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  1. Hoorah! Hopefully when the FG42 comes in to play the Allies get bumped SMG units to account for the lopsided Kill Advantage of the FG42!!
  2. Tier 2 is a joke. Axis get Tiger, 3G and 4G and the Allies get the Sherman. Axis get the Pak40 and Allies don't get the 17 lber or M5. CRS has screwed the pooch on all Tiers. 3H and Pak38 dont belong on Tier 0 yet they are there. BS. The victory tax on the Allied winning streak is ridiculous at this point. Let's see if CRS modifies things based on Axis winning a few maps in a row. Personally I think the Victory Tax approach is BS. Find the equal balance and let numbers dictate the results of the map. Quit screwing with the equipment by Tiers.
  3. When does Campaign #172 Start?
  4. CRS, please hurry up with the start of Campaign #172. Cheers!
  5. You were right.. The server just went down apparently. Camp 171 rages on for now Thx and
  6. Server down, is it a reset for intermission?
  7. The Axis got Equipment Advantages because they whined because they lost a few maps. 3H and Pak 38 in Tier 0 for Axis was not right. Now Axis get 4G, 3G and TIGER and Allies Have Sherman. That is a joke. Allies should have Tank Destroyer and Sherm 76. Now axis get Pak 40 and Allies don't get the 17 lber or the M5. Another joke.
  8. Both times I tried to enter orders as mission leader today the game crashed to desktop when I hit enter.
  9. Matamor wanted me to ask
  10. When choosing a country, I get, "YOur hourly Subscription has expired" and the game crashes to desktop. Any solutions?
  11. I've had this happen to me as well. It is rare, but I bet it's happened a half dozen times or so over the past few months. I don't know what causes it but if I lay down the issue self corrects (only corrects if I lay down).
  12. FG42 and BAR should not be considered LMGs for this purpose. Having said that, neither was known to be very accurate and both had high recoil. The in-game modeling of FG42 needs an audit on cone of fire, recoil and flash. It is far too accurate - especially from a running/moving perspective. It should be only as accurate as the BAR at best.
  13. HALLELUJAH!! Glory be, what a great change! This has been my top complaint for years. Next on the list for the LMG audit should be the recoil issue. The BREN was actually designed to be mobile (but forget that point for now), and was known and proven as the most accurate LMG in WWII by far. In suppression situations soldiers considered it TOO accurate - many accounts. The axis LMG34 was NOT nearly as accurate in real life. In the demo video, you can see the LMG34 is far more accurate than the Bren and French LMG, and has little to no recoil. I would recommend accuracy (cone of fire adjustments) and recoil adjustments to all three making the LMG34 less accurate and the Bren more accurate.
  14. Just got killed upon spawn in new AB Barracks. Do the new barracks suck that bad or was it just a hacker?
  15. New Truck sounds don't even rate a D-! They are a flat Failing grade. The opel sounds like a cross between a motorboat engine and a distant plane engine. There are actual Opel sounds on Youtube and the internet. They are not hard to find. They sound NOTHING like the game sounds. Not even REMOTELY close.