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  1. 28 minutes ago, DOC said:

    Tax adjustments ? Who pays tax ? On what income ? Or are you testing out material for your next open mic night ? 

    You might have huge new income with your bestseller as advised by JWilly -  use a pen name and everyone will think you're already famous, to wit:

    • THE DOC DIET: How to Beat Cancer, Lose Weight and Get a New Wardrobe Look at the Same Time  - by 'The Doc'.  

  2. 56 minutes ago, DOC said:

    More good news. They have agreed to remove some of this bloody awful hardware (but not all of it) so I'm eating food like a normal person (smaller pieces though) and my taste buds are returning to normal. Finally no more taking care of the hole in my chest and all the fooking drama that goes with that. Rebuilding some of the 22% muscle I lost and generally trying to not be some kind of 100 year old invalid. As a result of the nutritional upheaval that went with surviving this hellish ordeal, it has left me physiologically (blood and organs) pretty damn healthy and strong, even though my physique is as weak as a kitten. Last week I had 90% of the criteria to contract peritonitis (which is deadly) but for a reason they couldn't explain in the hospital, my blood refused to surrender the final step and did not become infected, even after the subcutaneous tissue had done so. They said this was something very unusual. Superman lives ! (LOL)

    Congrats on the recovery. By the way - have you told them yet that you're a DOC?  Might impress the nurses. 

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  3. 9 hours ago, Quincannon said:

    I have the same issue with the Rifleman satchel, but I thought that one was inferior to the Engineer satchel. I know they don't do nearly as much as an Engineer satchel when busting an FMS or FB.


    Rifle, Sapper and Engineer HE Satchels all do exactly the same amount of damage to FB tents:  5.5% each when placed on the outside of tents. 

    The only noticeable change as of 1.36 is that splash damage (ie. the old 'double damage') on inside poles, top of tents or inside on ground of VEH tents is now 10% from one charge where it used to be 11%. Weirdly, a charge placed inside centre tent of damaged state INF tents still does 12% - as it did prior to 1.36. There are slight variations on all this splash damage depending on exact placement of each charge. 

    As always, others may know more/better or have different info to add to this.  

  4. the spawn depot posters are a great idea- also add colour and flavour to the game.  admire the OP's work and enthusiasm in putting these together. perhaps other players with german or french as a first language might want to help out with the translation/grammar thing. 

    one issue with the depot posters would be that CRS would have to code them to change when flags change - maybe this is as easy as matching the flag change/code - or maybe its impossibly complicated. maybe posters like this could be used to replace all the fake posters already in game? 

    • also downtown consider posting these up on the wiki under 'game advice or game posters'  or wherever 
    • should be a spot on the wiki (and maybe the website and/or forums?) to link for 'Fan Art' 
    • already have great stuff from Propa and WillyTee




  5. 10 minutes ago, tater said:

    Accurate ratios in a spawn list are pretty much meaningless in this game. The number of units in any given AO/DO are 100% a function of the number of players actually there, and what they chose to spawn (since there is zero limit on what people can spawn until things run out).

    The only way to implement any sort of unit balance is to force people to spawn things in the right ratios such that if there are 10 inf in town, they represent a squad (1 LMG, 1 SMG, and ~8 rifles on average). The problme with this, of course, is that the town unit is a "Brigade" and each person is not a member of an infantry squad, but they are serially a member of different squads, in different parts of town. This was always the issue with the game---and it's extremely non-trivial to deal with, likely impossible.

    +10/  plus inherently by the cap the cp/town mechanic the game is mostly CQB forcing ahistorical unit choices by players no matter whether the lists are historically accurate or not

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  6. 42 minutes ago, ruckrova said:

    An older version of the Game Setting files has been found.


    Please Note:

    Re-using the old files WILL overwrite any new files if you proceed.

    (what the ...... does that mean ) 


    Do you wish to re-use them?


    Do I use YEs or No ?


    My guess it is "no" as you want us to start from scratch ? but that will mean re mapping the key map ?  

    There's another different other thread about this and the answer seems to be 'yes' but its a bit of an incoherent answer and unexpected question to start with. 


  7. Yeah. Keep on, Doc.  Cochlear implants as mentioned can do wonders - helped a friend of mine a lot in the new world of his recovery. And I have to say I thought Stanky's words were 'hang in and fight the food fight' - which may be exactly what you need.  S! Prayers as always. 

  8. 54 minutes ago, bbanzai said:

    So I am an original subscriber way back when this first came out. i just signed back up and was looking at playing a bit went through armor and infantry training, to relearn the game. I noticed manned guns werent showing anymore are they no longer in the game? Also When I tried to get into the fight after the training it said no missions. Not sure if i Just caught the servers between campaigns or what. Feel free to let me know what i am missing. 

    Welcome back. A campaign is on right now, though near the end - make sure you log into the campaign server to get in the fight where the missions are. S! 


  9. 15 minutes ago, Jsilec said:

    That always been the case or is this something new?...i know they screwed up some forums when they updated last week

    forums and OT back to so-called normal now. but think trilobyte is right about steam purchasers/forums. they have WWIIOL Steam Forums but to use the premium forums here they'd need a direct sub with CRS.  Odd. And tragic too - think how many Steam players are missing out on OT. 

    We suggested to CRS that they create a custom 'OT DLC' over at Steam, say for one or two thousand dollars - the wisdom is worth it - but no go.

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  10. 3 hours ago, Mosizlak said:

    So you "win" lol. 


    Don't like squads getting compliments much do you, Moz? We feel privileged you keep count.  Here's our stats: 

    QOR FBS Blown 3,242 > Moz FBS Defended  > 0.   That's just the last 5 campaigns in which we're 5-0. So  I guess we do win.  Each to his own stats. 


    We love you and you should cheer up. S!  Maybe consider joining StatsGruppen - they are the cool ones. 

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