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  1. that's all well and good, you try playing my timezone.......these days you can easily spend half the day waiting for somebody from any squad to log onto discord!
  2. What air? I've only seen about 3 aircraft all map!!!
  3. you seem to think....the people who fly wouldn't like the most realistic flight model they can get are flat wrong.
  4. This
  5. Hi Kile That happens pretty naturally in the Tz I mostly play these days gone ore the days when I played in all the timezones and I rarely do weekends I usually finished playing around 3pm GMT due to family commitments most of the time I log in between 9-11 am GMT and just join the channel everybody else is on (if any) or wait for people to log on and join me...most if not all of the people who play at the time I play do the same thing...there just isn't enough of us to do anything else, latter in the day people may drift off to their own channels when population gets bigger but for the most part all the squads at my time of day (the ones on (discord) hang round together. that dosn't mean they dont have their own squad Identity/loyalty it's a matter of necessity there isn't the numbers for that luxury but In that time, and this is why i started the post I'll be plying Brit french american and its not dictated by what I want to play but were the battle is.. what services I'm in Isn't really dictated by choice. The first choice when logging in is AO or DO and that is to a large extent dictated by how over pop or under pop you are, then what brigades are actually usable at that AO/DO and then, how Much equipment they have in them.....If I had a choice Id be Playing Brit All the time but that just dosn't happen...for days at at a time...and It's not just me who has preferences others do to...Its not unusual to hear comments like oww f**** its only (insert county name) kit or theirs no (insert country name) . being able to consistently play the country of your choice while playing with friends is a pull...that IMHO is missed
  6. In WWIIOL the are many times that brigades from more than one country end up in the same town as is, In fact my last two kills on the sever was a German followed by an Italian in quick succession. there placement is more often than not based Just on supply rather than any historic operational reason. point of fact a few maps back..there were ONLY French brigades Defending the UK . you actually couldn't spawn in the British army on British soil lol. I do remember the OLD days though ...when the Brits were placed north and the french were based south and neither, there were actually people, quite a few, who would refuse to fight down south..or up north because they only wanted to play British or French. just ask some of the older players at times it was quite a problem. but it dose show there is a draw to persona role-playing For instance I'm sure If say the 250 squad and some other Spanish players would love to be able to play in a 250. Infanterie-Division But there would be little point if it was always in the rear with the gear. or some Overly anal retentive person decided it fought on the Russian and therefor it wasn't historical accurate and didn't get in at all. but what a draw if you could spawn in it anywere you were playing.. As for the equipment in generic brigades all you have to do is rank equipment there dosn't have to be an exact match take the LMG you lump the BAR in that section you lob the Churchill 7 in as a heavy tank same as the s76 . with it may take some tweaking but its not insurmountable issue
  7. I know how to use the ui...even though its chunky...thats not the point simply as i can put it....IF i decide I want to role play a campaign as a member of 3 commando.....currently I can't because it may not be active it could be sitting in A rear town, or not at an active AO I may not even be able to role play being in the british the same may apply sometimes the only option to fight is french or american because of brigade placement in the current system..IT misses that draw to the game were people could role play a particular persona.
