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  1. So charging Axis-only subscribers $17/mo but Allied-only subscribers $5/mo is probably a bad idea then?
  2. Amen. But looking forward with some optimism can the Cycle of Suck be solved quickly now?
  3. just start simply with a test on microtransaction DLC $$$ for either personal or squad badges/patches like the ones that currently exist for whoever has them - see if there is traction then can consider full camo / alt skins / uniforms, etc. some ppl have already paid (either via subs, hero subs, squad money or just sub time in game) for the existing patches/icons/symbols over the head)
  4. thx. finally a realistic assessment of the reality of other games as well as real reality - including why WIIOL still stands alone. in the end its the players, not the weapons, and we just need more players.
  5. Yeah. Its not an insult or slap, its reality. The Steam Launch and new/younger players reaction to the game was a dose of that reality. Its a lot of complex jigsaw layers: Game: game and graphics old as a pvp fps - very hard if not the hardest, with steep learning curve subscription model old, expensive and not in favour in the gaming world currently, AND / BUT: Money: only a few ways or mix of ways to make money with content now subscription - ppl including young ppl pay for netflix, phones - why not games? cuz out of style and the truly young gamers have no regular $$$ ??? one time purchase - some games live on this but few 15+ year games purchase + DLCs and expansions - very common but requires large(ish) staff and ongoing capital ingame microtransactions: mixed in with the above 3 models for additional revenue Mechanics: important but not (in the last few years) proven central to retention, or new players, new subs and/or $$$ depot vs area capture balance and overpop historical / ahistorical simulation new toy introduction, audits and constant modification One tends to think the really hard part is that there were and are no fps, pvp, mmo, big-map, persistent world, non-instanced games like this from which to draw analogies, experience or learning. (pace eve and planteside). So a conclusion to draw might be that after CRS 2.0 took over and started to evolve the game, along with various fundraising events (64 bit, new servers, etc) that the Steam Launch and 1.36 are (big) learning steps on the way to the inevitable path of some form of WWIIOL 2.0. Maybe a low cost $4-5 sub while the vets pay full price for a year test is worth the try. The game simply needs two things that are currently mutually opposed or at least chicken and egg: more money and more players. And as Groucho Marx once asked in the same situation: 'Will you marry me? And did your last husband leave you a lot of money? Answer the second question first."
  6. Open discussion of CRS business/subscription decisions isn't really a good idea. For CRS or us. Graphics, town supply, lmgs and mattys (and AOs and TOEs etc) ALL had impact both on new players joining (then) and old players (leaving) and new new players not staying. Judging (or guessing) the ratios and reasons of why players come and stay or come and go is a bit like mind reading without a mind. CRS 2.0 has worked hard at a giving a public roadmap to 1.36 and seems to be sticking to it. Give them a bit of credit, a bit of brains and a bit of time. Understand your frustration of course - the game shines in whole new ways with hundreds and hundreds of players. And with lots of pop, some of the minor irritants (and fixes) discussed here endlessly just disappear into the fun. We don't have that now. So those who want to stay and play, pay. Longer-term, you're probably right - a WWIIOL 2.0 is probably what is needed to satisfy the vets and more importantly to get and retain new numbers and young players. That's a bigger decision, requiring way bigger money and a long term time commitment - likely 3 or 4 years of planning, alpha, beta, and so on. Might have to take that leap sometime soon- if not with investment money, then with a bigger vision and a bigger kickstarter or Shrouds of the Avatar type dev funding model. While that's happening and I hope it does, many will still be here discussing lmgs, mattys, balance, flags and snow. And Moz will be still complaining about the rain.
  7. visual stuff: yes it can be complex but how a bout testing the market with a lowcost onetime DLC of stuff like the existing or adapted in game decals? there are at least 5/6/7 of them already in play already, tagged or customized to squads and/or years in game and/or player donations and/or other stuff.
  8. thx for the report Doc. Fight on.
  9. You are correct in that the game needs players and more players make the game immeasurably better. Right now it seems to be slow steps to evolve the game with what's do-able. It's been discussed to lower subscription fees for new players and somewhat done - for the lower priced packages. In game micro-transactions are an obviously good idea - think the time/coding/costs of it are why its not an immediate priority.
  10. good thread. like these. 7. may be complex coding (?) but about time for this 9. easy. fun. immersive. flip the switch. 12. got to at least test this fast. free money for CRS from something simple. try one decal or camo uniform. if it works, keep going. if not, something learned.
  11. Hey Merlin: thx for all the work, explanations and the guided tour of town samples above. Like the cemetery.
  12. I agree with y'alls in this thread including pott, asimov and (even) david01/06: the difficulties arise because of game pop - there were dumbass "player sits in a big honking stick-out-of-a-bush truck to be MS' way-back times but the pop was big so it was lots of fun - now with lower pop: fms truck noise/build time, faster caps, longer bunker timers etc are all good suggestions. Just that the designers/owners and players need to accept that the game needs to constantly adapt and change and test and evolve to population and who that population is and style of population so there would never be static one thing at a time dev - what's good for low pop vets isn't (and wasn't back when) necessarily good for high pop newbs (as in the beginning, as at steam launch) and so on. And so we run through no AOs/ AOs; player truck ms, ms, inf fru, back to truck ms; no fbs, easy fbs to kill, harder fbs to kill; perma-garrisons; toes; mix of both... and ever onwards. Behind it all, its basic FPS capture the flag, everything else is chrome. I applaud and thank CRS2 and the current positive suggestion players for trying to adapt and overcome with an 18 year old historic relic.
  13. I pay for and support the game and my latest coolest gear is always an opel, a rifle and a satchel charge. Too cool.
  14. +10 /why the game is like no other - not ww2, not toys, not giant map, not lousy graphics << its player created content - all day, every day, 24 hours. nothing like it.
  15. thx for doing these. great clips.
  16. dear pott&bongo dude: you have definitely walked through the doors of perception and discovered the hidden truth. further, the 'potthead effect' of: comms + mistakes vs smart play = momentum > morale > tom > numbers > is heightened by the smaller overall numbers in tz3 /2.5 and deadened in the bigger numbers overall of tz1. what azimov said too.
  17. I'd like to thank the volunteers. Thanks for your time. Seriously.
  18. cool charts. we need more! thanks
  19. and its different from capping unguarded spawns or abs how? agree. one should be shooting deer at a deerfeeder, really.
  20. Well done Delems. what's on the new 1.36 food menus for the troops by the way?
  21. very smart and hopefully do-able. thank you for the very specific, positive recco and examples.
  22. Over my many years, I feel I've become an expert at blowing up trucks in game: its easiest to do on the wooden gates at AB exits; quite easy on lampposts; do-able, but takes practice, on the various roadsigns and that stupid ruined wagon along some of the roads; fairly rare but not impossible when crashing into buildings (especially damaged-state buildings) but you have to get the angle just right; but impossible when crashing into trees, berms, logs or stone walls (but all of those will kill the passengers, so we got that going for us)
  23. snapshots of your nurses will be fine.
  24. agree fully. especially on the hype/marketing/join or support the alpha/beta testing of wwii 2.0 online bit. (a la shroud of the avatar for example) the only split energy option (as per JWilly's post) if CRS has the resources, might be to position 2.0 as a 'new 2.0 theatre expansion' of the current version with the aim of backfilling/upgrading/recreating the current map/theatre once the 'new theatre' is launched. the only reason to consider this method of 2.0ing is that / is if a smaller/easier new theatre (africa? western russia? normandy?) could get to market sooner, faster easier cheaper than a fuller western europe 2.0 replication.