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  1. Or instead of modifying the damage of the bombs, another option is to set a maximum damage that FB can take from bombs. 50% , 75 % .... so bombers can not fully destroy the FB on their own.
  2. Please, please, PLEASE. Make it that, when you resupply something, it is lock 5 mins for you and your squaddies / friend list. I still remember Driving a tiger for half an hour, release it (rtb), squaddies waiting in map but was got by rookie that ignored our PMs and drove it directly into an area marked with Atgs on map and of course was blown up. So please, please, please. Code it so you can block it just a few minutes.
  3. Wow, what a reading. So about spawning and leadership and after been here since 2004 this is what I'd do. --- New AO 1. When a side places an AO I would make the FBs on that AO invulnerable to damage so the attack ends just either with the attack been successful or the attackers giving up. 2. Just One mission for both the attackers and defenders. So the Officer in charge has it easier to throw orders via .order and specific icons on map. It also makes things easier for players to select between missions because there would be fewer missions at the active battles screen 3. How to spawn? Rats would need to be able to program the possibility of different spawn points at the same mission. I would create an "officer" infantry type. There would be several in each brigade/garrison. Only available for high ranks and/or paying customers. To set an FMS you need: officer + engineer + several soldiers (2 or 3), all of them in an area of let's say 100mts with no ei. That gets the idea of dominating the place and we would see people travelling together on transports again. This FMs should be more complex and difficult to destroy, like present FBs, is not about hiding it but about dominating a zone ZOC. Here is when PPOs find their place. Some people would say "oh no, MS deployed by ING again!" Well, if somebody is able to move a platoon of 5/6 people and then dominate an area, then they deserve the possibility of placing a FRU. There should be a limited number of this ZOC frus to be able to be built at the same time. When on map, you can see them and decide where to spawn. Yeah there can be spies but again, this frus are not the concealing type anyway. This way, everybody is in the same mission. The officer in charge can give orders that everybody can see. (Like this "natural selection 2" game which I love. Rats, you should try it once as a Marine so you see it yourselfs) People would have a deeper feeling of team work, specially the newbies. And that is... PS another option is, if this only one mission with several spawning points can not be done, put in the bunker a OIC possition, like in Natural Selection 2 and make it that every order he gaves either by chat, .order or placing icons on map, it gets to everybody sharing the same objective in a way that no one can miss. Present chat is not always easy to follow...
  4. More than needed post. Thank you guys for keeping this game alive. Merry Christmas!!
  5. Thank you Rats. Appreciate all the effort and anything new to the game is more than welcome. A doubt regarding Panzer III ausf L Which tier is it coming to play?
  6. It would be ideal that a blown bridge close to a town would affect the speed of pool recovery and brigade movement but with Merlin's explanation that is not feasible now. But With the 1.36 we may see again resupply and overstock done by players, so destroying a bridge would become strategic again to avoid the opponent doing this manual resupply. So, is there now a limit with the number of bridges that can be targeted (AO) at the same time? If so, maybe we could increase it.
  7. Please. - Add at least a few Crossroads and bridges to the strategic layout. With a few military grade buildings like bunkers and trenches (above terrain) and a Small garrison. - Make Railroad station destroyable. Towns with a direct link to a rail road or even adjacent, with all the railroads Up could get faster pool tickets. (Recover pool faster). This ways Railroad becomes a strategic target both for ground or air forces. And if there could be trains....
  8. With the 1.36 I'd love to see military grade buildings like bunkers and trenches by, if not all, at least the most important crossroads and bridges. with a small garrison even IAS and add them to the strategic net of towns. So you need to own them to keep moving brigades. We could have nice battles outside the typical town environment.
  9. Ideally, the V2.0 of the game would be The dream (as long as it comes with Full Map) but probably it takes years to develope such a game. Until then. WE NEED NUMBERS. With enough numbers, the game rocks even with what it has nowadays. So anything that would bring new players to the game and make them stay and bring veterans back. I have no clue what may help but I'd say that "GamePlay Overhaul"
  10. .....and some people may wonder: "Why do axis use the mg34 as a Smg?" Because we axis do not have a Smg (appart from the Italian) that is worth it. If we would have a useful SMG we would be using it instead. That said, I don't see realistic running and shooting the mg34 but: - we really need the mp40 to be fixed at med range. - we need suppression which was one of the most important roles of the mg34 - and please, redesign the body exposure when I deploy the mg34 in a window. No need to stand showing all your mid upper body.
  11. IMO and after 14 years around and I may be wrong: problem is not side imbalance but overall numbers. I mean. It is not the same to defend an DO 5vs20 than 20vs80. Same ratio with possibly different fun and for sure different perception of been rolled. Most people give up when they think they are alone. ------ About the players/Squads playing always same side, yeah it can be a pain in the [censored] when they are in the wining side but they are usually the only ones also to be shot at when they are in the losing side. ----- I'm my case, I can hardly play and when I do, I play axis (250H) but if I join the game and if my side is highly overpopulated, then I leave the game. I don't like easy mode and do not want to be part of the rolling side. To everyone and hope numbers will be back someday.
  12. Agreed. Maybe some of the huge buildings should become huge, impenetrable hill of ruble when destroyed. Saying that, good job and thank you for sharing. It is nice to see there are lots of things in progress. PS Which program are you using for these models? Creative?
  13. So sorry to hear that! From the fundraising I thought he could have a chance if he would go through surgery. My deep and sincere condolences to the family. He will be missed. Ps. Guys. If you can spare a few bucks, please remember that you can help his family and there is also another community member seeking for help. Life or death shouldn't depend on your incomes. At least I'm lucky enough to live in a country with the worst internet connection but universal health.
  14. As I've seen,.one of the biggest problems about artillery is the distance. Why not trick it and instead of an ballistic system we use a coordinates system? You deploy the artillery. So visually you see cannons, Aas, and the command center (we can adapt a PPO) The "operator" in the command center provide coordinates to the artillery system and the gives the Fire order. And then at those coordinates you get an artillery salva with X amount of impacts and a % of deviation. The impacts are calculated at the coordinates you don't calculate the whole trayectory. Of course friendly fire is mandatory. This above as a system to be implemented. Then we are to define how many artillery, who can man it, how many ammo, etc