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  1. your doing better than me, my plagate exe. disappeared
  2. updated fix on windows 10 and using the target software Run regedit and navigate to....... HKEYLOCALMACHINE/SYSTEM/CurrentControlSet/Enum/USB/ VID_044F&PIDB10A ( VID_044F&PIDB10A is the device id for the thrustmaster T.1600m other thrustmaster joysticks will have a different device id ) click on Device Parameters and look for AllowIdleIrpInD3 , DeviceSelectiveSuspended , and EnhancedPowerManagementEnabled and set the values to 0 restart and your done! .... well almost, you may have to set the hat switch to directx outputs in the target profile for the game (depending on how you set up your stick) now everytime you run a profile in the Target GUI software you will see in the game controller settings that the T.1600 name changes to "Thrustmaster Combined "(like it did originally) BUT it will not put the joystick to sleep and all should work fine..... well it dose for me EDIT for developers.....for some reason I only have to apply this fix because I'm running wwiiol the joystick works fine with the target software in all my other games without it.
  3. Are you guys configuring the stick with the "Target GUI" profiles running, if so that is probably the issue. the software uses a "virtual joystick" If you go-to `devices and printers` and click on game controller settings you' see the joystick is called T.16000m as soon as you run a profile in the Target GUI software, you'll see the name of the joystick change to "Thrust-master Combined" And for some reson the the joystick wont work in battleground Europe. (actually that's not completely true any buttons you've programmed to specific keys in the GUI software will work, but the axis's wont.) there is a workaround though for windows 10 if you go back and look in Devices and printers when you have a profile running in the TARGET GUI software (incidentally you'll notice there's now an extra hid-compliant game controller along with the one called T.16000M) if you click on the T.16000m and instead of selecting game controller settings click Troubleshoot it will come up with a box saying "enable device" click on APPLY THIS FIX and it should enable the hid controller for the T.16000m In game controllers you should now see two joysticks one called Trustmaster combined and the other called T.16000m and all should be right with the game. and you can program keys and axis in game and in the target gui softwere. (unfortunately you'll have to repeat the Process every-time you decide to run a profile in the Target GUI software because the fix doesn't stick)
  4. It Could just roll round irrespective of campaign, so if one campaign ends on the 3rd day of tier 2 that's were the new campaign starts. and after it's done the top tier it resets to tier 0
  5. It could also enhance the roleplaying aspect of the game if done correctly, as it could enable individual squads to identify with specific brigade identities without being limited to where they spawn.
  6. There is a lot of equipment that just doesn't get used on the allied side, especially when the US comes in and brit and French numbers are vastly reduced. because the supply in a town is linked to the county that the brigade/division is from (or as planed in the future HC will decide whether the town is Brit French or US) and so for example, brit brigades can often see very little action and things like the brit 17 pounder or the Churchill become marginalised/unused shortly after their introduction unless you wish to drive from 10 towns back. I remember about 3 campaigns back the allied were in a position that axis where in England, but the brits were not. and towards the end of this map the brits were in England but the fighting was in France. and while This currently doesn't effect the axis side, it will do when the Italians come in. if you prefer playing a particular persona it almost becomes impossible. If however Town supply was NOT set to nationality, but instead just to class of equipment and left to the individual to decide which persona he wished to spawn in Town be it brit/French/US or in the near future Italian/German so whether they spawned a brit with a Sten or a American with grease gun Town supply would decrease by one in that category. that way people could always play the persona they wished with the equipment they prefer instead of it being dependant on the arbitrary choices that the High command make on were which nationality is placed or what town is attacked/defended.
  7. It was much better yesterday than it is today...I'm getting a lot slower load times again, the posting and search are working good now though. Edit: actually the search loads nice and quickly, if you can get the forums to load like the search results....then victory will be yours!
  8. that might just be a USB power issue, try if you can, to see if the throttle is on a different USB motherboard header than anything ells so its not sharing the power, after that, I'm out of ideas for you to try except for the obvious one of contacting saitek? its a new product it could be a driver/software/hardware issue with their product.
  9. which version of windows are you using? first check to make sure the software/drivers are correct for the version of windows your using (i'm sure they are, but check anyway) then, check its in usb2 slots some composite devices don't work well in usb3 slots. also check that the usb slots are actually working. some of them may be switched off in your bios because the resources are being used for somthing else then you might need to go into the software you downloaded for your joystick and re-calibrate the joystick there. to calibrate your axis you need to open the mad cats Hud application then click (settings) select your joystick then click (calibrate axis) If that works go to (devices and printers) find your joystick and select (game controller settings) and a popup named "Game controllers" should come up . with two butons (advanced) and (properties) on it click on (advanced) and make your joystick the preferred device, then click on (properties) and select the Test tab if you can see the joystick buttons then it should be recognizing your joystick. you can check that for the throttle too, but you don't make it the preferred device, well unless you actually want to for some reason.
  10. Three suggestions first, downloadable/selectable default keymaps for common joysticks/Rudder pedals etc. second, get the game optimised for nvidia shadowplay. third start using somthing other than TS3 for coms, I'ts nice to use somthing familiar, but ts3 overlay has compatibility issues. While non of these things enhance gameplay in themselves and at first glance may be a waist of resources. They would make life simpler for users, it's nice when things just work smoothly together, and that should help with member retention which in the long run would mean more mula rolling in.
  11. well, it's easy to believe given all the lag, but honestly there's just two much of it, I honestly think you'll find that when the issue if minimised/fixed it will go away, and while I am not naïve enough to think people don't cheat. I think for the vast majority of incident's it's just poor code/lag/offset etc.
  12. who said it had to be random, it could just as easily be specific to location, service provider, path to server, equipment, drivers, or a myriad of other things any of which could make it seem like a select few to one group while other players or groups could have different specific lists. you could even be on one.
  13. yep, it's an odd thing to get used to, that lag in this game can give you an advantage, were in most fps games its a distinct disadvantage. its nobody's fault, but it can be as frustrating as dose seem to have become a lot worse of late, and if CRS can find out why and minimise it....the better this game will be.
  14. they are two different issues, offset is when you see people coming through the wall next to the door or visa versa, or have difficulty getting up the stairs etc, it can be fixed by rebooting. lag... is what it is, you just see people late or visa versa , sometimes very late. I once shot a guy and saw him run out the room and up the stairs before he died, mostly depends on were you from. you can always move to Texas. when somebody has both which can and is often be the case.. then...