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  1. Well, I'm on XP Pro, but that feature would be nice. Don't think I'm going to stick with the 2 accounts though, as I can't seem to get them running well together.
  2. Yeah thats about how I have them set. I'm turning the sounds to off on the 2nd account because I'm hearing every sound ingame twice, coming from slightly different directions. I'm trying to figure out if I can run the 2 accounts on different resolutions so maybe that would help tool. 1900x1200 isnt needed on the 2nd account.
  3. So I bought me a 2nd account today, klesh1. I want to know the best way to set things up so I can make the 2nd account as low fidelity as possible, to save processing etc for the #1 account. I fired up my main account (which has custom nVidia settings when I run the .exe for wwiiol) and then started account #2. I set account #2's ingame settings to 'performance' so all the bells and whistles are tunred off. How do I get the gfx card to recognize the 2nd boot up of wwiiol as being my second account so I can lower those settings as well. Do I need to make a 2nd install of wwiiol so the .exe path is different therefore nVidia will recognize it as a seperate program and I can have a custom set of settings for it? Any other tips or tricks I should know about? My first go resulted in 6-9 fps as an atg 1km away form a battle on my main account, then bluescreen of death (which I never get), so I hope I can make some substantian adjustments.
  4. Would Major Lindemann be interested in signing pictures of himself for us? Find a great pic, get it printed at CVS and I would send $$ in a heartbeat. Hell, maybe the Major could even make a few bucks himself!
  5. Just rereading this thread now as the Major has come back to have his diorama repaired. Tzulscha, one thing I just noticed. Initially in the thread, you had mentioned the Major's tank was 112 but I see now you made the model tank 111. How come?
  6. I installed it last night without issue, haven't had a chance to test with the game but will be doing so tonight. I'll let ya know if there is any funk to be had.
  7. Hi guys, I wanted to say thanks to all that helped me. I really took your advice to heart and ended up with a really great monitor and saved myself some money too. I ended up with this one, the Samsung 24" widepannel. Bought it yesterday, I'm simply in awe of how huge this thing is having gone from a 17" non-widescreen. Thanks again guys, you were all very helpful!
  8. I actually have a pretty nice height adjustable stand on the 17" I have now, it rotates side to side as well and turn 90 degrees too. As long as the backs matchup, I will probably put whatever monitor I end up with on this older stand I have, as its really a kickass one. I think I'll call them and see if they have that Samsung then. I don't need lots of fancy inputs. I certainly don't have HDTV or Blue Ray or anything like that and don't really intend on it (I'm not really a movie person), though I do have a DVI output from my card.
  9. Indeed. I'm such an instant gratification whore, that even though I know I'd get a better selection and a better deal online I just like to have the thing in my hands when I buy it. You're right about the return policy too, though hopefully of course I wont have to return anything. Okay, so between the 2 Dells and the Samsung, which would you go for? I just dont want to regret not getting the UltraSharp if this is going to be my monitor for the next 4 years.
  10. Hmm, that one does look good too. Interesting about the Dell/Samsung thing. Bestbuy has this Samsung 24", but I cannot tell if that is of the UltraSharp variety or not. I should totally go to NewEgg and saves some money, but Im in the mood of going to buy it and take it home right now, hence me browsing at BestBuy...
  11. 1. Dell - 24" Widescreen Flat-Panel LCD $459.00 or 2. Dell - 24" UltraSharp Widescreen Flat-Panel LCD $599.00 I have an 17" UltraSharp Flat Panel Dell monitor from 4 years ago and have enjoyed it. A few pixels are going so its time to upgrade. I'm just not sure that I *need* the UltraSharp or not. $450 for non-UltraSharp and $600 for it. Anyone have experience between the two? I'm feeling like going to the store and buying one right now... any advice would be great!
  12. I think this may've been it. It was set to Allow (Nvidia Control panel) and putting it on Clamp has seemed to fix it! Thanks y'all!
  13. Antistropic Filtering? Its set to 16x.
  14. Hey guys, I need some help with my vid card/ game settings. I don't know wtf is going on, but I got some weirdness ingame. The whole game has a sort of haze over it, a blurriness almost. This isnt the Post Render Filter, its even on the map screen and out of spawn menus. Also, dig this screenshot: Is it me, or are the population bars and the cursor menu looking really weird? Do you see the haze across the screen? My drivers should be up to date, I just installed this card a few months ago, so I got them then. I think the problem is probably in my settings for the gfx card. I dont really know much aboiut the various trilinear this or that, so maybe this is the problem? Let me know where we should start tpo troubleshoot?
  15. I hard powered-down. Restarted the machine. It restarted fine. I'm going to wait and see if there is another memory error randomly in a minute or two. *crosses fingers*