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  1. Like somebody else said, 90% of the time if you're hit, you're dead. So rather than Medics which I think would be a waste, I'd much rather see the introduction of field artillery.
  2. Thanks everyone! Glad to be here/back! Oh, and just so everyone doesn't think I'm an meant 1st Guards Armoured. I just caught that a second ago.
  3. Thanks mate!
  4. I'm a returning vet, former Allied High Commander (Warrior - OIC4 1st Guards Armoured, OIC7 SAS Brigade) looking to make my way back into the game. I worked with you blokes numerous times back way back when you were the Royal Marines and must say I was quite impressed. I'd love to get back into it with this crowd!
  5. Former 22nd Mech vet returning to say hello and give a courtesy bump! (formerly known as Warrior, changed gamename about a year ago)
  6. A painting of the 5th SS Panzergrenadier Division Wiking...oh yeah.
  7. Well here are the relatives I know about: Obviously you all know everything about General George S. Patton, my cousin. Then theres Frank Hamilton, my Great Grandfather. He was a cook on a destroyer in the Mediterranean, apparantly they captured a German U-Boat. Another relative, who had been in command of the 1st South African Infantry Brigade in World War One, was also in Command of the South African Quartermaster Corps, a man by the name of Lieutenant General Mitchel Baker. There were others, but I'm not sure about them.
  8. I could always make one. Speaking of which, I need to produce that new chapter....
  9. Thanks man, I appreciate it
  10. (Almost done with the next chapter. It'll be up sometime tonight. Feel free to post any suggestions, compliments, questions, or just random chatter. I like it and it makes me write better
  11. Return to War “Help me!” He screamed. “I’m pinned down!” “I’m comin’ man! Hold on!” I shouted, lifting my Lee Enfield rifle to my shoulder and looking down the sights. I lined up a German machine gunner in my sight, leaving the top of the iron square in his chest. I squeezed the trigger, and his body exploded. I never noticed. I pushed myself forward. Bullets and high explosive ordinance hissed past me, as more British soldiers around me fought and fell. The dense underbrush of the forest failed to hinder my movements, and I continued advancing. The pinned private was stuck behind a burm, pinned down by two German LMGs, and several riflemen who seemed to have no limit of ammo, nor a desire to conserve it. The world seemed hazy, as though a veil of fog had been lowered across my eyes to constrict my vision. A gut wrenching terror which I knew all too well tore at my insides, as I neared the soldier. Three British soldiers, seeing me run, screamed for me to stop, but I ignored them. I was focused on getting this soldier out. I slammed against the burm and got to my knee. The machine gunner refocused his LMG on me, but he was too slow. I placed a well fired round through the center of his forehead, and then tossed a grenade into the hole in which the Jerries were firing. It exploded with a loud BOOM!, tossing the enemy infantry inside into the air, their bodies mangled. I grabbed the soldier by the arm and dragged him up, hurrying back the way we came. “Come on man!” I shouted. “Stop holding me back!” The Private stood still. He didn’t budge. “What are you doing?” I screamed again, grabbing him by the beltstraps. Suddenly, he cracked an odd smile, blood began to seep from his eyes, his nose, his mouth. His skin peeled away revealing a grinning skull from which I could not run, my boots were cemented to the ground. “Dear God,” I whispered, horrified. It was then that he changed again, now into a German soldier wielding a large blade. I reached for my own, but it was gone, as was my rifle. He dove for me, and lifted the blade high above him and I braced myself for the final cut. “Die, Warrior.” “Baby, are you alright?” I awoke. I was sitting up, drenched in sweat beneath my bed sheets in home. My girlfriend Krista lay beside me, concern entrenched into her face. “You were screaming.” “Yes sweet heart, I’m fine, it was just a bad dream.” I lay back, resting my head against my pillow and stared upwards at the ceiling. Every night was like this, since I was back from the War. Horrible, terrible nightmares plagued me with images of what I had seen, what I had done. How many people had I killed? There were those twenty or so I knew for a fact about. They had been with my knife as I snuck into enemy Army Bases or across Sentries in Cities. There were many others which I knew I had shot, oh so many others with my rifle or submachine gun, LMGs, every weapon in the British arsenal. Krista lay close, resting her head against me. While she was pretending to be asleep, I could see a tear arch her face. I was not the same. I was not me. When I came back, close to six months prior, I had done so a hero. I’d led many a battle and raid on enemy cities and fortresses, and claimed many of the fallen towns back from the German hordes. My buddies and I had done quite well for ourselves out there. Many of those buddies were dead now. She’d waited patiently for me while I was gone, over there, fighting on those vast battlefields in France and Belgium, across the Zeelands and at one point even at the very edge of the Rhine. She’d waited for me. When I returned home, with my new Officer’s uniform, my medals, she’d expected that I’d be a new man, but in a very different light. I had