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  1. Lotta old names in here
  2. logged in, and immediately received 10057 connection to host lost.. servers down?
  3. Seems as if the server connection is not accepting my button clicks. Click the button, and wait.. and wait.. and then crash. Is this an issue on my end? or the server end?
  4. at 0750 CST 10057 error, cant log in 'auth server' issues I suppose
  5. [Fri Jan 02 05:13:59 1970] Netcode2: Opening [Fri Jan 02 05:13:59 1970] Netcode2: Opened [Fri Jan 02 05:14:03 1970] Netcode2: Established Date and time: 4/14/2011 18:48:38 Program compile time: Apr 13 2011 13:28:25 File version: 1, 33, 3, 255 GL Vendor: NVIDIA Corporation Renderer: GeForce 9800 GTX+/PCI/SSE2 Access violation: Illegal read by 00552E2E at C18CFC87 OS-Version: 5.1.2600 (Service Pack 3) 0x300-0x1 [00552E2E] (ww2): :
  6. For random things I don't know...
  7. If we didn't have AWS I'd do it since we do I won't
  8. If you are looking for a squad that does more than fly around and shoot planes, or more than jump into towns and cap depots then you're in the right spot. 6. Stormo was created as a combined operations squad! We have many people from many walks of life that all come together and WORK TOGETHER in an integrated environment to do everything from shoot down bombers, to spot tanks for our bomber pilots as well as bombard towns from Destroyers. We do it all and we do it well. We are willing to train, but we are looking for players that are experts in a certain field - any field. If you are intersted in joining PM me or Madrebel or Glacier in game, look forward to working with you! Or visit our website: Requirements: Teamspeak 3 + mic Joystick Must be 18+ Squad night: Friday nights 6pm PST -> 10pm PST We are usually on most nights.
  9. Bringing this back up purely as a hypothetical. If anyone is interested in joining and trying to do this properly pm me.
  10. Come be a part of the new RDP/CAS squad!
  11. S! All! Open recruitment has begun for Kg53 "Beastie Boys" a new RDP/111 squad that has started a movement never seen in Battleground Europe. Not only will you have the ability to affect EVERY PLAYER in the game by your bombing efforts, you will do it alongside big name squads all working together towards one common goal! As a member of KGBB you will be given 1 on 1 instruction to fly 111's solo, and put warheads on forheads. You will train alongside other Luftwaffe squads, honing your skills to bring pain and suffering the allies! KGBB was the first RDP squad ever created, and died out as the members eventually went on to other squads. But a need for it has arisen, and you will be able to re-create one of the most known and feared squads in the game. Squad night is Sunday night @ 1400 EST, through the evening. And Tuesday night starting @ 1800 EST, for training, and then squad ops. So join us, and you can do many different things, and get 1 on 1 training in each of them! -Low level bombing: -High Level RDP Bombing -Special Missions Looking forward to working with you and if you are interested please pm me here on the forums, or stop by our forums, and say hello! S!
  12. I want to join FFG
  13. but we always include your waypoint in every mission we post... it lets you know where you are supposed to pull the plug you'll know it by the "Flotte 6 pull plug here" label
  14. Wanna fly fighters with the best? Wanna be trained by the best? Wanna fly bombers with the best? keepin yo pimp hand strong! Squad night tonight at 9PM EST and 6 PM PST. Pm Madrebel, thefalen, or blazted in game or on the forums for more information! Look foreward to seeing you there.