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  1. Off-Topic, since its much-heralded move to become a sub-forum of  the Hybrid Supply Forums has now officially been granted the right to reward all players who post in OT 1000 free kills on their CSR page. So now visiting OT will not only greatly improve your politics to humour ratio it will help with your K/D as well. S! 

    We welcome this bold step into the future of the CSR/OT/Player Relationship Cycle. 

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  2. On 6/28/2019 at 8:22 PM, Kilemall said:

    When I was in AHC in the old days, I used to send out Hathcock to cut approaches to town.  He could stop any infantry movement of an entire quadrant.  Allied players have experienced the same at Agave's hands, before that Ceska, and both sides have gotten Tatonka parasniper love.


    4 great names. 

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  3. 2 hours ago, Randazzo said:

    I'd apologize but you're gonna find morons no matter which side you play. Last time I played axis last campaign, the true believers were ranting on side chat about how the axis players who went allied could just stay there and they flat out told me to leave, I wasn't wanted there.

    So do what makes the game fun for you and don't mind the small minded idiots.

    I'd apologize too, but I'm more interested in where one gets the 'Moron' and 'Small Minded Idiot' DLCs. How much are they? 

    As to snipers, I think every player should play the unit they want, the way the want. Snipers has become just a generic term for players hiding in odd places, shooting once in a while, usually rather ineffectively.  I would never put in chat 'need less snipers, more cappers'. I would just say 'need better snipers'. That way no ei would interrupt your capping - or if defending you wouldn't have to guard a cp at all - as all the ei would be dead by sniper.  


  4. 23 minutes ago, pulfer said:

    As always, axis has the numbers. The allies need to find a way to get numbers. Usually a good number of vets for allies will snowball the map towards the german factories. Allies hold a slight advantage in vets vs vets at the moment.

    We're vets and we have cool hats, pipes and moustaches. 48th Highlanders (Canada) FTW. 

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  5. 55 minutes ago, Kilemall said:

    I know who Lee Marvin is and saw BRO, just trying to grasp why it's insulting to characterize someone as being mockable for being a fan of those movies.

    Crocs make more sense as an insult point, but how you match that up with watching movies in them, specifically Lee Marvin movies and how that adds up to Actonman, probably says more about Jsilec's head then Acton's.

    We like Lee Marvin. Big Red One was a good movie - basically the story of the writer/director  Sam Fuller's real life. Hamill did suck in it however. Fuller's Steel Helmet was a great returning vet/Korean War film and his original White Dog (based on French author Romain Gary's anti-racist book) was/is 40  years ahead of Get Out by Jordan Peele.  

    Point Blank was probably Marvin's best movie though.  Related image


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  6. 10 minutes ago, major0noob said:


    honestly wish we could vote a surrender. loosing for 3-6 weeks is pure frustration and winning; the victories start feeling cheap and unsatisfying

    +100/ best idea in your history of great ideas for the game. you must be into submission. maybe you want to just 'vote a surrender' before the campaign starts instead of waiting 3-6 weeks? that way, we would never have to  play at all.  and  how about  you lead by example and surrender from the forums? 

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  7. 17 minutes ago, OHM said:

     1) Capture 9 of your enemies Production Facilities and own the town they reside in. -or- 2) Own 95% of all the towns and cities in the game world

    What if we send a c47 with paras to frankfurt, dismantle Axis Factory #9 and move it back to Koln, which we own, and reassemble it there?

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  8. total confusion on allied side last night in push for Koln - with Essen (4 factories) and Dusseldorf (2 factories) already capped: no one really knew, or was sure, or convinced that capping all of KOLN (with 2 factories for a total of 3 factory towns but only 8 factories) would end the campaign. 

    SO: which is it actually for factory campaign victory: 

    • 3 Factory Towns no matter the total of factories OR
    • 9 Factories owned  and
    • if 9 factories owned do the factory towns need to be fully owned or just the 9 factory facilities themselves, no matter who owns the town(s)? 
    • For ALLIES; if 9 factories owned (plus towns?) is the rule, then Allied need all 4 of Essen, Dusseldorf, Koln and Frankfurt? Yes?

  9. 13 hours ago, Kilemall said:

    I do, a LOT more linked wiki entries, direct YouTube-equivalent links, etc.


    Plus an offline trainer build package that squads can create their own boot camps and share the files with their new squaddies that run them through THEIR idea of the basics.  Call it Bootcamp Builder.


    And above all, integrated voice comms that comes with the game package and sets them up to be talking to us first thing.

    combination of the above;  plus what dptraeus said - ie. make it as foolproof as possible so they can only spawn, in the first instance via active battles, on a mission with fms/spawnable/clear active objective/other players/AO or DO action (with settings adjustments to alter this later for new or vet players - which is a great idea as well) PLUS as stankyus said; some hard-headed marketing or game descriptions making it clear this is neither a simple nor ultra-modern PVP FPS. 

    new players aren't lazy -given the current pvp/wargame game environment and culture there is just no way for them to have a clue - because there is nothing out there that is analogous to this game - both the good of it and the bad of it. 

  10. 1 hour ago, trilobite said:


    Keymapper->animal->dog->German Shepherd
    lay down->c
    roll over->r
    shake hands->h
    walk forward->w
    turn right->d
    turn left->a
    open jaws->[
    cycle bite type, nip, bite, latch->\

    good boy! 

  11. 1 hour ago, Mosizlak said:

    I've done it before, they can do it. 

    Cool. Guess we have to have a specific name or know the player to arrange this gift? Or is there some weird sort of WWIIOL subscription scholarship or bursary fund somewhere we can contribute to? Or maybe just send all our extra money for subs to Moz and let him decide based on merit?

    Seriously, how could something like this be arranged via the community? Could be a good idea for us, the players and the game.