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  1. So sorry to hear about that. My deepest condolences to familly and friends. See you someday in other front line. RIP
  2. Hi guys! Intro: We already have PPOs some of them quite big. Hopefully there would be more to come in the future. To make the game more realistic and to encourage Team Co-op game why not to combine trucks with engineer? ( The ideal would be a "Mechanical Engineer Unit" in which the engineer could get off and back the vehicle but meanwhile....) Idea: In order to build the big PPoOs like bunkers, etc you require the combined action of truck that carry material, and the engineer that provides man power. Once the truck has stopped with engine off, the engineer can build those PPOs in a circle of Xx meters radius around the truck. Pros: - encourage team work - more realistic - no new models needed although a modified truck (engineering truck) with materials in its rear would be lovely - this combined action of engineering truck plus engineer could be useful in the future for new tasks as: . Repairing tanks. . Building small AF . Building portable bridge . Etc Your opinion?
  3. Indeed, we are a highly motivated Squad..................
  4. Love this idea. Most units in the game could make good use of those coverts. If you want to encourage team job you could make it that you would need two or three infantry men close enough, all of them "digging" to create this wall.
  5. My squad, the 250Hispana, has been around more than 14 years now. One of the things that makes it succesfull is that we have a "Instructors Corp". Whenever there is a new recruit, we spend our time with it, we train him, we help, we assist. In the end, only 1 or 2 recruits out of every 10 remains. So at first, this may looks like a waste of time but those who remain, they mostly do forever and not neccesarily because of the game itself but because of the squad. Conclusion: Doesn't matter how many people will try the game now or when it goes Steam, the thing is how many of them are going to stay so, appart from buying new servers, RATS should try to find a way to assist these new players and squads, we should do our best in the times to come.....
  6. Deal is a deal. lets go guys!!!
  7. "Topic" started at Reddit/gaming. Would be nice to move in and vote for it.
  8. As you may have noticed, there is an Indiegogo Campaign going on so the RATS may get enough money to acomplish the "Roadmap 2017 " --> Link HERE <-- Which includes STEAM release!!! This is probably a critical moment in the history of this game so, although my squad the 250H is already trying to get some money togetheer, I decided to go further on and try to do something on my own. and I though, what do I do the best??? The answer is obvious --> Dying, of course. So my compromise: I will donate 1 buck for every time I'm killed in this campaign. So dear Allies try to log on more at late afternoon / early evening European time and find out where the 250Hispana is having fun. (Tip, check closer bunker or adjacent windows) Whenever you see that you killed Piska250, Congrats, you earned 1$ for the game!!! ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- EDIT So the list of Suicide Donator is increasing. GvonPaul joins the cause. Now you have two ducks to hunt down!!! Deaths by 23rd January - Gvonpaul Axis 61 - Piska250 Axis 73
  9. Taking place right now HERE Surprised that no post in the forum did mention it.
  10. MFrom 0 min 10 second to -----> 0 min 35 seconds 3 x Ju with around 10/15 paras each. That was recorded like 15 days ago. It was a multisquad op.
  11. So sorry to hear about that. R.I.P. and Salute!
  12. Could be: - a PPO placed only by HCs. AT maximun Some distance from Fbs. With limitations of number of them to be palced daily and/or ammo. - Could be a target for Bombers -->>> new role for aviation, both protect or destroy Artillery settings.
  13. Noober97 why don't you try this forum? you are going to find help there for sure.
  14. So we want the underpop side to do something. - Lets make them have fun and make them be able to delay the overpop side advance by fighting. Have you ever play the Omaha map at Day of Defeat?? -------------- Lets make a new depot called "Advanced Depot" AD It would be placed between Def Town and FB. Town (Allied) ----- AD ------ FB -----------------------------------------(FB) ---------------- Town (axis) - This AD has its own Pool like a normal depot. Some rifles, lmgs, light Ats and Light AAs. This pool is independent from the town. - Until this advanced depot is not conquered, Attack mission that target the Town can not be set. No FMSs to town -> We avoid the Precamp situation at the town. - Now the funny part. This AD has one only entrance to the compound that can not be blown up until XX minutes after Ao is set. - This door, onced broken, can not be trespassed by Ets. - Main thing is that, defenders, they are going to be probably finished but they will have lots of fun. - Doesn't matter if they are camped or precamped. Mate it is an "Omaha" situation!!! - Because the pool of this AD is independent from town, defenders won't miss losing this pool. - Attackers WILL be losing pool, so By killing as much attackers as possible, defenders feel they are doing something useful. - You provide time for the rest of the defenders to set a nice def at the main town. - Combined action for attackers. Imagine Heavy guns, AAs, mortars and aviation, working together to get this place. Contras. Paras rol here. Maybe no doable now. You would need to maybe get the Fbs a little bit far away from towns so you can place the AD in between Town and present Fb. This extra distance should not need to be too much. AD and FBs could be close enough like front lines in real live, the defenders won't be able to spawn Tanks or heavy ATs and Ats won't be able to leave the compound so it doesn't matter if the AD is 1km away from Fb. This extra distance from town to fb now it is not as importatn than before, maybe just 2 more minutes driving but the FMS they last longer than the previous MS so no need to keep driving new ones. Option 2 If you don't want / can't mess with FBs, you can place those Facilities at Bottle Necks places, Bridges, Roads, etc. but again with the same rules: - when you place an Ao on them, attackers need to wait some minutes to be able to destroy the door and get inside. - Ad pool independent from towns. The more the Defenders kill the better
  15. Posted in REddit, although don't really know if someone is going to see it...................... trying some other webs especialized in Pc games