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  1. +100/ best idea in your history of great ideas for the game. you must be into submission. maybe you want to just 'vote a surrender' before the campaign starts instead of waiting 3-6 weeks? that way, we would never have to play at all. and how about you lead by example and surrender from the forums?
  2. total confusion on allied side last night in push for Koln - with Essen (4 factories) and Dusseldorf (2 factories) already capped: no one really knew, or was sure, or convinced that capping all of KOLN (with 2 factories for a total of 3 factory towns but only 8 factories) would end the campaign. SO: which is it actually for factory campaign victory: 3 Factory Towns no matter the total of factories OR 9 Factories owned and if 9 factories owned do the factory towns need to be fully owned or just the 9 factory facilities themselves, no matter who owns the town(s)? For ALLIES; if 9 factories owned (plus towns?) is the rule, then Allied need all 4 of Essen, Dusseldorf, Koln and Frankfurt? Yes?
  3. What if we send a c47 with paras to frankfurt, dismantle Axis Factory #9 and move it back to Koln, which we own, and reassemble it there?
  4. who has the rule book these days?
  5. 1. was a fan/follower of Strategy First Games 2. maps 3. box art 4. doppler sound 5. rat with pistols logo
  6. 4 kills per hour. KPH should become a new stat.
  7. combination of the above; plus what dptraeus said - ie. make it as foolproof as possible so they can only spawn, in the first instance via active battles, on a mission with fms/spawnable/clear active objective/other players/AO or DO action (with settings adjustments to alter this later for new or vet players - which is a great idea as well) PLUS as stankyus said; some hard-headed marketing or game descriptions making it clear this is neither a simple nor ultra-modern PVP FPS. new players aren't lazy -given the current pvp/wargame game environment and culture there is just no way for them to have a clue - because there is nothing out there that is analogous to this game - both the good of it and the bad of it.
  8. wonderful. ty for doing this.
  9. Don't understand: the player gifting the sub needs a support ticket or the player receiving the sub needs a support ticket?
  10. Cool. Guess we have to have a specific name or know the player to arrange this gift? Or is there some weird sort of WWIIOL subscription scholarship or bursary fund somewhere we can contribute to? Or maybe just send all our extra money for subs to Moz and let him decide based on merit? Seriously, how could something like this be arranged via the community? Could be a good idea for us, the players and the game.
  11. You may have missed the official announcement re parachuting dogs, motorcycles and new infantry personae (with pictures) in this thread:
  12. +10/ for volunteers. thank you for your work. for free. -10/ for ftp whiners. former players who whine endlessly. for free. what these forums need is another forum for vets who have unsubbed but come back as FTPs to vent. Call it the 'I left my G/F but won't ever let her forget I left because I keep coming back to my G/F to let her and her friends know why I left not that they really want to know but deep-down I secretly love her but I'm too cheap to take her out to tell her why I didn't really want to leave in the first place because it's actually her fault anyways 'cuz I'm too cool but not cool enough to actually really for real leave my G/F can I tell you again why I left her no like we care' forum.
  13. You need to consider changing your name soon to A/STG (Allied StatsGruppen) - its a new axis squad that plays only for stats and k/d - no caps, no defending, no trucks, no fb busts. In fact, if you 'mistakenly' cap a CP you get a warning. Cap two in the same town, you get booted. You could ask dfire about it - he was one of the main leaders on the axis side of STG. If we get enough STG'ers on both sides, soon the game could just be about shooting/killing - no caps at all, no towns changing hands lameness - just stats. Remember: STG 'Maximum Kills - Minimum Risk'. Here's the allied version of the logo above the original Axis StatsGruppen STG mark.
  14. Now you can log in even more because it costs less. Or just log in more as Allieds since they are on a roll and will have more stats.
  15. To play the game, to have fun, hang out with squad and to avoid convoluted threads about the reasons people log in less.
  16. excellent video. but shouldn't you be teaching the children to play cricket whilst they watch the ICC World Cup? which one is you?
  17. Understand. But perhaps, as an interim 'minimum coding' test couldn't one, say, take the current infantry close-support tank models (the smoke ones or any designated medium tank) and without even changing the model, add the ability to: 1. blow up ppos (even using false grenade and/or HE satchel existing code) and; 2. place ppos (the existing ones or limited to just sandbags and emplacements? ) From limited but live observational experience in-game - there do seem to be a number of players who like to build as much as fight - even if its taking a break from the fight. Could literally lead to a new class of DLC called 'builder'. Even. Maybe.
  18. I heard there were nice fantasy things in the pipeline at CRS including actual Rat Soldiers for both Allies & Axis. New planes too. All we have to do is stop complaining.
  19. great ideas. great pix. great info. given some of the variants show above, could they not also be used to build or reinforce emplacements/berms/sandbags/dirt walls?
  20. I got a lot of answers to questions about this that seem to work in game - thread is in General Discussions - link below:
  21. humour, spelt correctly, is always the best. basically, we just need more timezones, or put daylight savings into effect in tz3 and call it tz4.
  22. cut some slack. the game mechanics are the game mechanics, to be played and gamed till changed. let us remember the '6 yeaaaarrrs' of split Brit/French town capping/ab owning allied handicap back when.