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  1. Its quite an achievement its down to the fantastic ww2online communtity on both sides and XOOM and the rats that keep this game growing in strength
  2. Great to have you back Allitt the 101st are one of the best com and team playing squads in game
  3. New forums are on the ww2 main site we dont use the old site anymore feel free to join us on Discord
  4. All the stats for the last map I wrote down and put up on our forums in every category for the highest finishing lancer players ask your squad CO he may do the same
  5. It's a really excellent idea Capco it would save time and make joining missions for new players so much easier
  6. Congratulations mate nice achievement
  7. It's great to see returning players ! We all need to get the names we remember back in game ! Message them guys
  8. A3ist your a top guy really happy you feel your topic got the proper response mate
  9. I spent 2 years in a big black hole called WOW they have huge recources to support the game when you comare it to ww2 there's no comparison in funding for me but this game still lives ! for me that's down to the hard core players and the rats I've not seen any games that have such a loyal player Base
  10. A lot of the main squads are merged I know lancers where a coming together of a few squads and then Keysie joined with her squad so its a combination of quite a few squads in total I would always be happy to chat with any smaller Allied squad CO
  11. Look forward to the day we see them back have some fantastic memories packing those old bunkers just as a town was about to fall you'd have about 20 guys in there ....great fun !
  12. Ty bb I appreciate it mate
  13. Could lancers please have a air wing channel under the main channel ready for the stream release ..thank you
  14. I love this idea I would also like to see planes that can transport Opel's/Morris/laffy it would open up England more for the axis and make factory defenses more vital
  15. Congratulation mate