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  1. sounds like communist Russia rules the forum. Freedom of speech is an important American right. This institution needs to show its nationalism since it is an American Corporation. America First
  2. none of these recommdations did not work and the problem continues. why pay for broken software?
  3. I try to go to settings in the root directory of the game befoire signing in and each time I receive the following messages. The code execution cannot proceed because 1. MFCu140.dll was not found 2. MSCCP140.dll was not found 3. VCRUNTIME140.dll was not found Re-installing the game does not work to fix the problem. I game then after a short time I am forced despawn and it states my internet connection is the proble. bull[censored]. BOWER
  4. I downloaded the current PC software. The load runs and when it comes to settings, it fails and provides a message x 3. Code execution cannot proceed because "MFC140.dll" , VCRUNTOME140.DLL, and MSVCP140.DLL are missing. The screen cannot be expanded to full screen. It remains in a small window and cannot be controlled by the mouse to expand to full screen. I cannot maximize the screen for my gaming pleasure. WHY?
  5. The last three days, excessive CTD. Had time warner look at path and the stated the server was drooping me. Is this intentional at CRS? Have business class Internet and great serve worldwide, but the ww2ol server keeps dropping me when I game.
  6. I thank you for your thinking out of the CRS Box and discussing this issue.