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  1. 61st Anti-Tank Regiment Royal Artillery The 61st Anti-Tank Regiment Royal Artillery saw combat in the WW II European and African Campaigns. General Montgomery praised the 61st on multiple occasions. The Regiment saw action in 1938 through 1940 until being evacuated to England. They participated in every major battle in the African Campaign. The 61st forced their way back into Europe on D Day with the 51st Highlanders Infantry Division. Three years later the Regiment had fought through to an Allied Victory in Europe. The 61st was highly decorated for their service and sacrifice in multiple actions throughout the entire war. The Honor of representing ourselves as this valorous Regiment must be upper most in our minds while online. This above all must be accepted and understood. Those brave men and women fought for freedom, their Country, their home counties and the protection of their loved ones. We shall accord ourselves properly and with respect. The 61st ATR RA is an “Allied Only” Regiment. The use of Team Speak is required. The 61st ATR RA will fight together as a Squad when possible. We shall be active in every way. Recruitment is imperative. Weekly Training and Squad nights will be coordinated and ongoing. Communication between Members will remain clear and open at all times. Respect for one another is required. Patience with one another is strongly encouraged. Working with one another is Team Building. Team Building breeds success. The success of our Squad is our Target. The enjoyment we derive from good Team Work is the Prize! Interested players can access our website at: Regards, Lt. Colonel StelGard Commander 61st ART RA
  2. We have established a website and a home for the 61st Anti-Tank Regiment. If you are interested in an Artillery Regiment you should consider the 61st ATR RA. The Regiment will work closely with AHC in all major attacks. We shall become one of the Primere and most devastating artillery units in the game. We shall be AHC's Hammer. I am calling all ATG, Heavy Artillery and AA gunners to our colors. The Regiment will also pride itself in Light Armored Reconnaissance and Combined Arms operation. We are in-game experienced in both Offensive and Defense maneuver. Our specific mission plans will change with every new battlefield situation we find ourselves. Speed of movement will be the key. Training and Squad nights will be weekly after start up. Does this sound like your kind of game? Check out our Saxon Hall Website and Register. We're Mustering now.
  3. Roger That sssnake. Good Luck and Good Hunting. Wear lots of armor! Salute! StelGard....Out!
  4. Salute to All! We've established and Registered a Domain Name and Portal Host for our New Website. Our Members have the Address. We're building the site and our Membership. For inquiries and website Registration please PM me for more details. Nothing yet from CRS. I've sent several emails and absolutely no response so far. No matter. We have AHC TS and our own website. What more do we really need? AHC could certainly use our help and as soon as CRS responds and approves the Squad's formation we'll be Officially into the Frey! Let's hope that will be soon. We have prospective members pounding on our doors. Regards, StelGard....Out.
  5. S! I've had great success using multiple AP (2 rounds) to the engine of Stug B's and III's then hitting them with HE and watching them burn. The AP damages the engine and fuel system and the HE ignites the fuel. Nice way to kill those nasty beasts. Try it. You'll like it! Regards from this ole gunner! StelGard....Out.
  6. S! We've filed the forms and awaiting reply from CRS.
  7. 1st Lt. arcangel commands A Battery. "First In Last Out" "A" Battery rapidly deploys into forward positions, then maneuvers into ambush positions against advancing or hull down enemy armor. "A" Battery also deploys Light Armored Scouts, support guns such as Light AA and Infantry/Engineers providing forward reports and enemy positions. "A" Battery is considered this unit's spear tip. 1st Lt. arcangel and "A" Battery's tenacity and effectiveness in combat will gain the respect of many as the Regiment rolls forward. The Regiment structure allows for 4 Batteries. Each Battery consists of 4 guns. Each Battery will have both Armored and Infantry support. Batteries will be specialized: "A" Combined Arms, "B" Heavy Artillery, "C" Anti-Tank, "D" AA, and "E" Light Armored Scouts and Infantry. All Batteries support the Regiment at all times. The Regiment fights together in the same location at all times. The Regiment's responsibilities are directed at winning every Campaign. We are therefore committed to AHC. keysie and I are or have been AHC Officers. This Regiment will welcome all acting or past AHC Officers wishing to contribute. Consider this new Regiment Loyal to the Allied cause and building toward "The" Premiere Artillery Regiment in game. With good Recruitment and Member participation we shall be successful. Regards, StelGard....Out.
  8. S! Swarm, the 61st will be an "Allied Only" Squad. Squad Training will be handled by RoyBoy, Captain and Training Officer. Training will be and coordinated through the Membership. Times and dates will be posted once we're Officially established as a Squad. Regards, StelGard....Out.
  9. Salute! We intend to give the Allied Forces exactly what we need. We will provide expert Artillery Support, AA and Anti-Tank capability where and when needed. I have yet to Register the Unit's name and Colors. We are looking for volunteer members to form our Officer and Enlisted ranks. Rest assured it will be British Army and Services/Royal Artillery/British Expeditionary Force. We will be attached to the 51st Highlanders Infantry Division. We shall be "Home Counties" Regulars and Volunteers all fighting in the defense of their homelands. All highly skilled and trained. Squad spirit is a must! Team Speak will be required. Training will be ongoing. Squad nights will be weekly. We're looking for gunners from all corners. We need Inf support and Armor devotees too. 17 pounder commanders, Bofors sure shots, 6 pounder AT gunners, we're where you need to be. This will be the largest gathering of BGE members devoted to playing the Artillery game in quite some time. We want you to join us. Regards, StelGard
  10. S! 12/6/11-12/7/11 I am still experiencing continued crashes resulting in loss of position in game, dropping me back onto the Regiment page with all missions scrubbed and all that time on mission lost. This has happened repeatedly over the course of several days. This morning I can't connect to the main BGE server. I came back for the US stress test and liked what I saw regardless of the crash issues. Instead of waiting for the $9.99 offer to reinstate my account I went the whole way and re-upped for 6 months. After doing so I then encountered worsening problems rather than less. Yesterday I joined only once and crashed with-in 30 seconds. After too many frustrations and serious multiple crashes over the last several days I logged off disgusted. I know CRS is small potatoes in the gaming industry and this won't make them any larger but I still have hope. I still back the game and this community. CRS, can you please try to straighten this out once and for all? Your programming issues and problems will be the death of us if your programmers can't solve these game stoppers. I haven't read any recent reviews lately. But I'll bet you have. You know what you have to do. Regards and with hope for CRS' future, StelGard....Out!