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  1. Tickets submitted for themouse thecat thedog
  2. about a [censored] apology for doing it in the first place...I might not have noticed it if the system wasn't that [censored]ed wouldn't let me log in to the dog account.....and decided to check my account. as for your support ticket not the only one it hasn't worked for this
  3. Ya billing system over charges me your support system is broken...and I can't even use the service I've been overcharged for and you give snarky reply's No, It solves the issue fine for me... and saves me money
  4. you took the money out for Thedog builder account twice this month, getting account inactive cant log into the game, and wont let me create a ticket......have unsubscribed account!
  5. can somebody FIX "Thecat" it's saying inactive
  6. ..wile were at it, I nominate gore for the "David Moyes" award for allied HC excellence.
  7. whats next? Are the Americans going to start handing out the "Robert Ross" or "Charles Cornwallis" Awards?
  8. What...??? the "William Wallace" taking the [censored]!!!!
  9. Sometimes I do that whilst singing "hay noob don't take that tank to town"
  10. This thread Delivers!
  11. havent seen one since last week myself, population in low pop seems to have swung totally in the other direction....lots of axis names on the allied side though and a quite a few more allied players.... capped one town this morning and i think only one axis guy responded might 2 or 3 right at the end they did have double ews at a town to the south but it had no ao on it... anyhows....I never said they were organised
  12. that's when brigade placement may come into play more....