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  1. So sorry to hear about that. R.I.P.
  2. I fully agree with Tater here. You may have a town with a suppousely enormous pool, but in the end with just a handful of defenders not even enough to have one in each CP. So I support the idea of a Warning system in CPs. Either a mark of ei in the map plus a message in the screen This way we would encourage the team work when assaulting a CP instead of the lonely sneaky capper. Well, this and that the overpopulated side needs a minimum of two cappers in the CP to begin capping.
  3. Nowadays you can switch the amount of info that labels/nicknames show in-game. Would it be possible to add a Field with the player languages? At least the most popular ones. When you create your persona, you tick boxes with the languages you speak and they are shown with the squad info. Like: Eng -> English Esp -> Spanish (Español) Rus -> Russian Oth -> Other -------- Piska250 250H / Esp-Eng I've spent HOURS when not Days of playing time trying to assist green players with no result and maybe they just don't even speak/understand English.
  4. I guess the origin of this post is that NOBODY likes been accused of cheating. Some people they are just simply good at what they do.
  5. Nice idea. Although I would limit it to those ATs not able to spawn at MS. I mean, if you are axis. This shouldn't work on pak36 but on pack38 and pack40. And of course this should come with a reduction in sapper numbers.
  6. You may want to check this. Outskirt depots
  7. Just translated this into the 250H's forum and already three colleagues replied saying that they are thinking about resubbing. Gj Rats.
  8. So sorry to hear about that. Keep fighting. Can't give up in that war. Wish you the best.
  9. Thank you guys!
  10. Regarding this, I have a few questions. When An is capped and then re-capped back by defenders: - Does the full supply become available instantlyagain or does it come.back slowly? - if it comes back slowly, does it comes back to the numbers left before Ab was capped or back to full? - if back to full, with which speed? Depending on RDP status or different? - when Ab is capped, rear FBs become open or just when the full town is capped? Thanks.
  11. As any previous change I see both supporters and detractors. Time will show the real pros and against of this 1.36 What I don't see are either "heroe" nor "builder" numbers increasing. Apparently 1.36 and roadmap are not enough. That and in-game numbers are the real problem.
  12. Allied DS address, please?
  13. Trying to fight Overpop with negative tools have mostly failed IMO during these past years. I wish "positive" tools would be implemented instead. It is been discussed in the "Allies will never win...." Topic. Example of "positive" tool. When there is more than X% pop imbalance then the underpopulated side players get full access. Show this "full access" situation at the "choose persona" screen and you will get players switching to the underpopulated side for sure.
  14. + 1
  15. As appointed here, think it would be great to give it a try. No need to implement it everywhere. I also agree with the fact "the more variety the better"