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  1. "certainly not..."? you sure? ask around. think about why AoMercy one of the most dedicated Allied vets left. Gotta do a lot to [censored] her off. Stats'R'U. UBStats. IamStats. Childish, sophomoric and tiresome and ultimately side and morale defeating. We be bed a lot us.
  2. squad left allied 3 years ago, after 12+ years with 23rd, BTZ, AEF, etc. Now a small axis squad called QoR. No need to go into the reasons, but not much different than why other players like Kilemall also switched. I do remember a long card-game with bud4u, okiemoe and you in the Hellevoetius bunker though. I'm disappointed you haven't noticed the switch, because you kill me a lot.
  3. umm, chaps, the MISSION ORDERS for a MISSION including missions with FMS are visible BEFORE YOU SPAWN IN now. not very prominent, not big green type top of one's screen- and could certainly use a tweak, but you see them bottom right of mission screen on BRIEFING tab where it says: MISSION ORDERS with an underline. but only if the ML puts orders in (including CAMPED DO NOT SPAWN - FB BUST PRECAMP DO NOT SPAWN - EWS FMS/COME BACK LATER) and so on. I try to do this for each mission when ML. Wish more did.
  4. lmao. I solocap afk matamor; I'm easy kills > the whole point of me being in buzancy (with 1 other ewser) is that 5 or 6 players like you weren't in antwerp north, which we capped. so thanks for that. the points aren't obsolete, just different > I say many times it takes all kinds of players for a side to capture a town/win a campaign - drivers, stats ppl, tankers, fb busters, cappers and guarders. you are good player and bon chum, but given your side's record over the last few years, one has to say that whatever you bring to your side isn't nearly enough. most stats players, not all, just aren't great team players.
  5. 1. Assume driving armour or driving inf units from one garrison to another linked garrison town and despawning resupplies or overstocks these units to the target garrison? 2. HQ Resupply Mission: example > 4 Div HQ in PAAL 4.1 in DIEST 4.2/4.3 in Schilde (say): make a HQ mission in Paal to drive armour to resupply /overstock Diest >>> make the HQ Mission from 4.1 Diest (target) or not? or must be from 4.2 or 4.3 (not in target town) or does it not matter? 2A. Could one overstock an actual HQ unit (in the above example, in PAAL) by driving armour/inf from 4.2 Diest to Paal or even from 4.1/4.3 from Schilde? and if Schilde (or not) do the resupply units (origin and target) have to be within 1 link? 3. Does any resupply /overstock mission (garrison or moveable bde) have to be within 1 link origin to target? 4. Does one have to click the 'resupply mission' toggle left side to actually do a resupply mission? 5. When creating missions sometimes or not (seems random to me) the choice of 'mission type' includes Resupply. What are the rules/parameters for this or is this just leftover UI stuff that doesn't matter?
  6. define 'biggest assets' please. don't forget to leave out a few 'e' 's' and 't' letters. I'd take 3 cps and 1 bunker capped in 20 minutes over 20 kills in 20 minutes. or a 20m truck drive to get a good fms in place say in west verdun. or a DO with spawn capped defended fb bust or a tank with low k/d but successful bunker cut - before I'd measure any infantryman's K/D/TOM ratio as a 'biggest asset'. when stats like those are compiled perhaps one can start to think about taking stats seriously. until then, glory in your own self-absorbed glory. camping, as far as I've seen, may be fulfilling to some, but it drives away new and ftp players and reinforces the oldest pvp game weakness of all. but takes all kinds, together, for one side or another to capture a town and/or win a campaign.
