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  1. I recently re-installed the game 2 weeks ago and it started right up. No problems' date=' no issues.[/quote']

    I think it's important to listen to people and not casually discard their comments.

    If you're having technical issues - create a support ticket, make a thread on the forums or simply google it.

    Those of us who can run the game (sometimes) with no issue may remember all the silly tweaks we had to make to get things smooth.

  2. constant ctding - only started after the patch


    [Wed Nov 09 19:01:04.224 2011] t:0 closing code:30100

    [Wed Nov 09 19:01:04.877 2011] t:1 closing code:30006

    [Wed Nov 09 19:01:05.533 2011] t:2 closing code:30006

    Wed Nov 09 19:01:05 2011 network election of 2 addresses: Winner:

    [Wed Nov 09 19:01:05.932 2011] t:3 srvInf

    [Wed Nov 09 19:01:05.932 2011] t:3 on:1 h:1109188751 p:27015 aMap

    [Wed Nov 09 19:07:21.290 2011] t:3 pAcc

    [Wed Nov 09 19:07:23.392 2011] tciRx ro:2 ip:

    [Wed Nov 09 19:07:23.395 2011] t:3 sNot

    [Wed Nov 09 19:07:23.395 2011] ! no cell for rvj

    [Wed Nov 09 19:07:23.794 2011] Netcode2: Opening

    [Wed Nov 09 19:07:23.794 2011] t:5 on:1 h:1109188752 p:27015 aCell

    [Wed Nov 09 19:07:23.794 2011] redired

    [Wed Nov 09 19:07:24.31 2011] Netcode2: Opened

    [Wed Nov 09 19:07:25.511 2011] Netcode2: Established

    Date and time: 11/9/2011 19:14:09

    Program compile time: Nov 4 2011 15:46:25

    File version: 1.34.0

    GL Vendor: NVIDIA Corporation

    Renderer: GeForce 315/PCI/SSE2

    Access violation: Illegal read by 008C22D7 at 50B51000

    OS-Version: 6.1.7601 (Service Pack 1) 0x300-0x1

    [008C22D7] (ww2): : luaopen_zmq

    [0051D6D1] (ww2): :

    [0088A40E] (ww2): :

    [0088C2BC] (ww2): :

    [0088C4E8] (ww2): :

    [008834C4] (ww2): :

    [0088C5BA] (ww2): :

    [004B6DF9] (ww2): :

  3. lifted hurri1 with all others at folkstone and formed with 8-man flight mostly consisting of 56thFG pilots led by hammered

    patrolled area around canterbury climbing and was re-vectored east of folkstone to intercept

    initial 109 contacts were lone and con-altitutde - my 6 was called on 2 occasions as 09's attempt to close but they break-away as they are outnumbered

    radio call of main formation comprising he111's heading west over the water and i close to engage to see approx 12 enemy aircraft

    an earyl kill of the day is achieved as i spy a 110 at my 12 and slightly below - i get good hits on right engine and 110 is flamed

    maintaining altitude above the gaggle i attempt bounces on more 09's and 110's

    much later me and tigger spy 3 109's at 10,000ft over sandwich and i take engine hits and am forced to disengage


    1 kill - 110

    5 dmgs - 3 109's and 2 110's

  4. Hi All.

    I'm trying to get the game to work on my work DELL laptop:

    Windows XP Professional

    Dell Latitute E5400

    Intel Core 2 Duo CPU T7250 @ 2 GHz

    2GB RAM

    Display: Mobile Intel ® 4 Series Express Chipset Family (driver: igxprd32.dll version: 6.14.0010.4980)

    The game hangs on the 'Battleground Europe' startup screen when it gets to 'loading game loop'

    I know I have sucky a graphics situation on this laptop but any way that you can think of to possibly make this game run is much appreciated. Thanks in advance for any help.

  5. I have come back to the game after a while being away and found I have to download 549MB - it wouldn't be so bad if the download speed was a bit quicker but it taking me almost a minute to do 1MB.

    What do i do?

    Why such a big update for 1.31?

    It's not so much of a patch as downloading the whole damn client all over again.

    Is anyone else getting very slow download speeds?



  6. ok i updated to newer driver and selected the driver itself instead of 'primary' - the game now seems to work sounds all fine - no BOS

    i remember that the sound setting was 2d and 3d before (not mono & stereo) - perhaps that setting didn't play any part in solving the sound issue after all

    i've only player a couple of mission with this latest config so if i get any more problems i'll revert

  7. hi all

    i have reinstalled wwiionline because i had to do a system restore

    i used to have this game running perfectly before - but i have run into an old issue with my RealTekHD audio soundcard and drivers. Basically I can't play for 5 minutes without getting a Blue Screen of Death.

    I remember that I got the game to work previously by setting sounds to 'mono' - the default is 'stereo' i assume.

    However, I cannot find a mono/stero setting anywhere within the game settings. Is this something they have taken out? Did it ever exist? My memory is foggy.

    I firmly remember having absolutely no problems when turning all sound off - but that's no way to play this great game.

    driver name is: RtkHDAud.sys

    version: 5.10.0000.5257

    date: 16/05/2006

    Thankyou in advance to anyone who can help.

  8. i had constant small stutters yesterday - regardless whether i was on ground or deck

    i opened task manager and set the ww_86.exe process to priority 'above normal' (while the game was still running) and i saw an immediate and dramatic improvement

    try it

    however, rebel357 tried exactly the same thing and he CTD'd after a short time - so this fix won't work for everyone