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  1. Keep pushing forward, go man go!
  2. You could add bayonets which would be great save the rifle sticking out of the wall thing. But with respect to tanks, this. . . . The one satchel for rifles works great IMO, likewise the ammo can. I wouldn't give the average rifleman anything they "didn't already have". Only increases in "realism" would improve things. Terrain is one. Being able to pick up dead guys' weapons would be another.
  3. I miss shooting out the tires
  4. I agree. My brothers and I were planning on some heavy playing tonight . . . .now, not so much Break out the cribbage board wanchope
  5. so if i'm on an even numbered weapon, it will cycle even numbered weapons Rifle is 1, grenade is 2. . . .
  6. . . . .used to work, now it skips next weapon / does only odd or even numbers
  7. i only use it for infantry because thats all i do except opels. Worked fine before I unwittingly reset when I installed CH Control Manager. Had to redo Meymapper, now it doesn't work
  8. Still skips weapons with new mouse
  9. I think it was set on that and then I changed it to 1. Still didn't work. Switched it back. Could be busted and I'm getting a new one, but it worked before I messed with installing CH Control Manager and using that to do footpedals
  10. morning has broken. . . .
  11. Year 1 player here. Got in early to ensure getting my old Airwarrior handle, but didn't start playing until October because I had to bring my rig up to spec. Been a lonewolf until both my brothers got accounts, now we're our own squad (Volkssturm Geheimwaffe 13) with a couple of college buddies. I think there might be a blip where I logged in as a beddy once for 10 seconds, but I've never played allied, not even intermission.
  12. HI folks: I can't seem to find a keymapper guide that tells you which buttons to hold for invert axis, how to set vehicle throttles, preset maps for certain joysticks etc. I've had infantry and opel set forever, but need to map other stuff like atgs Where's the FAQ? WWIIOL wiki doesn't seem to have it thanks
  13. thanks . . . . . . . .and if I have to hold a button while setting truck throttle on foot pedals so it gradually increases as you put foot down etc? And to program joystick for halftrack? I have infantry progammed to joystick . ..and opel... but I cant seem to get halftrack throttle etc. . thanks again
  14. nopey - "I don't like teamspeak-- can't hear the battle sounds around me. "
  15. I'm for smaller squads too. It would help with chat immensely as one can no longer type handles into chat bar
  16. Not getting any audio at all when i log in. Been running through it with Help Chnl in game. Uninstalled and reinstalled. With Directx....Rebooted. Set to Primary Sound Driver. But WWIIOL doesn't show up in Audio Tab Mixer on desktop. Did it ever? Help please
  17. this seemed to work for me. Didn't look like it was doing much, but audio is now on.
  18. Are we there yet?
  19. Likewise...wanchope too.
  20. Howdy all. Yes, I realize there's a sticky on joysticks, but my problem doesn't seem to be covered by that. So I'm running Windows 7 Home Premium 64bit and whenever my computer "awakes" from sleep mode and I go into the game, ,the joystick/rudder pedals don't work. If I restart the computer and log in, then they're fine. I've got a CH Fighterstick USB and CH Pro Pedals Suggestions? thanks very much
  21. Sounds like it's a sleep mode/usb thing. Thanks for the input folks. I'll do some more searching and post anything I come up with.
  22. Uhhh...why? Please fix immediately. I'd like to play now thank you
  23. Ran the MemTest and almost immediately started getting errors out the yin-yang. Did the test on sticks one at a time and isolated a stick (or slot?). Pulled that stick and ran the MemTest with single 2GB sticks in (XP maxes it out at 3GB anyways) and ran two MemTests side-by-side with both and they went to 100%. So the others checked out individually and together. Sound good? I might try switching one stick to the slot that had the bad stick, but I have the feeling it's a bad stick. Thoughts? Thanks to all esp. MM, I'm sure your kindness will not go unpunished.
  24. thank you MM