  7. in the new 1.36 there are occupied towns with flags (visible flags on map); towns with garrisons (dots next to town name on map) - occupied towns (and a town can have both a garrison(s) including army navy air and para and a flag) have a dark grey background behind the town name text - and towns with neither - these towns for both sides have a light grey background. 1. you cannot make a mission in a town without a garrison and/or a flag (simple reason: there are no troops there) 2. to make a mission in a garrison or flag (occupied) town open map, right click on town, select brigade or garrison, go to mission screen and either join an existing or make a new mission
  8. We're in a new novelty phase now aren't we, with 1.36, garrisons, etc?
  9. It is a set of confusing or perhaps a better word would be complex choices - but the current campaign under 1.36 is still evolving but it seems evident that: towns are changing hands much more often and quickly (usually) than before: this is dynamic and seems a good thing and/but/though many town switches simply predicated on the obvious lack of supply and/or supply trickle on a town cap many (most?) vet players seem to appreciate more the new model, attrition, every kill counts, etc; mirroring somewhat 'the old days' fewer moveable brigades seems to have made HC brigade placement/moves actually more complex and certainly more critical No clue what any of the above might mean long term or in terms of game reorg/tools/UI. Kile, are you suggesting some kind of sub-collection of missions, for example: all LEUVEN AO missions // VERDUN DO missions // OTHER MISSIONS (fb, bridge, recon, whatever) be grouped together somehow for players to choose from in a new mission list/active battles tab? Mostly what I have seen in-game in 1.36 is the same old - you win/cap/move the map if an OIC or MOIC, whether HC, squad leader or just a player who endlessly promotes/directs a specific battle WITH CAPS in chat, sometimes aided by Discord. Subcategories of this in-game one battle at a time leadership are (but not limited to), using players names for discussion purposes only: Potthead Model: enthusiasm, humour, endless chat messages; tactical involvement ('get on my HT for spawn hotdrop now') Parasit Model: tactical specific direction, dfms at bunker, tanks in ab corners, fb mission now, etc Dfadd Model: enthusiasm, broader explanation (here's the plan for the next 5 hours) lots of caps messages Delems Model: here's the options for AOs, why they are important, what supply is like, lets discuss this before deciding There are many others, and many leaders and many styles. All seem to work, certainly better than just a player (new or old) spawning into a game session and seeing one or two AOs and DOs up with no comms. Its still herding cats though. I admire (and thank) those leaders with the perseverance to communicate and direct, successful or not, as any specific battle or action may be.
  10. Thx for the answers, much appreciated and much clearer. One last thing that you all seemed to say, but just want to make sure: 6. Mission from origin <town> to overstock linked target <town> MUST BE Target <ab town> and not just <town> ?
  11. THREAD ALERT: for some of us, in our parts of the world, the famous Liverpool Reds comeback happened in TZ3. Coincidence? One thinks not.
  12. Both HCs have been taken over officially by the OT Illuminati (aka 'The Order' - get it? TO = OT backwards.) I'm surprised Merlin51 hasn't let this be known. In the secret code, of course, that you guys all know.
  13. you got the order backwards. 1 cap = > 10 kills. jiravat is number 1 by far. kills are easy if that's all you want to play for: just hide and shoot ftps (or players like me) and only cap when the cps already full of your own players. I know -won the title one campaign back in 2004 till I actually learned the game.
  14. tz3 axis were all called up to help the Carolina Hurricanes and Columbus BlueJackets. plus we're sandbagging. other than that - I think it was excellent work by the old allied crew - stankyus, augetout, and was sw1 there?
  15. big bug the zandvliet pocket. should have surrendered long ago. waste of time in game.
  16. I think its actually 60 Days not 60 Seconds if you are in contravention of Rule 23. But it could just be me.
  17. how the players view the opposing HCs:
  18. thx for the info and quick reaction and fixes.
  19. Y'alls must be playing a different game than me.
  20. lmao. I'll go look at that Creed video clip again then. but thx.
  21. On behalf of the OT Senate Standing Committee of Literally Standing Around we would like to share this summary of our recent unredacted 400 page report from the OT Very Special Prosecutor's Investigation into TGTCWTF (The Game That Comes With This Forum). To wit: Thanks to CRS 2.0 Thanks to all the volunteers For all the work and changes moving the game ahead with 1.36 Despite all the roadblocks and whining and When will trains be in-game? You can read the full report here: Seriously, Your Friends in OT
  22. I like the dots I like them lots but What are your thoughts About the dots? - Dr. Delems