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  1. Facts said in this post Present FMS are difficult to place because trucks are easily traced. Blowing or camping the present FMs is easy so when destroyed or closed then you can't spawn close to action anymore --------------- What About using a tree branch system like the one below? Using a Truck from FB you can create an Advanced FB. We would be a new design, something similar to this pointed before. Same rules to this AFB than now with the FMS: - you need a truck to place it. - Once placed you can spawn Inf and light AT, AAS. - Can't be placed closer than X meters to enemy facilities - HARDER to destroy. - but you don't need to get so close to the AO. That means that they would be easier to place and defend. IF you spawn an ENGINEER of maybe ML at this AFB, you can place the present FMS with different rules than now. - You can only spawn inf at them - then can't be closer than X meters to enemy facilities but also no more than X meters away from the AFB - some building than now. This way it won't be such a ninja thing than the previous inf placed MS. Its is bigger and so more difficult to concealed. This way.: AFB would be easier to place and more difficult to destroy. You could probably be able to place FMS closer than nowadays because you are going to use inf to place them. this FMs won't be a ninja thing because it can't be placed far away from the AFB and because it is bigger and easier to spoteed. IF the FMS is blown or closed because it is camped, you don't fall back al the way to the FB but to the AFB. The attack can't go on. You can even allow more than one FMS to be placed from one AFB.
  2. In real life greater number of troops would be detected more easily so it could be done something similar to capping times. One truck inside EWS zone -> X minutes delay Two trucks inside EWS zone -> X/2 minutes delay Three trucks inside EWS zone -> X/3 minutes delay More than 3 trucks triggers EWS Less than X Infantry 50mts around FMS do not trigger EWS (they are fortifying) More than X infantry spawning in FMS inside EWS area triggers EWS. There should be a warning before spawning about it with colours or message. "Maximum number of sneaky infantry reached. Your spawn will cause EWS triggering" Infantry more than 50mts away from FMS trigger EWS, they are attacking.
  3. Would it be possible to create a new type of mission other than attack and defend called Resuply? Whenever you "Resuply" something,, you are given a kind of "ticket" and that material is reserved for you during, let's say one hour. (Or could be used by squaddies too) When you check available pool you could see: Riflemen 46 (22) 46 is the number of riflemen available for everybody while 22 are the number of riflemen reserved by people that Resuplied them. After this hour, the "material" is available for everybody else. This way we: 1. encourage Resuply. It is damm frustrating to spend half an hour driving a tank to be wasted by somebody else in a minute during the time that takes you to switch mission. 2. We solve this "dedicated squad brigade" thing. A squad that wants to work an AO and wants to be sure that will have enough stuff can achieve it by resuplying. If somebody or a squad spends time resuplying they should be able to use the material on their own.
  4. As it has been already pointed out FMS works differently if you are attacking or defending. Placing a defense FMS, especially at the early stages of the AO is quite easy. Then you can spawn lots of nasty ATs. Take into account that A 2lb for example is fast an can be easy concealed and will blow up any panzer in early tiers. ----- Another ideas already given that I'd support: Provide ML with tools to activate/disable spawn, etc. It would be great to be able to move somehow the FMS forward at some point or been able to create from this fisrt FMS a second FMS forward (let's say max xxxmeters every xxx mins) when the area is secured so people doesn't need to change mission. Or instead a second FMS Let's say that you can spawn an engineer from the FMS and you can set an infantry MS instead, linked to the FMS and with restrictions. If this second or advanced FMS/MS would be blown up, then the system should fall you back to the initial one so the attack goes on.
  5. Sgt Henning, You just became my Hero!!! About Squads, in a game like this, IMO, there is room enough for everybody, huge and small squads, lonewolfs, etc. What makes the difference is when all of them are able to play as a team while aimming for a common goal.
  6. If Axis pilots have been working hard, why deny them their prize? Why cut down a part of the game just a because probably on the other side they are not doing theirs? A He111 would never make it to the allied factories if there would be just a few people flying defence. German 111 are flyin tortoises.
  7. Nothing like team work either with own squaddies, other squads or "lonewolves" With Whips, team work, as well as fun, is more than granted. Big salute!
  8. His videos are great. What WE can do is enter his channel and LIKE his WWII online videos to encourage him to go on. https://m.youtube.com/channel/UC6dB4ULHmz0my7k76d27yYw His name is ryman8989
  9. http://forums.wwiionline.com/forums/topic/412962-new-he-model/?page=1
  10. Fully agree. Some veterans, that would pay full fee, did unsub because of the low pop situation and the problems it brings.
  11. Is it posible to set a "timer" to the AA so shells explodes in that time without needing impact? Like the .conv command on planes. THAT would be great and then, AA would be really effective.
  12. Apparently TOEs are to be gone someday and Town based supply will be back. Some of the veterans we still remember how important was to bring resuply from second line towns and still willing to do it. BUT: I still remember how frustrating was to spend half an hour or longer driving a, let's say a tiger, so when you release it, it is immediately spawned by somebody who drives it directly into the ET marks and is blown in less than a minute. Mybrequest solicitude: Is it possible to, please, when you RTB a resuply material into another brigade/town, that you could "keep" it reserved for at least a couple of minutes for either yourself or list of friends/squaddies? Thanks
  13. I like this idea and if the Brigade system is to remain, at least till "Steam early access" is over, why don't give it a try now before Steam release? Like when they tried reducing cap times. Worst thing that can happen is that community don't like it and we need to fall back to the actual system which is not working.
  14. At the Steam Store Web -> Metacritic now 76 We should aim to change that. It is one of the first things people are going to check. Link to Metacritic Teh worse marks comes from G4 TV and eurogamer. - Maybe the RATS could contact them and ask them to check their notes and reviews taking into account the last changes. most of those reviews are quite ooold - Also rating ourselves as users would help because the last 2 rates are quite negative.