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  1. Agree with Mos for the first time. Cutting supply numbers is a joke. Less supply equals less players. Getting rid of grease gun = less allied players. You heard it here first. Guaranteed.
  2. Bring back the spawn delay. It makes sense for the overpop side, along with the gameplay disadvantages. SD has never kept any material number of players from playing.
  3. A Friday start would be nice to kick off the weekend!
  4. Bring back the Spawn Delay. Very VERY few don't play when there is a spawn delay.
  5. Whats up with the low infantry supply numbers per brigade?
  6. 2004 - 53rd Shadow Falcons
  7. No, I said it crystal clear (the 2nd time). Based on populations playing this map, supply is too limited. Yes, e.g., SMGs are too few by a long shot. On another note, allied side doesn't have an LMG worth spawning so the LMG's are usually the last troops spawned on the allied side. I would buy into allies having the option to take all SMG's instead of any LMGs. Since CRS won't fix the German LMG, we might as well have the option and exercise it.
  8. Agree with all the points about supply needing to be limited. That was not the point. I don't think I made the point clear. I think CRS missed the mark this map. Based on populations playing, the supply is too limited this map. I am hearing this from the player base when I am on. I agree with them.
  9. Stop Killing me
  10. Is this low supply set up. What a truly stupid set up by the rats. This game is about 0.0 fun when you have no supply to fight with.
  11. Thanks for posting. Great Video!
  12. Agree, I'm a fan of 1 day intermissions when the map ends on a Thursday or Friday. Weekend map starts are the BEST!
  13. Good work.. Just logged on and it's a fun setup - something different for sure
  14. A big to the Allied Forces. Congratulations on winning one of the strangest maps I have seen since I started playing this game.
  15. Agreed! Hopefully a few stay allied and keep the next map balanced with respect to population.