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  1. 2004. First and the on squad is Susipartio
  2. I gad the same card 6 month's ago. 1280 x 1020 Fps under 10! game was quite unplayable in towns. with 800 x 600 i got fps over 10!, but the resolution made the game unplayable. I bought a new card.
  3. I had the same card. Fps sucked. I bought geforce 6800 128 MB AGP. Was alot of cheaper than the other 6800. 175 euros in Finland. Now i have very payable fps all the time. In town 18-30 and out of town 30-55 fps.
  4. I had the same problem with allmost the same specs. Only i had fx5600. Fps was like 5 in town near trees. Well i spent 180 euros and bought geforce 6800. Now i have fps in town 18-30 and out of town 30-55. So only thing you can do is buy a new graphics card. I tried all the tricks before i bought mine.
  5. You don't. New graphics card costs about 300 euros. Don't know if this game is worth it, since i down't need it for anything else. I get 4-6 FPS in towns lookin the trees.