  8. somthing else. let me give an example of currently: As a player you log and their is a battle in Andenne the axis have just 1 British brigade which turns out to be good because I like the British avatar and i spawn and start fighting but equipment is low, and the brigade is swapped out for a french one. so I have to change my persona to french to continue the battle. to me that's missing a trick.. its not letting an individual or a whole squad play/identify with a particular persona, and certainly not down to a brigade level. If however you flipped it on its head, And Instead of moving 3 commandos from one place to another, you simply moved an amount of equipment.. a generic brigade and let the player decide what persona he was going to spawn in, a squad could identify with particular brigade e.g the whole of lancers could always spawn in as 1.guards wherever they were fighting (if they wanted to) and become synonymous with that brigade
  9. Change the UI so the individual squad can be associated with a particular brigade! and not were they spawn in! make the town supply generic .... x amount of tier 0,1,2,3,4 stuff so squads can identify a specific unit other than have change from brit/french/american...Italian/German depending on where they spawn
  10. my top 3 1) The french M5 at gun tipping over when pushed, its by far far the worst to do this (its maddening enough when towed, takes very little to tip even a change in gradient will do it) but even when your moving it slowly, pushing it, it will tip for the slightest thing and there is absolutely no way to recover it period...touching a berm can do it and i dont mean a big one, even a medium sized gradient on a hill and it will tip it up. but whats so annoying about it is the brit 17lb that comes in at the same time simply dosn't have the issue to anywhere near the same extent. however when the Americans come in the 17lber becomes a rare as rocking horse dodo as the m5 is the loadout for the Americans and french....IMHO while the model is in so poor a state it should be removed and replaced with the brit 17lbr until its fixed. the frustration of towing a gun like you are carrying a box of eggs 10 miles and then have it tip over at the end is...!!!!! ****** 2) Ive noticed tanks (could be atgs too but i havent noticed it as much) are firing offset again (i thought this had been fixed) left or right of where the tank actually is. which isn't to bad when in the open and you can see the shell rounds aren't coming from where the tank is ..but is deadly when the tank is obscured by terrain 3) offset...UP and down the left and right offset was bad....but from time to time the up and down offset is ridiculous iv'e seen people lie down in a cp and completely disappear
  11. your doing better than me, my plagate exe. disappeared
  12. updated fix on windows 10 and using the target software Run regedit and navigate to....... HKEYLOCALMACHINE/SYSTEM/CurrentControlSet/Enum/USB/ VID_044F&PIDB10A ( VID_044F&PIDB10A is the device id for the thrustmaster T.1600m other thrustmaster joysticks will have a different device id ) click on Device Parameters and look for AllowIdleIrpInD3 , DeviceSelectiveSuspended , and EnhancedPowerManagementEnabled and set the values to 0 restart and your done! .... well almost, you may have to set the hat switch to directx outputs in the target profile for the game (depending on how you set up your stick) now everytime you run a profile in the Target GUI software you will see in the game controller settings that the T.1600 name changes to "Thrustmaster Combined "(like it did originally) BUT it will not put the joystick to sleep and all should work fine..... well it dose for me EDIT for developers.....for some reason I only have to apply this fix because I'm running wwiiol the joystick works fine with the target software in all my other games without it.
  13. Are you guys configuring the stick with the "Target GUI" profiles running, if so that is probably the issue. the software uses a "virtual joystick" If you go-to `devices and printers` and click on game controller settings you' see the joystick is called T.16000m as soon as you run a profile in the Target GUI software, you'll see the name of the joystick change to "Thrust-master Combined" And for some reson the the joystick wont work in battleground Europe. (actually that's not completely true any buttons you've programmed to specific keys in the GUI software will work, but the axis's wont.) there is a workaround though for windows 10 if you go back and look in Devices and printers when you have a profile running in the TARGET GUI software (incidentally you'll notice there's now an extra hid-compliant game controller along with the one called T.16000M) if you click on the T.16000m and instead of selecting game controller settings click Troubleshoot it will come up with a box saying "enable device" click on APPLY THIS FIX and it should enable the hid controller for the T.16000m In game controllers you should now see two joysticks one called Trustmaster combined and the other called T.16000m and all should be right with the game. and you can program keys and axis in game and in the target gui softwere. (unfortunately you'll have to repeat the Process every-time you decide to run a profile in the Target GUI software because the fix doesn't stick)
  14. It Could just roll round irrespective of campaign, so if one campaign ends on the 3rd day of tier 2 that's were the new campaign starts. and after it's done the top tier it resets to tier 0
  15. It could also enhance the roleplaying aspect of the game if done correctly, as it could enable individual squads to identify with specific brigade identities without being limited to where they spawn.