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  1. On 11/21/2019 at 1:29 PM, beposhad said:

    После сложного рабочего дня можно зайти на сайт онлайн казино Вулкан тут без труда можно играть на реальные деньги, а поле выигрыша моментально выводить их на свою банковскую карточку Сбербанка. Это очень удобный сервис, много кто им уже начал пользоваться.

    Приветствую, мой друг - this seems like spam for the Vulcan online casino;  unless you are pitching the idea of some kind of in-game casino or card-game where real money could change hands which idea has been pitched before - I think even a while ago CRS 1.0 had a link (from website, not game) to some kind of online poker site or ww2 card game thing. 

    an ingame online casino building  (or multiples in large cities) could be cool - where players could gamble during Spawn Delay with CRS taking a cut.  

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  2. 12 minutes ago, delems said:


    There can be 50 axis on, and 4 allies.   BUT, there will only be 8 axis IN game world against those 4 allies.

    When one axis dies, the other 42 will vie for who gets in.

    All 50 axis players will be at map chatting etc, and 8 of those will be in game.


    What will the 42 axis players be chatting about? How will they 'vie'? And what if there aren't enough smgs or chardonnay for them?

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  3. 28 minutes ago, choad said:

    You do lag die a ton sorella ... but i never made the connection to playing with 2nd accounts. I figured you were just playing on an iMac. 



    I play on a modified iPhone from Italy. 

    But I'm useless compared to the great laggers of history like Bar,  Mobius57, Pottheads, Bongoheads and all 250H and others who over the last 15+ years are always accused of hacking, lag-cheating, exploiting, blah. 

    It's lag. Sometimes it happens, often not. And every poster in this thread, especially the OP, whether 1 account or 2,  has been accused by some player on some side at some time of being 'that lazy lag-hacker unkillable ei bastage'.

    We should all move to Portland. But while we're waiting for that, I think we should follow-up on Tater's most excellent suggestion. 





  4. 1 hour ago, tater said:

    I'm extremely far in the other direction from getting rid of second accounts, I say make multiple avatars the norm.

    Let people spawn in as inf, exit---without despawning---then spawn in again (also as inf, or ATGs). Then let them switch between the 2 (or 3, or 4) units using the 1, 2, 3, 4 keys.

    Note that spawning 4 inf and switching between them like crew differs from tank, aircraft, or naval crew... not at all.



    The cheating hysteria is laughable. Most of the laggiest players in the game just lag - unintentionally -  whether with 1 account or 10, whether with 1 computer or 2 or whether in Dallas, Portland, Australia, Italy or Abu Dhabi. 

    Follow Tater's idea to its conclusion. Think - every tanker on both sides could autospawn an AI Auto-follow smg to cover the armour from sappers, shreks and zooks. Snipers could have an AI Autofollow Spotter with long-range hi-powered binocs.  RDP Bombers could have an AI AutoFollow Fighter Escort. 

    Image result for wwii sniper team



  5. 3 hours ago, bus0 said:

    I want everything in game, all equipment, all the time, none of this tier stuff anymore, its been discussed ad nauseam, been changed ad infinitum, enough.

    Player base has been going in one direction only, and that's down, we need a 'stimulus', the patient is dying so we need a jolt of ligtning to revive the game.


    This actually would make sense for a few campaigns if supported by a lower price ($5/mo?) sub campaign and some marketing:  > all equipment all the time. 

  6. 2 hours ago, sgthenning said:

    well I just saw a hc fms set 50m from a ab that was never owned by the enemy so explain that.

    two explanations:

    1. hc fms was set when the ab was owned by enemy or 

    2. the actual ab icon on the map was 250m from the hc fms

    same way you can set fms/ lms /hcfms close/beside any fb or facility - its the map icon/fb flag that the distance is measured from, not the facility building or fb tents themselves

  7. Players trashing other players in game is bad form. Many players (including me sometimes) think they know best how to 'play' the game and tell others how to play or what to do. Every one who pays, should play how they want. 

    Don't let a bad apple (maybe a temporary bad-mood apple) push you away from WWII OL.


  8. 2 hours ago, kgwiking said:


    I hope that CRS monitored the Steam players to understand why they left. This would give a clue about the why of the low retention. I can just guess that it was probably because they didn't find the Squad infrastructure which would allow them to survive the steep learning curve long enough to start enjoying the game and more importantly create links with friends and player environment.

    +100/ great post and stream. thx.

  9. 8 minutes ago, nc0gnet0 said:

    Says who? 

    Game play is everything. 

    You don't think that the player base in tz1 or tz2 that has just spent 6 hours fighting for one town takes notice that it was all for nothing as when tz3 rolled around they lost it back, and then some?


    You are right of course. The only point being that with more players, there might be a fuller tz3 and less chance of rolls. Not sure this would always be true as 'breakfast club' issue has been around a long time.

    But remember that during the Steam Launch campaign, with tons of new players trying the game, there were no tz3 rolls - in fact there were no rolls in any tz - there was about 6 weeks of  stasis with large long battles and few town caps at all - players even had time to build huge walls around Ciney and Dinant. 

