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  1. Now accepting new and returning members!!!
  2. Good day fellow Lafayette Federation members, both old and new! Lafayette Federation is in a resurgence to bring it back to where it was in the early days of WWIIOnline. This means a call to arms for our alumni and a push to recruit new members. As can be seen in videos and pictures on this site, Lafayette Federation has always had a strong presence in game! This presence will be evident again as we rebuild. Our website is up and running at and is constantly being updated with content. Check it out and register! We also now have a page on Facebook @lafayettefederation that is up. Check them both out and say hi! For returning members, you can still access your WWIIOnline account as a rifleman for free! Log in and check out the updated content and graphics. The awesome folks at CRS are constantly hard at work updating the content and making the game better. Pretty good for a community supported game and the LARGEST MMO out there!
  3. Allied players! "We're getting the band back together" or the Band of Brothers once known as Lafayette Federation! Enlist now and join us at Lafayette Federation!
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  6. Still alive and kicking!!! Lafayette Federation is still seeking recruits to join a time honored and elite squad for some intense in-game action. If you feel you got the guts to become one of us, the go to and join today!!!
  7. Come be part of our team! Welcome to our newest members: BigJoe74 & lukis500 S! Join today at or click on my sig banner below!
  8. Tradition - Pride - Excellence Join Lafayette Federation today! Visit