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     I think you're confusing Guy Lafleur ('The Flower'), the Montreal Hockey Legend, with the other LaFleur, who did a fake hockey disco album, with LaFluer (sic) the commonly mispelt Axis CinC. 

    People often don't know which one of these triplets is real, especially when it comes to quadruple bypass surgery.Image result for guy lafleur disco album

  2. 42 minutes ago, Zeppelin said:



    Its an exercise in ridiculousness

    Players in many games, including this one, often form an attachment to their side their branch their squad and their friends. Some even prefer, and become expert in, specific equipment, say a DD, FMB - just like some prefer a certain plane or tank or infantry weapon.

    Your zeppelin's-eye view perhaps keeps you from noticing some of the finer aspects of the game and players thereof. 


  3. We, the OT Committee for A Better Relationship with The Harbour (sic), would like to respectfully inform all forumites, players, CRSer's and Powers That Be, that there is A RIOT brewing over there. We don't normally like to make waves, but OTLeaks has recently received from un-named and unknown Ukrainian Navy Sources secret documents planning a full NAVAL UPRISING via the Harbour with the following demands: 

    • more naval infantry with full loadouts
    • country-designated marine uniforms including special hats
    • special navy only amphibious opels, morris and lafflys
    • bigger guns on FMBs
    • tank-busting torpedoes
    • tugboats for destroyer auto-pilot guidance
    • submarines and aircraft carriers for each side
    • correct and enhanced naval 'piping aboard' sounds on each naval spawn-in
    • swimming dogs
    • correct spelling of the word 'Harbour' throughout TGTCWTF (the game that comes with the forums)

    You have been warned! Beware the Harbour!!

    Sorella, Co-ordinating UnderSecretary 

    Image result for naval riot gifImage result for in the navy village people gif


  4. 39 minutes ago, SCKING said:

    man.. you Windows guys been spoiled ;) We Mac users been doing full downloads forever (bigger than the PC full download too)..


    Seriously though, the installer upgrade is not complete and we hope to have the windows patcher system finished in the next release.

    thx for the info.

    and yeah at least we're complaining about something small and inconsequential compared to the historical loadout and turn ratio for some not  yet in game plane or the mantlet armour thickness for a tank the 2nd half of 42 compared to the first half of 41. or the egregious doppler effect engine audio of the off-road morris in 3rd gear in the rain.


  5. 31 minutes ago, Jsilec said:

    City cp should have purpose imo

    It has had a perfect purpose ever since the day  long ago when capping it used to blow the AI in a town. 

    Now, its purpose is to be the centre of 'capping city cp is for noobs' jokes. What other cp can claim that high honour?

  6. 3 hours ago, u2513 said:


    Stalin didnt build 20k+ tanks that could only be used on roads (discard tracks and move on road wheels w speeds exceeding 55mph) because he was an idiot - to build those 20k tanks at a rate of approx 50-150 a month...takes time - on top of the other types produced (T-34/KV-1 et al ). Stalin also didnt put 4000 of his planes 3-8k from the border for "defensive purposes" so they could be whacked by the LW/Panzers/Infantry within 12-24h, thats quite idiotic and he wasnt an idiot - he was merely planning for something other than defense, like the Wehrmacht


    Lets assume Columbus did discover America - its a matter of perspective. What's not perspective is that Russia built at most 7500 BT tanks of all variants (depending on your source - most accept the Morozov Design Bureau Archives, which uses a lower number) - maybe 1500 more if you add in the early T-Series. Mid 41 they also had about 950 T-34s  and 500 KVs. Far less than the 20k you and Suvorov use speaking of the light or 'cavalry' BTs. 

    But let's not quibble over tanks and maps. Trying to convince anyone with only apocryphal evidence or circumstantial  presumptions that Russia had planned and was ready in summer 1941 to actually invade Germany and that Barbarossa was a pre-emptive strike is not only folly, it is historically inconsequential. 

    First the Germans lost their European war and then 45  years later, the Soviets lost theirs. It's over. Unless, as Gaspipe has said you actually believe Germany was trying to 'save' Europe which, in an odd way, they seem to be still trying to do.

      Related image


  7. 44 minutes ago, u2513 said:

    Always nice to see wannabe-couch potato-"I watch History Channel!!" historians fling bits and pieces of propaganda-turned "fact" around...

    "Sea Lion" was a cover-up within a "cover-up"

    The German government never intended to invade the UK - certainly not in 1940/1941 - "Sea Lion" was a cover for "Aufmarsch Ost" - the planned (as well as pre-emptive) invasion of the USSR while at the same time making the Russians think something named so blatantly obvious ie. "Aufmarsch Ost" can't be real. The orders for "Aufmarsch Ost" go back to Aug 1940 emanating "von höchster Stelle" ie "top level".

    If anyone did save the UK in 1940 it was the knowledge gathered by german intelligence through various channels, primarily the Forschungsamt as well as more obvious means the USSR had long since employed ( 20000+ BT tanks, only good for territories w a developed infrastructure ie Roads..hmm, where does the USSR border on territory w a developed infrastructure? Oh, right, Western Europe.... - More than a million paratroopers trained? Where / How do you employ paratroopers? For defense?..No, wait...! - Dismantling of the Stalin Line, a formidable line of defense including the Pripjet Marshes? Fortifications work both ways, not only do they slow down the attackers, they also hinder movement of own troops, in this case Russians moving West...) etcetc. pointing towards an invasion of Western Europe by the USSR sometime mid 1941.  Therefore there was simply no TIME to bother w the UK in 1940 - the Russian aspirations, since 1919, to invade Western Europe set the time table and the Wehrmacht beat them by a mere 2 weeks as is...


    If Russia would have been defeated, that means pushed back beyond the Ural by 1943 at the latest, then the UK would have faced the threat of German Invasion depending on threat level considering it was quite correctly estimated by FA West that the US wouldnt be ready for war until then IF it decided to be a part of it no later than the latter half of 1941, what w its 400 outdated tanks and all...

    One can tell you've been watching 'The Luftwaffe Channel' as Homer Simpson likes to call it. Please enlighten us with your German and Russian sources for the alleged plan of a Soviet invasion of Western Europe (beyond the 3 Baltic States in June '40) in mid 1941. 

    Surely not Rezun's (aka Viktor Suvorov) discredited Icebreaker? Of course, broad plans and war games were in place for an eventual/potential Soviet war with Germany as outlined in both Solonin's and Bobylev's Russian language research and publications - but any military general staff would be remiss in not planning or gaming all possibilities. 

    Either way, to judge by end results, any Soviet plan to invade Germany in '41 would have been the 'cover-up within the cover-up' as the Germans reacted, attacked and lost all of Europe within 3 and a half years and Stalin and Russia ended up with ALL of Eastern Europe and barely missed out on Greece and Iran. 

    Kotlasskiy kraevedcheskiy musey (093).JPG