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  1. wow day 0 player? he played the game in his head before the game existed just wow
  2. i am also joking about the mustang as i realise this would be like a tier 4 plane some nice heavy bombers would be good for rdp tho
  3. Steam Greenlighting must be a priority. apart from that I want my mustang with six fifties and silver paint job
  4. is the information here actually correct? because I may have actually convinced my friend to sign-up but he need clarity on what he will be able to spawn we suspect is rank 4 is reachable - then all rank 4 equipment should be spawnable by the starter player but we need that confirmed
  5. is free to play only for 2 weeks? im trying to get my friends into the game but I seem to remember that they can only have a F2P for 2 weeks is that right?
  6. yeah im asking about the normal F2P my friends have major account issues because they use the same accounts for previous free trials and now cant use the same one - even for normal F2P or the 2 week unlock
  7. Hi. Vet here. Can anyone pass me allied TS details? doenst seem to work anymore
  8. this is pretty much a gay bug i used to get it but not anymore (didn't know why) - seems like everyone else does now though fixy mcfix plz
  9. yes this bug is ghey the only way i know how to fix is to restart the game which is even more ghey
  10. today i did a sortie in a bedford and every time i switched to 2nd gear i started to black out it was also raining and the truck was moving in a jolting fashion like u sometimes get after you;ve been over a berm of two other than that i was on the flat in the countryside thats all i can remember
  11. thanks for your detailed in-depth bug report which you have posted in exactly the right place