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  1. What year did you start playing? 2004 When was the last time you played? 2012? What squad were you in? 4 Wing What side did you primarily play on? Allied!
  2. Maybe thats how you fly thru the AF AAA without being hit!
  3. Yep, i've had to kill everything once or twice as well to get it to come down.
  4. In the CRS folder that is put in My Documents there is a error log, if I remember right it has some weird extension, you just have to open it with notepad and you can see the error.
  5. now im not even getting the CTD, the game is just locked up in a Not Responding state, have to kill it then get the bonus all services locked when I start again!
  6. Any updated on this from CRS???
  7. Everyone I have heard that is having the issue is running Windows 7 64 bit, could this be the cause of the problem?
  8. I am constantly getting CTD's after missions and I see the same error in past forums but don't ever see a fix for it. It usually happens right after the AAR screen. It is always the same error. Running Windows 7 64 bit with Nvidia cards with the latest drivers. Ive talked to some others in game that are having it and it seems to be a common theme with Windows 7 64bit and Nvidia cards. 1 4278460417 50839 4 3515903375 0 3765269347 1989523239 1989523239 13310847 7944025 9797380 9807787 542330692 1701080941 168627502 0 GL Vendor: NVIDIA Corporation|Renderer: GeForce 8600 GTS/PCI/SSE2|C++ Exception: class std::runtime_error Out of memory at address 7695B727
  9. Does anyone have a list of the default XP process that can be turned off while playing?
  10. Is it still benificial to have WW2 set to WinNT mode?
  11. Bloo posted this in Jan of 07 "WWII Online: Battleground Europe does not yet support MS Vista. Certainly, the game will run on some Vista machines, but perhaps not all. This means that we will not be able to promise you that the game will run on your hardware with the Vista OS. If you encounter problems running the game with Vista, unfortunately, we will be unable to help you. We plan to officially support the Vista OS by the time the first Service Pack is released, which is expected sometime in the second half of this year." That time has come and gone.
  12. http://www.battlegroundeurope.com/scripts/wwiionline/started.jsp
  13. So should both check marks be checked CPU 0 and CPU 1?
  14. Running an AMD 64 x2 processor with 2 gb memory, will it make a difference in the game performance at all?