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  1. Thank you guys!
  2. Regarding this, I have a few questions. When An is capped and then re-capped back by defenders: - Does the full supply become available instantlyagain or does it come.back slowly? - if it comes back slowly, does it comes back to the numbers left before Ab was capped or back to full? - if back to full, with which speed? Depending on RDP status or different? - when Ab is capped, rear FBs become open or just when the full town is capped? Thanks.
  3. As any previous change I see both supporters and detractors. Time will show the real pros and against of this 1.36 What I don't see are either "heroe" nor "builder" numbers increasing. Apparently 1.36 and roadmap are not enough. That and in-game numbers are the real problem.
  4. Allied DS address, please?
  5. Trying to fight Overpop with negative tools have mostly failed IMO during these past years. I wish "positive" tools would be implemented instead. It is been discussed in the "Allies will never win...." Topic. Example of "positive" tool. When there is more than X% pop imbalance then the underpopulated side players get full access. Show this "full access" situation at the "choose persona" screen and you will get players switching to the underpopulated side for sure.
  6. + 1
  7. As appointed here, think it would be great to give it a try. No need to implement it everywhere. I also agree with the fact "the more variety the better"
  8. I agree. I began doing this before PPOs were developed or old bunkers back in game. As I mentioned, I was, and still I am missing, more war atmosphere. It's original porpoise was to be placed protecting critical places. Also the design idea in which the FMS can be deployed in a safer place, not easily camped, and with better line of sight (bush thing) to create a ZOC. As you said, if it was to be a PPO, changing the concrete with sand bags or wood would make it. Thank you.
  9. Hi! There is one thing I really miss in this game and that is more military grade buildings. I began a design on my own but gave up because of lack of time. Anyway I'd like to share here a few ideas now that there are several topics about getting rid of Fbs or implementing more PPOs. The design consist of an elevated area with sand walls, pits for Aas or Ats and a bunker with a trench around. The bunker shown is been modelled from pics of real german wwII bunker. I had in mind an AT bunker variant. The fact that is above ground provides with: better field of view above lines of bushes. solves the trench thing (you can't not go below ground now with present terrain). makes it impossible to camp from outside. The only access to the PPO area is by a ramp behind: the access ramp can be blocked by defenders by using already existing PPOs, like barbed wire, sand bags, etc The ramp should be big enough to allow a truck to get in so to place a FMS inside. Use of this design: As a PPO. With new constraints like: - bigger times for deployment - Deployed by a combination of truck + engineer or truck + Ml, or ML + engineer - To be deployed, Increased minimum distance to enemy facilities than FMS Not a PPO but implemented in the world. I Would place it protecting a bridge, the main entrance of Abs, Crossroads, RR bridge, etc. The bunker would have open doors and whoever gets to it can use it. CP. This variant of CP would have CLOSED bunker doors and a pool of, lets say couple of lmgs and 8 to 10 rifles, maybe one sniper. You spawn in it and you can not leave bunker but if the bunker is well placed, you don't need to, you are just covering a specific area, bridge, AB, thats the point. Nowadays there is No place in the game where you can be with your back fully covered. Two variants: 3.1 Bunker door can't be broken. Can't be capped. To disable you need to kill all defenders, smoke it..... 3.2 Bunker door can be blown by engineer. in the end, I miss the kind of Normandy landing feeling when assaulting or facing one of those ahead. Ideas, suggestions, opinions?
  10. I don't see the lmg one working till the problem with the deployment point of view is solved But, the tank or AA one would be a great implementation.
  11. That is a nice approach. What if, instead of the proposed ODepots, there would be a kind of miniFb PPO that placed and hold close enough from a road would "close" the road? If a road is closed ->. No brigade movement through it (there will be still brigades at 1.36) If all roads are closed, the AO will not recover pool. This would enable the ability of encircling an AO -> Attrition
  12. Present system is all about Abs, Cps, and Fbs. CRS has recently developed again the possibility of developing new terrain and links. Proposal: Adding a new “Facility” called Outskirts Depot (OD) following this scheme. Rules: Will have its own garrison associated to the town. Could be like a CP but with smaller quantities of pool. No need to cap them to Cap the City Capping one of them do not trigger the Ab bunker radio hot countdown. So, what for? strategic layer: Capping it denies the defender the chance to move a brigade in or out the town that way. Outskirts Depots are Easier to cap and hold than inside Cps In this example, defenders have a Brigade at B. Attackers may choose to cap OD1 so to prevent defenders moving Brig to B from A. Capping all ODs provides the idea of the town fully sourrounded so there will be no Pool recovery at Target. Provides with attrition strategic. New target ideal for paras and battle outside town (tanks, etc) ODs, If capped, they could be spaneable for attackers, thus providing with new approaching vectors to AO. You could spawn just inf, light Ats, Aas and Trucks. More places from which try to set a Ms. Acting like small Fbs. That implies a more consistent Attack. OD1 becomes spaneable if capped. OD2 and OD3 become spaneable only if Od1 is capped OD4 becomes spaneable only if either OD2 or OD3 are spaneable. Rats could use Farms buildings, small bunkers or even PPos to build this ODs. I'd place them at strategic places like crossroads, hill, close to buildings etc The thing is that you don't need to cap them to hold an usual attack, but capping and holding them may come quite useful. Any ideas?
  13. What if the AO is active plus double inf EWs then flags can't not be moved in? Or AO active plus, double EWS and town contested. That would simulate the fact of the town surrounded by enemy forces so reinforcement can't enter town. I really miss the combination of ZOC plus attrition.
  14. I'm for players starting Their own AO BUT number of AOs should be defined by the numbers of the underpopulated side. Like 20 defenders minimum for every AO Additionally, an AO should have a minimum of attackers so it could be launched. One of the worst experiences this game have is, when there are more than 1 AO and one of them is a 2vs2 AO. The typical sleeping AO where you are to spend half an hour sitting inside the spaneable waiting for that only ei to appear in it. I prefer on or two massive battles than 6 small ones.
  15. what Ian is pointing out here is critical and I'm referring to the problem about new players not been even able to join the AO or DO and left in the middle of nowhere I come across this nearly everyday and sad is to say that some of them have squad names in their nick. We, 250Hispana have a similar system than the one Ian says above. We have a CI Corp of Instructors (Cuerpo de Instrucción) which is the base of our Squad and it is form by the most veteran players. The newbies get a standard welcome with a link to a basic manual with info like Behaviour Rules, game basics, Discord, etc. Then they get a "Basic infield instruction" from an Instructor and during the whole month that instructions lasts there is always a tutor with him. It is frustrating. I may have instructed dozens and dozens of players and in the end, only one out of ten remain as long term players. This is why, asking some players to go through this huge task may be too much. They may burn out themselves. I would suggest instead that every player become more committed with this and help lost players (I do when I see one of them) and Rats are to simplify much more the UI. As I said, it may be frustrating to train others when you are using your personal time and so few remain BUT, those who stay become part of the family of the 250H because they learn from day one how to have fun, how to play ALWAYS together as a team, to immediately follow orders from the Oic, they integrate themselves and they become the new blood and this is the key for the squad to be still alive after 17 years and that whenever you are ingame you can see this, taken just during last campaign.