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  1. Okay tried this, went through ALL the steps. Finally got so despairate I removed my DLINK router/firewall and connected PC directly to internet connection STILL GETS DAMN NETWORK ERROR!!!! But Checknet tools says I am just great. Test Starting. Test 1: Auth Pri -OK- 94ms Test 2: Main Pri -OK- 78ms Test 3: Main Alt -OK- 78ms Test 4: Main PingPri -OK- 78ms Test 5: Main PingAlt -OK- 78ms Test 6: Main Chat -OK- 78ms Test 7: Event Pri -OK- 94ms Test 8: Event Alt -OK- 78ms Connection tests completed OK. ARGH!!!!! And you are not talking to a noob here I am a CISCO certified tech and I have been in the PC repair/consulting industry since the mid 90's. I am not happy I am paying for a game I cannot play!
  2. Okay I have all my ports from 27015-27020 forwarded to my PC on my DLINK router. I have the Windows firewall turned off. My PC was working yesterday fine for game and now it does not. Since the last patch I have been getting this error but most of the time the game would still load and I would have no issues playing. BUT today it just blocks the game from loading period. Not HAPPY!!
  3. Upgraded my notebook to Vista Ultimate. No more getting into game, on initiation of Chat Connection it kicks back out to desktop. I can still play on my desktop so I will not roll that one up until Vista is 100% supported by CRS. I had to have my notebook on Vista for client support for all those migrating to Vista so early. I must say it is a smooth sweet OS other than the lack of drivers from major H/W manufacturers and software support from companies like CRS. TIME to move forward companies, XP will slowly disappear and people will want to be on Vista.
  4. Symantec CORPORATE Anti-Virus There is a reason ALL the fortune 500 companies around the world use this. IT IS THE BEST. And with patch 401 all the holes are plugged so no known exploits now!!! If you need more info, PM me or email at: Yes, I own a computer service company.
  5. I am getting sick to death of players that are on 56K or crappy connections that on their computer they are already in a room shooting you but on my computer I die and then 3-4 seconds later the EI enters the room. I hear the gun shoots when I die but do not see the EI until after I am dead on the floor looking at his boots enter the room. I am on a kick arse corporate managed DSL connection 10Mbps and so I know I am not the one with the high ping. I also see these EI skipping across the feilds and warping 5-10 meters at a time to run 300 meters up and shoot me point blank all the while I am emptying clip after clip of LMG into their warping body. Usually just after I die THEN they die. CRS KILL SUPPORT FOR 56K and other crappy connections, it is not fair to those that pay for a good connection to have a good game experience!!!!
  6. I custom build ASUS notebooks for clients. i currently have for myself an ASUS A7JC with an ATI X1600 256MB video card and it ROCKS in game. PM me if you would like a quote on a notebook.
  7. Have you guys tried a uninstall, restart and fresh new load of latest full game download? I did that and it solved ALL my game issues including not being able to update or start after this last patch.
  8. Guys, Restart the computer, if this does not work to fix patch update then uninstall old game and re-install the new full download. It works.
  9. I got the same thing and had to go update my profile and password and I was fine but now my system will not update the game so I am having to uninstall and do a complete new install of the game.
  10. I can not play more than 45 minutes then if I go over that my page file/memory usage starts quickly increasing from 400Mb to about 1.5GB of page file and then it starts doing massive CTHL on respawn and when I am near EI. Then it eventually after about the 1 hour mark will just CTD and if I restart the game without restarting the computer it goes right to the 40-55 minute like behaviour with CTHL and then 5-10 min later CTD. I am going to do a full uninstall and fresh full install again tonight. Has anyone else seen this since 1.19.6 has come out?!?!?!