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  1. 18 minutes ago, kazee said:

    No, I am saying reduce monthly price to $4.99 for everyone, everyone that has a sub for those 3-4 months during the price reduction trail to try and gain and grow the playerbase

    If we dont see the growth and CRS needs to go back to old pricing model then fine, but at least try it for 3-4 months and see what happens.

    Also note, I don't know whats on their books and know monthly income vs expenses so its easy for me to suggest it, however at this stage why not try it for several months if its possible


    good idea for a test.  if say a $5 buck '3 month intro' sub could be done for new subscribers only PLUS a FTP month or even longer. anything to get more players into the game experiencing it. 

    think many full/hero/builder/whatever subscribers wouldn't mind continuing to pay full price of current subs during this kind of test - we're the same ones paying now anyways plus trying to help with all the crowdfunding or fundraising campaigns over the last few years. 

    also believe at this point the state of the game as outlined by Syd's most excellent post is way more about the business model, money, sub model, getting new players a taste as opposed to any gameplay aspects or mechanics - until/unless CRS has evidence that gameplay and not cost is the main reason for new players not sticking. hard decision for them. 

  2. 27 minutes ago, Jsilec said:

    Alot of the combined arms aspect of the game has dropped off because the numbers are not there for the current model which requires boots defending or attacking a cp and everything else ingame is all in support of that aspect....not really sure what the fix is for that but as far as numbers i think ftp might need a return and more frequent WBS promotions 

    brilliant and forthright post syd with great info and insights. ty. 

    agree with JS that more WBS and extensive FTP might, maybe get more players and with more players the game has a better chance to shine like it use to with combined arms, bigger squads, etc. 

    but - perhaps the game had its shot with the Steam release - there were tons of new players, over 600,000 downloads of the game and it didn't stick - either because of the (eventual) subscription price, making it pay-to-win in the young Steam gamers' minds;  or the old graphics, lack of visual jazz (crosshairs/jumping, blah) and certainly the actual difficulty and unforgiving nature of WWIIOL PVP play. 

    maybe there are other issues and maybe there are other solutions - but for me, after 15+ years, I believe CRS best shot is to go for WWIIOL 2.0 - and see if the support/investment is there to actually upgrade the game not only to today's graphics and so on; but to adapt it to the new gaming world where basically subscriptions are way 90s and out of date and unpalatable to almost all players and the real money flows from micro-transactions and regular DLCs like new units, new map expansions, new loadouts, etc. 

    the games kids play these days with DLC and microtransactions usually end up costing way more than $180/yr but its viewed more as a series of rewards, updates, developer vitality, new expectations and ongoing-ness of a game rather than a 'I gotta pay the man' monthly sub perspective. 

  3. 2 hours ago, bmw said:

    Between the game and the forums.......this is not the community I remember for 16 yrs ago.  What a shame.  


    go back and check the forums - same as it ever was. breakfast club. but I like the community - it has a sense of humour.


  4. 5 hours ago, thomboi said:

    my almost perpetual award nominations would go to:




      These 3 guys almost live on this map and I'm jealous...they tend to keep the flags moving and in good shape(usually).

    rustylk should get recognition for his hard work this campaign as well.



    yes. also for the lovely Insomniac SeaLions Operations I & II: 

    > Kgarner
    > Wirklich
    > Potthead


     I think you're confusing Guy Lafleur ('The Flower'), the Montreal Hockey Legend, with the other LaFleur, who did a fake hockey disco album, with LaFluer (sic) the commonly mispelt Axis CinC. 

    People often don't know which one of these triplets is real, especially when it comes to quadruple bypass surgery.Image result for guy lafleur disco album

  6. 42 minutes ago, Zeppelin said:



    Its an exercise in ridiculousness

    Players in many games, including this one, often form an attachment to their side their branch their squad and their friends. Some even prefer, and become expert in, specific equipment, say a DD, FMB - just like some prefer a certain plane or tank or infantry weapon.

    Your zeppelin's-eye view perhaps keeps you from noticing some of the finer aspects of the game and players thereof. 


  7. We, the OT Committee for A Better Relationship with The Harbour (sic), would like to respectfully inform all forumites, players, CRSer's and Powers That Be, that there is A RIOT brewing over there. We don't normally like to make waves, but OTLeaks has recently received from un-named and unknown Ukrainian Navy Sources secret documents planning a full NAVAL UPRISING via the Harbour with the following demands: 

    • more naval infantry with full loadouts
    • country-designated marine uniforms including special hats
    • special navy only amphibious opels, morris and lafflys
    • bigger guns on FMBs
    • tank-busting torpedoes
    • tugboats for destroyer auto-pilot guidance
    • submarines and aircraft carriers for each side
    • correct and enhanced naval 'piping aboard' sounds on each naval spawn-in
    • swimming dogs
    • correct spelling of the word 'Harbour' throughout TGTCWTF (the game that comes with the forums)

    You have been warned! Beware the Harbour!!

    Sorella, Co-ordinating UnderSecretary 

    Image result for naval riot gifImage result for in the navy village people gif


  8. 39 minutes ago, SCKING said:

    man.. you Windows guys been spoiled ;) We Mac users been doing full downloads forever (bigger than the PC full download too)..


    Seriously though, the installer upgrade is not complete and we hope to have the windows patcher system finished in the next release.

    thx for the info.

    and yeah at least we're complaining about something small and inconsequential compared to the historical loadout and turn ratio for some not  yet in game plane or the mantlet armour thickness for a tank the 2nd half of 42 compared to the first half of 41. or the egregious doppler effect engine audio of the off-road morris in 3rd gear in the rain.