always been a good man, but she had hoped that war would transform me into a dashing and debonair Knight which would fulfill any girl’s dreams and fantasies. Oh how mistaken she was. I returned a dark man, haunted by the daemons of my past and the uncertainty of my future. While she embraced me when I returned from the boats taking wounded discharged veterans home, I felt her happiness become ash inside of me, I could not feel it. She took me home and we enjoyed each others company, I truly loved her still, but I felt….out of place. She was young, and so was I, in fact she was older than I by two years, but I still felt significantly older, as though the events of the years I spent over there had somehow rapidly increased my age. I was twenty-one and felt eighty-one. Six months back became a year, and slowly Krista and I grew apart. None of us spoke of it, and we were still as friendly and loving to each other as ever, admittedly aside from me. I could not show emotion the way I had before. It felt….fake. It was as though my violent behavior in war had inhibited my ability to show love outwardly. She still treated me as well as always, but I could feel it. I would see her alone, crying, I would notice that when I’d walk into the room she would look scared. The man she loved had died on those killing fields of France. I struggled to find a job. Physically getting work was no problem, as most of the men were still over in Europe fighting the ever raging war. I however was unable to find anything fulfilling, nothing satiated me anymore. As macabre as it is to say, nothing gives you more of a rush than having a German machine gun open up on your beddy as you try to flee it and dash for cover, all the while seeking the gun so that you yourself can place the lucky round into it, silencing the offending bastard for good. It was then that I got that horrible, yet much needed phone call. Krista answered it first, and she almost dropped it. Noticing this, I looked over at her from across the room and asked, “What is wrong?” “I…its…the telephone,” She said, her eyes turned red as they welled with tears, and I knew instantly what it was, however I kept my composure and walked over and grasped the receiver. “Hello, Lieutenant Colonel Baker here.” “Hey Warrior!” It was Maigrey, using my old callsign. “I need to speak to you. Are you busy?” “No! Not at all my friend! What’s on your mind?” “Well, this is going to be hard, but I need to do it.” I noticed his voice had grown noticeably colder. “Old buddy, we’ve lost a lot of good men out there. The casualty figures are staggering. Especially Officers. We are desperately short on good, well trained, and experienced officers.” “What does this have to do with me?” I asked, knowing full well what it meant. “It means we need you back. Look, I know you haven’t found anything back at home. You belong out here, with us.” “Look man, I’m done with war. I’ve seen far too much of it as it is.” The phone was dead for a moment, but suddenly with a cold near whisper, he replied, “And I haven’t?” I didn’t respond. “Look, you and I both know that there is nothing for us back there. Come with me, I’ll get you a new Battalion Command, and you’ll be set. We need you.” I thought for a minute. I looked for Krista, but caught her just as she left the house. I knew not where she went, but had the strangest feeling that I would not see her again. It hit me then that this was the only job for which I was suited. “Ok mate. I’m in.” I was returning to war. (This chapter was inessence a dramatic way to show how I got back into WWIIOL. I took this from my Grandpa telling me about how he felt when he returned from Vietnam, and how my Uncle felt leaving his new found fiancee in Belgium after returning from leave. He encountered a very similar scenario, having been shot five times and gassed once at this point, and was staying with his fiancee in Belgium. He was called up by his CO who wanted him to return to the front. He agreed. That is where the idea came from. Also its a bit from the rocky relationship with my previous Girlfriend, that had some influence on it, but meh, thats another story Anyhow, the next chapters will be war and stuff, this one was just a stage setter)
  12. Tour of Duty was a series of stories which dramatized my actions in World War Two Online. It was quite successful was well liked by many people. I even did a series of spin offs set in the "future" of WWIIOL, including the Battle of Stalingrad and Wake Island, which was regrettably cut short. These were popular due to my involvement of other players who "signed up" to be in it. I enjoyed writing them, and many enjoyed reading them, so I have decided, based on many PMs and requests, decided to begin again. Sometime soon, within the next day or so, I shall have the first part of the continuation of ToD posted. *To all those who want to know, especially Wingmann and Gunnie, I will have more "Special" ToD stories, but I want to get the series back on track first. I haven't decided on an idea yet, but I'll get some things out there. If it picks up, I'll post again in the Barracks, where it always used to be*
  13. S! Hope you stay with the good guys for a little longer
  14. My Fifth Cousin is General Patton. I don't think I need to say anything else lol
  15. Thanks man! The foliage doesn't flash white anymore, though trees still appear through buildings. If anyone can help fix that problem Great! if not, then i can live with it. Thanks again!