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  1. have these problems got something to do with why i have been banned for 860000 seconds (10 days) for absolutely no reason ? i sent an email to bable - but i forgot to mention that yesterday i made a .report about a german lmg that got inside the inf spawn at the FB and nailed me about 4-5 times. If you planned on banning the exploiter well ... erm you got the wrong person !!! i would have thought you give people a warning before banning them - but i have received no warning or explanation - so it makes me wonder whether my information has been corrupted by all the problems you are having with the server
  2. anyone know how i can backup my existing drivers or surefire ways to go back to previous versions ? i dont trust windows driver update utility - it cant even find updates for my GeForce 7300SE thnx
  3. its got 512 MB of ownage !!!11!! when you've been playing the past 2 years with 64MB onboard graphics you wouldn't grumble i think i can answer my previous quesiotn - i hope this helps the people that want to restore driver without necessarily haveing to download anything goto control panel > performance and maintanence > system > open the 'hardware' tab and select 'device manager' > expand your display drivers and right click on your graphics card's description > select properties > open the 'driver' tab and select 'roll back driver' this worked for me - i hope it works for you all
  4. i created a restore point manually and installed the latest drivers which gave me very bad FPS i have tried using multiple system restore points but it did not work i have tried using the 'add/remove programs' section of control panel but i cannot see nvidia drivers listed there. Can anyone give me a step-by-step guide to reverting back to my old drivers which are 84.66 ? I cant beleive nVidia dont have some kind of gizmo which can do this - their new drivers have ruined my experience. And i went out and spent a lot of money on this new system because i wanted to play this game with better FPS.
  5. i have a dual intel and i just tried this fix because the new drivers caused a FPS drop the fx did not work - now instead of getting 30 FPS i get 14 FPS
  6. i am trying to dl the latest nvidia driver but their download is going at an extremely low speed anyone else getting this ?
  7. hi - just cos i'm not a whole squad adverising dont accuse me of putting this post in the wrong place. I'm looking to generate ideas as to which squad I may be moving to or who I may be playing with. I've been flying FAF/RAF serioiusly and constantly for a month now - but always find comms lacking and numbers disadvantage even worse. I need to go into combat with pple backing me up (i use teamspeak) - pple perferably who are from the euro timezone who can speak english. I work during the day (who doesn't) so i'm available most evenings for almost SOLID air duty. Any of you ground squads have Air Wing squad nights ? Or maybe you're a pure Air Squad that can help me out ? I'm open to all suggestions and offers. Except axis. I hate axis. My Grandad hated Axis.
  8. please - there must be some devoted euro, allied pilots out there......
  9. erm - bump i cant beleive the total lack of feedback you watching this CRS ?
  10. wow - a whole day and no feedback dont tell me everyone who plays this game is from the states
  11. LOD's are always good i play a game which i wont name directly which is a modern combat simulation and i make mods/units/scripts for it. i will refer to it as game X most of the original vehicles in this game from the developers have AT LEAST 5 LOD's - most have about 7. they advocate that for any mod makers they implement as many i dont know how many the vehis in wwiionine have but they obviously MUST use them - its stupid to try and render a panzer at 1km with as many polygons and textures as a panzer only 10m from you what i think would help more is probly more LOD's for trees and bushes - which i think all have 1024x1024 textures for those not in the know LOD's simply allow an object in the game to be replaced instantaneously by a similar (slightly more boxy) looking one with slightly less detail (and thus less cpu load) the further that object is from the player