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  1. To answer your question, speedtrees do have colliders, currently the bushes do not. Future implementation of colliders inside bushes is a discussion our team will be having. There's some plus and minuses there.
  2. As far as game environment is concerned, all the new models we are creating have the future in mind. They contain all the attributes and named selections that are compatible with other engine's, PhysX, DirectX and SDK's. For example you can visually see higher quality textures in the new bunkers. Although with our current engine the filtering really takes away from them as close as 1 meter away, they do stand out nicely in our modeling suites. But inside each model are attributes that are compatible with a future upgrade. Whatever path we take that'll be a big discussion once we reach that point. I assure you we'll be ready to roll with whatever path is taken. I'm totally excited for the future of this game. -Ripper
  3. Thanks! We'll take care of that! The destroyed bldg texture issue. As far as the bunker are concerned. You'll be pleased to know they are coming back better than ever!