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  1. On 26/06/2018 at 3:45 PM, lipton said:

    What they need is money. So regardless of your opinions... turn your F2P account into an actual PAYING account. It takes money. Lots and Lots of money!! 

    What i dont quite get is why no large whale developer or investor can see the potential of such a game as this and actually just develop the damn thing to ARMA detail milsim level game, hell bluedrake developed some pos ww2 game with potato graphics and people are raving abou it but they wont play this game, makes no sense.

  2. People were asking them to port to a diffrent engine like 10 years ago, athen a few years ago that engine ARMA is using to sim an entire world came out, do not see much sense in expanding the map at this stage if it will be dead space that is never used. many ideas have already been floated to at the very least change the impact terrain and land has on the game by moving cp's out of towns or introducing grid terrain capture systems that have no cp's,implementing xroads/bridges/hill cpature..........

  3. Feature - Area capture implementation of area capture system that is not CP building based, there need to be battles over terrain and set ups in towns, holding bridges, x roads, important buildings (see below), important hills etc. More of the map and towns need to be fought over with proper tactical set ups of lines of attack or defence.

    Fix- eneterable buildings and destroyed state of buildings. Make all or most buildings eneterable and multistory with windows. I do not know why buildings such as RR stations etc got closed and why climbing ability was removed. The town battles, mainly city are kind of 1 dimensional, everything is happening at ground level and only on the road paths, there are no battles for blocks, bildings. There was also a previous destroyed state of the current city blocks, which added some tactical spice, but this was also removed. That needs to change to spice up the game, things like the RR building should be turned into fortresses by players, they are usually positiioned well, roof view is awesome. These main buildings in towns should be fought over not ignored by the players, combined with area capture, this should improve battles from a tactical sense. City battles should require a tank and infantry working together moving to clear building by building, x rroads being defended heavily and cut off, not the current open run through large ally ways that is in now. 


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  4. 21 minutes ago, imded said:

    Moz said:  And the panhard and DAC were recon vehicles, not solo tank executioners.  Period.  Right?  LOL

    How come you didn't mention the 232? Hmmm? They do the same thing you are biatcching about. So I guess we should eliminate the, Pan, Dac, 232, Vickie, and any other small thing. Oh, lets eliminate the LMG as it is not being used correctly. Oh and the PAK and GUNS as I have seen them pushed for klicks across the map (the crew should be totally exhausted (stamina needs looked at here). And ....... well you get the point.

    Moz, Lets shut the game down and not fix anything or is it that only Fix allied stuff that nurfs so axis can win the map on the 1st day and everyday. PERIOD

    What tanks does the 232 kill?

  5. David was on the correct track, there is a distinct lack of tactical opportunity for weapons to be utilized correctly and accurately, the main focus will be on inf as it is the base of the game but i propose the following:

    1- Start work on town/city buildings. Make each one enterable with windows. (It increases positions to hold and fire from, making setups and area control more important, right now everything is street level funnels. Many years ago the city blocks as they are now had destroyed states with beams and rubble, which was great for inf combat, these need to come back. Add life to the streets, destroyed cars, wrecked cars, rubble, something, if we cant change the terrain, add stuff ontop of it?

    2- If 1 is not possible, bring back climbing and shimmying, get the inf game off of the ground, allow us to climb buildings again and get on the roof, tactical opportunities are rare for inf now, i used to spend a good 30min to an hour preparing towns by saping buildings and figuring the best roof jumping/climbing spots so i would have places to shoot from, its a completely different game from a vantage point.

    3- Area capture, get rid of the cp's, divide towns and surroundings into grids of capturable areas, that must be fought over. Street level funnels need to go. People may be more inclined to set up sandbags and hardened positions to defend strategic areas of a town/city, like a bridge, x roads etc. Area capture rules could end camping as a result of slow response. Terrain outside of town must be captured to a certain % of total area before area inside of town may be captured. Various areas hold various % points, therfore a hill, bridge or x road will be worth 5% while a typical city block may be 2% and and empty piece of street or grass, 0.5%, with value of points increasing strategically towards various important points for a battle map (town). This may allow for a strategic frontal advance instead of ant trails. Think RTW when they moved capture points from the one central point to being distributed around the town, it was no longer mad rush to the centre, the rest of the map started to get used. (ofcoure better terrain but that dosnt seem possible at the moment)

    4- implement squad or proximity benefits for players, ie players who stick within 15-25m of each other get multiplications of points awarded or share points awarded to one player, as in i get a kill worth 10 points all the guys with me at that time get 1 xp point extra to their AAR. Extra points for killing ei near a friendly armour. (granted alot of vets wont care for points) People are always going to lone wolf but there are magical moments when a bunch of loners spontaneously collaborate and great things happen, there needs to be a spark for this collaboration to occur more often.

    5- I dont know what happen to HC but they used to be the leaders of the game, they would organize, plan and lead battles, the spark that made people collaborate, loners like to know that a specific area will be friendly and they will tend to move in for the general safety aspect leading to greater ZOC etc. i have noticed this occur once in a while but nothing on the scale of what it once was, so whatever it was that knocked HC from this position needs addressing.


  6. #1 - Area capture, get rid of cp's, bring in a grid system, with 50% of outskirts of a town city needing to be secured before possible to capture within the city limits itself, make hills, bridge crossings and strategic topography count an extra % of value than common terrain, thereby securing important hills and or forrests, bridges lets you capture in town faster.

