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  1. Fix Every front line town has supply similar to Hq supply so limited if a side has no Hc on and lose a town they can then hold an fb All current flag systems could then be kept. Why It would stop break throughs with no Hc on
  2. Lots of new players in our ranks want to learn fast from vets join us !
  3. Lancers squad night 7 pm Gmt 1 pm Cdt Friday we have multiple xos covering all 3 time zones and are active on Discord
  4. Its great to see you guys back
  5. Have you put a ticket in Tribal ? im sure the rats will look in to it
  6. Steam release soon we have lots of vets and trainers in the squad ready to help new players
  7. Great news
  8. Great pic !
  9. Thank you to all the Gm's that donate their time freely and help the game I can imagine sometimes it must feel like a thankless task
  10. Sounds like you have a strong team Xoom its great seeing the game have a strong future !
  11. Its quite an achievement its down to the fantastic ww2online communtity on both sides and XOOM and the rats that keep this game growing in strength
  12. Great to have you back Allitt the 101st are one of the best com and team playing squads in game
  13. New forums are on the ww2 main site we dont use the old site anymore feel free to join us on Discord
  14. All the stats for the last map I wrote down and put up on our forums in every category for the highest finishing lancer players ask your squad CO he may do the same
  15. It's a really excellent idea Capco it would save time and make joining missions for new players so much easier