cannot create one due to rank/subscription status, then either ask on chat/help channel or watch chat channel in game for your side for ppl talking/typing (usually in caps) about ; LOADING PARAS NOW <mission/origin details> and go for it.
  20. or what Kile said.
  21. lone: basically you can't ' play' para on your own if you mean spawn in, get a chute. hop on a plane and jump into enemy territory. how it works in game: 1. you spawn as a PARACHUTE inf (choice of weapons /load out in that list) from a Parachute Garrison brigade. Para Garrisons are always but only at frontline/close to frontline towns with AIRFIELDS. Para Inf only spawn at the Para Depot in the middle of these airfields. the Para Inf load out includes the CHUTE. The chute auto-deploys (like a jumpline) when you jump ( f key) out of the plane. once deployed and floating you can minimally steer the chute with q/e keys. BUT 2. you need a plane to get on, and a pilot for that plane. so a friendly player pilot will spawn a para carrying plane (usually a transport or a junkers) and usually pull up from the plane spawning hangar on your AF close to the Para Spawn. You walk up close the plane and hit 'f' to get on. (same for tank/truck/ht). You are now seated on the plane 3. the pilot/mission leader will yell and scream on game chat for more paras for the mission; they will get on the plane one or more will be seated across from you and you'll be staring at their faces while the pilot finally takes off, flies from the origin AF to the target destination (close or far, 3 minutes or 10 minutes or more, high altitude or low) and someone (usually Pilot or ML) will call JUMP! You jump (f) and float down (if your plane hasn't been shot down by enemy fighters) and i) land, pull out weapon and fight/cap/run to target if away from it or ii) get shot while floating by enemy plane, inf on the ground or AI fire >. this is why as stated in the above answers Para Jumps require multiple players and some organization so the mission has a purpose: > an objective to attack, someone to set the Para Inf Mission (can be pilot or ground) ; a Pilot to fly the plane, and multiple Paras else, you would be jumping as a solo para with a solo pilot (it happens, in fact, you can do it yourself with two accounts as pilot and para). BUT > usually a PARA MISSION is called for by an HC, Map/Battle OIC, squad leader or player leader and includes mission creation, origin airfield/target objective (often a spawnable, a bunker or a fb bust) and a call (and wait) for multiple Paras to make the jump effective there may be details I left out, better ways to do it and many other players could tell you more/better than the above, but that's the general idea - you don't need to train for it, you just do it in game. if you're totally ambitious you can/will set the para mission yourself and call on chat for more paras and a plane.
  22. that's not a stat, matamor, that's a game winning basket for the team. being from Toronto, no one is going to remember Kawhi's stats for that game - just the shot and the win, and the look of joy on his face. if you really want to play the stats game ask CRS to change how the game works: say 10 kills autocaps a CP. 100 kills autocaps a bunker. the side with the highest K/D wins the game. until then, stats are just a sideshow for those who like pulling down their pants. as an historical lesson, and as we've all boringly learned from the games Did You Know stats, the side with the worst K/D actually won WW2. and as has been shown over 18 years - its usually the side with the highest TOM that wins the campaign (except for the last couple years where axis won 1 or 2 campaigns with lower TOM than allies). to accomplish that, all the stats guys should just go hide in bushes and go AFK for the campaign = guaranteed win.
  23. these are the STATS that matter. the awards should be mini-catapults and espresso machines. with an extra large espresso machine for Choad who put together these STATS. maybe with some cognac to go in the caffe corretto.
  24. two axis just spent 90 minutes resupplying/overstocking engineers and smgs to Tienen from St Truiden this morning. blunted the first two (sure more to come) allied attacks. some people do it when its needed - especially for defence. oddly, allied air was over Tienen but not scanning the back roads.