    #2 - improve town layouts and bring back CLIMBING and rubble, make all building enterable and multistory aswell with windows (even if they are bare like factory is right now, just make them enterable.

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  7. Ya it just made everyone thats seen the new game made on that engine "TItanIM" Jizzzzzz

    I remember we said get on this engine like 5 plus years ago when the engine first announced, so i suggest watch bludrakes video and get this engine or make a deal with the TitanIM and mod it to make it WW2 online.


  8. 15 hours ago, pbveteran said:

    That was kinda of an exploit..

    But getting on top of apartments of cities through ladders wasn't and that's what I want back more verticality that isn't an exploit.. most buildings should have a path to the top floor or a balcony/terrace.

    Getting access to roof tops on apartments have been asked before by me and others, it made ambush on cities more fun and allowed better scouting and even sniper to sniper roof top action that was very fun.

    Its not an exploit, you would be able to do it irl, its simply a lack of appropriate animation to show it.

  9. 1 hour ago, vasduten1 said:

    Sure, because shimmying up a thin edge of a broken brick wall with a nearly vertical pitch is realistic.


    I agree to some scenarios, but certainly not the example in the picture you provided.


    That's horse poop.

    ok so code a mechanic that gives a 3d model of my toon climbing into the attic, cause im pretty sure you would be able to do it irl, if we want to be so realistic here...

  10. 1 hour ago, jwilly said:

    There has to be a balance of tactical offense and defense. Any design-functionality step that leads to strengthened defense would unbalance that aspect of the game. Ditto for changes that primarily benefit offense.

    The best way to ask for a change that will add good defense positions is to also propose a simultaneous practical change that will add a good offensive tactic.  

    As Delems said, being able to climb stuff, is used both offensivly and defensivley, it dosnt change the balance of a city fight, if you get into the city/town, you can climb the same building, I also used to stuka bomb or sap towns sometimes just to destroy certain buildings before i attacked with  sniper to get a good position. Also having the buildings actually eneterable and multi story will increase the fight to be more enjoyable, holding blocks, holding buildings, will be important and with area capture you could fortify buildings in town, have mini stalingrads at most battles.

    The fights now mostly restricted to ground level is very one dimensional, most towns are basically flat boards with no terrain diffrences and should not be, many windows, many stories would make fighting for towns alot more dynamic.

  11. Hello everyone.

    We need to be able to get on top of high points in town, currently that is very limited to what it was a few years back where rubble could be shimmied, to jump onto other structures, also the little vault boost youd get from jumping over a pointy roof has also been removed meaning you cant use existing roof's to jump onto others (previously you could). This is unfortunate since it removes alot of preplanning and complexity of the battle, mainly defence. (yes i would preprepare buildings by destroying some that could be climbed to get onto others for better vantage points)

    Fighting on ground level with the lack of general cover available is basically a funnel death trap, make more eneterable buildings that have multiple stories and open windows, even if thsoe buidlings are akin to the red factory buildings, its fine, get citites and towns to be a multi layerd fight, not just ground level.

    Also please bring back the rubble state of large city blocks, the ones that had beams fallen across the rubble etc that you could walk into, the town fighting needs to be more dynamic, with more avenues rubble allows that.

  12. Hello everyone.

    I think what the game needs is the removal of the cp building and make it area capture. Divide each city and town into a grid of x metre by x metre squares. 80% of total town grid must be captured before ab becomes capable (bunker in ab stays), grids can only be captured by infantry.

    Why area capture?

    Because no one fights for streets or buildings in the town, all the fight takes place for a cp building which is a mad headless chicken dash. Area capture would allow people to set up and defend areas of town with an actual purpose to it, the focus being on the particular area of the town requiring a change of tactics and weapon needs based on the part of town not a generic cp building. This will allow people to hold xroads, bridge crossings etc and defend those points.

    Further add area capture points to important parts outlying of town, bridges, hills, forests, etc.

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  13. I'd join for the recon part ... but iLame with the sniper rifle (there's not enough about for me to be wasting them).

    Very seldom do I see a squad that I might like to join (never been in one since I got here!) - So best of luck, sudden, because this would be one.

    You dont have to be good with it just be willing to learn, its not that difficult to learn really, the shooting part i cant teach bc thats like a feel for it thing but positioning etc that is easy to learn.

  14. Thank you to those that helped create the squad.

    So abit about my current "idea":

    You have to have enough rank to use the sniper, patience also since we not going to do the usual caping cp's cqb stuff with it either, so if you cant sit for 20min without seeing an ei and be happy, then not really the place for you, although this wont happen much.

    Dont have a forums yet, but im working on it.

    Dont need ts or anything

    You wont have to use the sniper 24/7 but i would like the squad to be sniper focused when we have a few of us on.

    So what we will be doing is sniping, marking tgts for ground/air etc, operating as spotters for mortars, sharing ideas/tips for the sniping part of the game amongst ourselves.

    Essentially a group of lets say organized "lone wolf" (that also likes a loose teamwork set up) style players that like using the sniper is what im going for here, just getting us on the same ao's and in good positions coordinating what we do to make a big dent in the enemy.

    I do not want it to be the type of squad where the members never greet eachother or that just run in the same squad but dont actually work together, i want us to work together in so far as snipers can that is helping each other set up spots, fru's/ammo, coordinating to lock down towns/sections etc. Im trying to strike a balance between the freedom of a sniper and some disciplne of teamwork.

    So if anyone interested just contact me ingame.