  10. 6 hours ago, jwrona said:

    Although your photo is making my mouth water and stomach grumble... I'll say I disagree. Giving away free 3-month subs to greentags just to get them to try it is... terrible. Imagine if the poor guy shows up at 11am CEST, enters a town with 3 allies and 6 axis, keeps getting shot every time he tries to cross the road (because you know the damn axis are cutting something ;)) and quits because he can't see what kills him. Money down the drain. 

    Hey JW, by the way thanks for your post and comments here. Very insightful. 

    My point would be only that getting some free subs (or ftp) in game somehow could make it much more than 3 v 6 hence more chance to cross the road and kill the cutter especially if a vet or two showed the newbs how to smoke the road. 

    But if it sucks as an idea, then how about just giving away actual free sub sandwich coupons with each new $5 subscription? Bet Subway would be up for a cross-promotion with CRS involving hungry latenight gamers. 

    Image result for free submarine sandwich subway


  11. 3 hours ago, delems said:


    It isn't graphics, it isn't toys, it isn't price.... it's game play- how fun it is it... as kgar said.


    Its seems, collectively, we are giving ourselves and CRS confusing, or at least circular opinions. 

    1. We all agree the game needs more/new players yes? BUT are the new players in the last 18 months, say from Steam on, not sticking to the game because of: 

    2.  subscription / costs too much / seems pay to win OR
    3.  lack of action  (and all the tactical permutations thereof : FMS, SD, TZ3, ZOCs etc etc)  OR
    4.  no access to all the toys unless a new player subs

    From the posts here, from reading/scanning all the old steam posts, from chatting to new players in game and from Jwrona's post above it would seem that its in the first instance mostly a combination of #2 and #4 plus maybe the magic of hooking up in game via voice or the right vet mentor or the right squad to teach

    ie.  get more players via some combination of ftp/lower price/all unit access, then get more action, then solve all the small stuff once we see what that small stuff actually does/is when there are, well, more players. 


    or how about instead of more FMS/ZOC/TZ3/SD aggravating threads or another fundraiser we all just STFU and pony up $50 bucks each right now - thats 10x one month subs at $5 - and tell CRS to give-away, or reward, or establish a $5 sub lottery  or give-away game codes for legitimate brand new players via marketing/steam/etc  to WIN a FREE one month all-unit access sub, like right now, like tomorrow or next campaign start.

    if 100 of us did that would be like 1000 FREE ONE MONTH SUBS handed out - or giveaway 333  3-month free subs if we believe it might take longer to 'hook' a new continuing player.

    I'm in. Who else will send CRS 50 bucks to give away $5 subs to new players? Let's try it and then talk to those new FREE subs and listen to what they actually think of the game when its reasonably populated. 

    Image result for subway 5 for 5



  12. 40 minutes ago, Jsilec said:

    Dont want this to start circling the drain in lowpop nastiness so overall solutions are important 

    +10/  Mates. This is going off-topic. Go to OT for that. Stop with the endless tactical problems/solutions - AOs, Sidelocks, Frus, bleh. 

    Syd started with an insightful post on the game and its future.
    Xoom asked that we continue about bringing more/new players to the game.
    Jwrona (not a vet) wrote a great post above about 'getting hooked' on the game. 

    Go back and read them - we must stop viewing the game, as much as we like it, through our own small, bitter lenses of small-minded issues - we know they exist, we've all discussed and debated them endlessly - its also pretty clear that number of AOs, SD, FMS style, no jumping, my favourite weapon isn't perfect stuff is NOT what keeps new players from staying and subscribing in the first instance.

     Nothing -  nothing, will make this game better, greater, more fun, and more worth paying for than more new players. Time to think about how to get more of them, than always thinking about us. We've been around too long. 

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  13. 2 hours ago, pfmosquito said:


    Throwing a very random thought out there, but maybe there is a way that the players could be invited to be investors.  Not donors, but investors. 

    And an absolutely insane, crazy stupid idea, maybe a cash incentive for recruiting.  How about finding a way to make into a MLM!  That's the dumbest thing I've ever said, but I offer it seriously, in the spirit of generating some ideas.


    also XOOM SAID: Price does matter, but it's not the only singular thing, and there's no way without serious volume we could seriously consider going to $4.99/mo. It's far too risky. But again I do understand the "paywall" being a non-starter for players who are not yet interested


    I'll follow-up on PFM's maybe not so insane idea: for this idea assume that regular/premium/builders/vets/forum posters (ie. 'us') are paying say $20/mo average. Assume the new player price barrier is $5/mo (someone smarter than me could adjust these current/new $ numbers into a shifting algorithm later): SO

