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  1. I don't - I design these and similar items: http://www.metacafe.com/watch/62248/guided_artillery_projectile/ for a small research group in wine country. Now, my previous career before Apple, I actually was an engineer designing breweries which were fabricated in Sonoma, but that's a whole 'nuther story.
  2. Don't hate me yet. San Jose real estate market going through melt-down. :-)
  3. Worked in Apple's PD group for seven years. Left July 1 after finishing the Iphone. Now, I'm an engineer up in Sonoma wine country. Once my house in SJ sells, I'll be a relaxed man. :-)
  4. (2x post)
  5. The problem isn't matching the exterior but tying the thermal management of an upgrade card into the internal airflow for cooling. You either: 1) leave an over-sized thermal management (better-gpu= more power)system in the enclosure and hope that your thermal contact between the slide-in gpu (sans heatsink) and the thermal management system doesn't leave your gpu temperature too high 2) allow the system to account for the on-card thermal management system (say goodbye to thin systems and hello to a much larger blower to overcome additional airflow impedance and competing flow directions). The current airflow is balanced for the finstacks/impedances that it is designed for. To try and account for all market-potential finstack impedances/designs on one conduit section requires at least one airflow sensor added (and calibrated) into each unit and increasing the blower height (bad for thin enclosure). TBH, it probably couldn't be done without 2 sensors (one for each leg of the conduit and good deal of smu code to interpret the output of the sesnsors) and still requires increasing the size and noise of the existing blower. 3) disconnect the gpu thermal management system off from the cpu thermal management system (currently joined by heatpipes and common finstack). Assuming that the customer doesn't make a mistake in thermally attaching the gpu card to the Apple-designed gpu thermal-management system and that none of the baffles are dislodged/damaged by sliding the thermal control system into/out of the conduit, you still have added in an impedance from the additional GPU only cooling finstack. The problem is compounded by the historically bad power-management code shipped by graphics companies especially with new products. The graphics companies get kudoes for performance so their code keeps the gpu spun up almost all the time (and often ignores system calls to reduce power). When the blower to cool the extra power is sitting 18" in front of your face, this may not be exactly what you want in a customer experience. Please note that this is a personal response and in no way an official statement by Apple, Inc., or its Product Design group.
  6. ATI card is best performer from internal testing on various games.
  7. Did you install playgate_206.bin from downloads.wwiionline.com? On the main page, click the button to take you to the downloads page. Then about midway down the left column is a link to a ftp site ftp://downloads.wwiionline.com where you can find it. I haven't ever seen that error myself so I am guessing a bit.
  8. There are rumors of upgraded bootcamp with better video drivers being tested at Apple.
  9. Perhaps I am not making myself clear. In what you are calling the "Game Loop" does that include the Physics Engine (which calculates all the motion/acceleration of objects in the game)? Wouldn't a physics engine update of 100 times per second versus 1 per second result in wildly different physical outcomes? An example: A bullet fired from a gun at time 0... 100 updates per second system - the bullet's velocity is recalculated at 10msec intervals so drag is applied correctly, steadily increasing deceleration. 1 update per second system - the bullet's speed is re-calculated after 1 full second during which the bullet moves at full muzzle velocity for the entire second. The system would then apply a huge amount of deceleration for the next second. The first bullet might have travelled 500m while the second one might have travelled 750m.
  10. So your Game Loop diagram would imply that the game's physics engine updates differently based on your FPS. Is this true?
  11. Tautu: Be careful with this. The ATI chips came in hot (i.e. burning more power than they should) which is why they were down-clocked until ATI got better control on power. The GPU also ignores calls to lower it's power-consumption when the CPU needs more power. Running with the gpu wide-open increases the chances that too much power (from both CPU and GPU) will go into the thermal solution, causing local dry-out of the heatpipe. The CPU has over-temperature protection so nothing too bad should happen to it; however, the GPU does not. If the dry-out occurs at the GPU, you could be looking at a dead-unit.
  12. Yeah, my first inclination was to respond with "azz-ugly shoes and a chick that's twitching the ol' dyke radar", but thought that it might be a lil' harsh and potentially actionable with HR at my company.
  13. Works fine for my Safari Version 2.0.3 (417.9.3). Shows some azz-ugly shoes.
  14. Voyager2 and Ivertti: Seriously, thank you guys for being customers and for being understanding when things don't come out exactly as desired in mass-production. The company usually does a good job of making it right for the customer when something unforeseen happens. Innovation and perfection have never played particularly well together. Voyager2, I'll trade you in-depth walk-throughs of the design for helicopter flying lessons. I do volunteer work for emergency response when I am in CA, and I have to admit, it's a huge rush to ride the ANG's Blackhawks to be dropped off to a remote spot in the mountains. We all race to respond to incidents in the Wilderness areas because "the early bird gets the worm" as it were. The latecomers usually have to hike or 4x4 to their (closer) assignments. ;-) Xgidds: I am not a bad guy, and in re-reading I regret some of the more direct statements towards you. However, you lashed out pretty hard at me and people I work with every day.