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  1. I tried downloading directx 9c & it did not fix the problem. Still no sound.
  2. Updating drivers didn't work. Nothing offered for advice in this thread seems to have worked. I really don't want to quit playing the game after nearly 13 years...please tell me this isn't the endgame. I may be in the minority of those for whom this patch has ruined the game, but it's a huge disappointment to have to quit after all these years
  3. ditto - in case anyone is keeping track of how many people are reporting this problem...
  4. Great, thanks. I thought it might have been something like that as I did get a pop-up message from my anti-virus software (that I just had to reinstall in between the last time I played & the new patch) that I thought I had addressed, but there could be something I missed or didn't do. Windows had also reported that an automated security update had been implemented (the kind that it reports required an automatic system restart), also in between the last time I played & the new patch. So it appears that the order of events & the launch failure are just a coincidence that this happened just after the new patch was installed & not something specificly tied to the game itself...
  5. Just downloaded the new patch & then when trying to log in to the game, I'll get the "Connecting to Network" bar but then an error message box comes up that says "Network initialization failed/no network available". Any ideas how to fix this?
  6. cool, thanks for the input - PSU & BIOS were not things explored for possible issues...
  7. Tossing this out here for any input... On the day of the 1.31 release after I had installed it, I had been playing for about an hour or two when my computer completely froze. Not talking a CTHL or even a CTD, but a straight-up hardcore freeze-up. When shutting the power off & back on, the black boot-up screens where visually distorted, the first screen (w/ "DELL" on the screen) was filled w/ a bunch of dots in various uniform patterns & the subsequent screens contained a bunch of $$ dollar signs dispersed w/in the existing text on the screen, & finally, got the BSOD, & got it from that point on when trying to boot up. During the following several weeks spending several combined hours on the phone w/ the worthless Dell tech support jackoffs in India who I guess were trying to resolve the problems, but failed. They ultimately said I should just reinstall Windows & wanted to transfer me to some pay-for-service department to "walk me through" that process. I already paid for their annual tech support service option (buyer beware: They suck. Bad.) & wasn’t going to pay still more, so I tried to reinstall Windows on my own. When I tried however, the BSOD came up again (different error messages, but still another BSOD). I haven't gone back to the Dell tech support yet simply because I haven't had that kind of consecutive time that I know will be required to get back on the phone w/ them again, nor the patience that I know is going to be short especially considering the possibility of needing to go ape-shiit on them if they try to push to charge me more $$ for services I already paid for. In the meantime I wanted to bounce this issue off these forums as well. Could 1.31 have caused my computer to totally crash out like this? If so, any ideas for resolution? I’ve already tried a bunch of procedures & tests w/ Dell to no avail, including all the obvious ones such as a system restore to an earlier date, making sure the fans all work & are clear of dust, the F12, F8 options trying to boot from CD, trying to restore back to factory defaults, etc. etc. This sucks. I've been WWIOL-less for over a month now & I really miss killing all you guys (& gals)... : ) iSalud!
  8. Okay so then what's the explanation for when the game world server goes CTHL, yet the chat server is still just fine allowing you to continue to communicate on all channels to anyone & everyone? That is 99% of my specific CTHLs...albeit I am pleased how infrequently it does happen now-a-days. (Yeah, now watch, I probably just jinxed myself w/ this post)
  9. Ditto --- Over the past week I've gotten a half dozen or so CTHLs, & they've all been those where the game server crashes but the chat server still functions perfectly, i.e. the same kind that have come up repeatedly in the past. So what's up, what's causing these to resurface again? I had gone several months w/out any until about a month ago & they've slowly risen in frequency since then. Not a good sign -- & just in time for a new patch, woohoo! There seems to be a pattern that has emerged: These CTHLs don't get fixed, but rather seem to just go into a hibernation, only to awaken every 1 or 2 major patches or so, beginning somewhere in the early 1.20s patches. I'm pretty sure that the Free Trial new guy who I was helping last night & was following me right into the heat of some heavy action really appreciated my subsequent CTHL disappearing crap-out & then having my Ghostly Remains tell him that he's on his own..... Not a very good marketing ploy if you ask me, but what do I know? Conclusion: All gameworld bugs combined are still less frustrating than any CTHL that derive from the game itself. Pls destroy this CTHL-pops-up-every-other-patch-or-so pattern once & for all...
  10. It's not so much for me since I was able to figure it out, but rather to publicly post the info to potentially help others that might encounter the issue, while simultaneously making some suggestions for site improvements; a consolidation of sorts w/ multiple informational purposes to potentially benefit all...
  11. no idea where best to put this post... reasoning that it's "supported" by CRS staff, so putting it in the "...Support" forum... I encountered a few things updating my credit card billing info that I have some suggestions would really help to clarify some questions others might have... 1) Would be a good idea to sculpt the credit card # input box to provide the exact format that the system requires to accept updates. Currently it's a single text input box that allows at least 20 characters, but what it doesn't explicitly tell you is whether or not you need to input SPACES in between those numbers displayed on the card, or if you need to input dashes between the numbers or if you shouldn't put any spaces at all. I tried the 'put spaces' approach in between each of the groupings of 4 #s, but the system wouldn't accept it, saying it "failed to update" BUT didn't clarify WHY it failed. Couldn't figure out why & I tried removing the spaces leaving just a 16 digit-long number, which it accepted. At the very least, you could display a static formating example next to the box clarifying how the # needs to be input. Plus, this way you don't need to change the format & (presumably) could handle all card-type number formats, such as the oddball #s listed on American Express cards... 2) Next -- WTF is the "cvc"? Didn't know what it was & took a guess that it was that 3-digit # on the back of the card. The system didn't reject it, so have to assume that's what it is. Would be helpful to clarify this one too, also w/ a static text display next to the box. Ironic that I'm a banker & don't know what "cvc" actually stands for : ) Then again, I don't use credit cards & don't usually deal w/ the cvc w/ debit cards, so no, I'm really not a moron, I just work in Home Equity banking.
  12. Once again, "sucking" owns the day: I opened up & sucked out underneath the CPU fan that I noticed was probably somewhere around 60%-70% blocked w/ dust. I did this 2 days ago & have not had one single problem w/ that blue screen freeze-up since, or any other freeze/crash for that matter (had also started getting the other blue screen freeze/crash w/text & filedump). Before I went in there w/ the screwdriver though, I practiced on my gutted-out Frankenstein computer I use for just such tinkering practice since I only know enough to be idiotically dangerous... Thanks again for the suggestions.
  13. Okay, I'll try that, thanks. Ironically, about 1-2 weeks ago I had the fan on my power supply stop working for the 2nd time in about 6 months & so the computer was overheating & automatically shutting itself down. That issue wasn't putting it to a blue screen & freezing it up, but rather was just powering itself off (of course that issue was fixed by blowing through the power box to clear any dust build up). My computer is over 4 years old now & starting to show it's age. Of course I catch more flak from the wife than a Bofors whenever I mention the need for a new computer. Think it's time to put my foot down (--& just go get one behind her back ).
  14. Not sure. How can I check that? Temperature/environment has been the same though.