    • one year test
    • current max price subscribers commit to a one year plan at their current sub
    • 'new' subs are posted/marketed/steamed as $5/mo all in/all units full subscription for a year  (hell it could be $1/mo depending on algorithm/number of current subscribers who buy into this)
    • in essence the current subs become supporters/investors/subsidizers of the new players during this  year 
    • also to entice 'new' $5 subs; a one month or even 3 month full access FTP 'trial' window is marketed (try it then buy it) 
    • the current subs (ie. 'investors') are given potential rewards or payback options for their subsidization/support like: 
    • actual shares or debentures in CRS that click in only when/if a certain number of new subs  is achieved and the game/business becomes (more) sustainable; AND/OR
    • a ratio price reduction for the $20/mo 'investors' down in $5 increments (20-15-10-5) IF/AS over the term of the one year test enough new/sustainable players @$5/mo sign up; AND/OR 
    • additional, individual price reductions or shares for 'investor' subscribers if/when/for each new $5 sub they bring into the game via some kind of trackable 'ambassador' program (like MLM)
    • current investor/subs could also up their ante by offering to further subsidize/gift $5 subs to friends, squaddies, even anonymous new players (but they would get an increase in shares/debentures/rewards that align with # of new subs attributable to them) 
    • should also structure a 'squad' investor program with reward options as above for squads bringing in new subs and/or a squad becomes a 'group investor'
    • Using the $20/mo // $5/mo as placeholders: could one assume that if 4 times as many new $5 subs came in as the number of current premium $20 subscribers over a year CRS could lower all subs to $5/mo and still be ahead? retention being the key of course.

    The reason to consider something like this is that essentially, say, over the last, what 3? 5? 9? years, the premium/builders/hero/etc subscribers have essentially subsidized the game anyways through their continued subscriptions, multiple accounts at max price and support of the various different CRS fundraisers (from Rapid Assault on up to the current Kickstarter thing)

    Not sure on the business aspects of actual shares in CRS, or convertible debentures via continued subscription or ambassador rewards for bringing in new players/subscribers but hell, surely there is enough smarts at CRS and amongst subscribers to sort out do-able versions/options for this. 

    And maybe the guy/squad who brings in the most new $5/mo subscribers at the end of the year gets a brand new refurbished Sherman as a reward.

      Image result for fixed sherman tank gif



  14. 1 hour ago, tater said:

    That's why my version (above) was that people already here pay what we pay (we would anyway, so why not), then they use the lower price to get new players---then if that works, prices drop for the existing subs. It's hardly different than offering F2P, or WBS. People are happy to see old tags playing free on WBS in the hopes some stay, after all (I was treated nicely when I did that).


    or +$5/ 

    right idea to test

  15. 18 minutes ago, kazee said:

    No, I am saying reduce monthly price to $4.99 for everyone, everyone that has a sub for those 3-4 months during the price reduction trail to try and gain and grow the playerbase

    If we dont see the growth and CRS needs to go back to old pricing model then fine, but at least try it for 3-4 months and see what happens.

    Also note, I don't know whats on their books and know monthly income vs expenses so its easy for me to suggest it, however at this stage why not try it for several months if its possible


    good idea for a test.  if say a $5 buck '3 month intro' sub could be done for new subscribers only PLUS a FTP month or even longer. anything to get more players into the game experiencing it. 

    think many full/hero/builder/whatever subscribers wouldn't mind continuing to pay full price of current subs during this kind of test - we're the same ones paying now anyways plus trying to help with all the crowdfunding or fundraising campaigns over the last few years. 

    also believe at this point the state of the game as outlined by Syd's most excellent post is way more about the business model, money, sub model, getting new players a taste as opposed to any gameplay aspects or mechanics - until/unless CRS has evidence that gameplay and not cost is the main reason for new players not sticking. hard decision for them. 

  16. 27 minutes ago, Jsilec said:

    Alot of the combined arms aspect of the game has dropped off because the numbers are not there for the current model which requires boots defending or attacking a cp and everything else ingame is all in support of that aspect....not really sure what the fix is for that but as far as numbers i think ftp might need a return and more frequent WBS promotions 

    brilliant and forthright post syd with great info and insights. ty. 

    agree with JS that more WBS and extensive FTP might, maybe get more players and with more players the game has a better chance to shine like it use to with combined arms, bigger squads, etc. 

    but - perhaps the game had its shot with the Steam release - there were tons of new players, over 600,000 downloads of the game and it didn't stick - either because of the (eventual) subscription price, making it pay-to-win in the young Steam gamers' minds;  or the old graphics, lack of visual jazz (crosshairs/jumping, blah) and certainly the actual difficulty and unforgiving nature of WWIIOL PVP play. 

    maybe there are other issues and maybe there are other solutions - but for me, after 15+ years, I believe CRS best shot is to go for WWIIOL 2.0 - and see if the support/investment is there to actually upgrade the game not only to today's graphics and so on; but to adapt it to the new gaming world where basically subscriptions are way 90s and out of date and unpalatable to almost all players and the real money flows from micro-transactions and regular DLCs like new units, new map expansions, new loadouts, etc. 

    the games kids play these days with DLC and microtransactions usually end up costing way more than $180/yr but its viewed more as a series of rewards, updates, developer vitality, new expectations and ongoing-ness of a game rather than a 'I gotta pay the man' monthly sub perspective. 

  17. 2 hours ago, bmw said:

    Between the game and the forums.......this is not the community I remember for 16 yrs ago.  What a shame.  


    go back and check the forums - same as it ever was. breakfast club. but I like the community - it has a sense of humour.