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  1. Great job Spider
  2. Congratulations everybody
  3. Congrats
  4. Going to miss you guys I am sure our paths will cross during the next map
  5. Well done Kenq one of the Lancers finest
  6. Congrats guys
  7. Good time to join the Lancers we have a new CO Crashzzz and some good new members that have join the ranks recently drop on Discord or grab a Lancer in game to recruit you
  8. Well done guys
  9. Fix Every front line town has supply similar to Hq supply so limited if a side has no Hc on and lose a town they can then hold an fb All current flag systems could then be kept. Why It would stop break throughs with no Hc on
  10. Lots of new players in our ranks want to learn fast from vets join us !
  11. Congratulations Merlin
  12. Well done mate
  13. Congratulations Mate
  14. Lancers squad night 7 pm Gmt 1 pm Cdt Friday we have multiple xos covering all 3 time zones and are active on Discord