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  1. my game wont update sad face
  2. I wonder if hyo will see this
  3. first i saw of this thread....bookmarking it
  4. Posted: Jul 16, 2005 - 03:18 AM -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I wasn't imaging things. Here is their response: Mr. WolfDawg, I took a look at your account and there does indeed appear to have been and error. I can asure you this was in no way intentional. Most likely this is the result of a database error during the upgrading of the billing system in March. I apologize for the inconvenience and frustration. We will be issuing you a full refund for all the charges incured since Febuary. As soon as the refunds have been applied to the charges I will remove the credit information from the account. Sincerly, Krieger Playnet Support ----------------------------------------------- dug this up in our private forums under his OLD post asking for help....
  5. Hey mate, are you still active? i need your help. I dont know where the WH forums are so i have to try this mail. I cannot log to the WWIIOL forums because I have unsubbed, but they keep charging my credit card despitte they promised to fix it. Can you arrest them? Can you show me the way to the WH forums or can you post for me in the WWIIOL forums to make this public? - Wolfie ------------------------------------------------- I remeber him posting about this in our private forums a month or two ago and he was told by RATS that this would be fixed....apparently it isnt his game name is wolfdawg........