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  1. Was shown the game back in 2003 by k2002 and his son gnagsdk who i believe were in the axis squad Grossdeutschland. Since axis at that time were mostly overpop in the timezones i played, When i got my own account in 2004 i decided to join the allied forces instead. Were lonewolfing for a while and then joined 22nd mech. Main reason being, the CO was Szyporyn, a fellow dane. Had a lot of wonderful years in that squad with loads of fun memories.
  2. And another brigade sent to training just now, because no HC on. yawn.............
  3. Yep. name of who i killed is now showing in above mission. Thank you
  4. I just had the same. Killed and was rewarded with the kill an ei in bunker at Zell. No name to whom i killed. US Army Aug 21 04:25 - 04:43 Zell Zell AB Attack US SMG 35 1 10 0 RTB 17
  5. And here we have another mission that gave 0 points. Am engineer sw of Stadtkyll. Run for and kill an Opel before it makes efms. get rtb. US Army Aug 19 18:31 - 18:51 Stadtkyll Stadtkyll-Hillesheim Depot Defense US Engineer 0 1 0 0 RTB 20
  6. Just want to thank everyone playing this game. Imho the current campaign have the potential to be one of the best in recent times.I don't want to argue numbers on either side, we all know those swing back and forth.Allied push at first, Axis pushing back, Allied push east again, Axis push back.Rarely have we had so much map left to fight over, being in so late tiers with all the heavies in the game.Get in-game all that can, Keep fighting. Make this a map to remember.Bob
  7. Bergheim mission was fb defense. killed opel s of fb. Hurtgenwald was attack mission, defending our spawnable cp in town. killing an ei upstairs. usually that would give points for the kill + points for the recap (as soon as an ei enters a friendly depot, the cap timer starts.) i killed the ei,stayed in the cp, till it was at 0% again. that should give a cap. and normally you get points for guarding too, maybe i am mistaken and you only get points for guarding if you are on defense missions. but there should still be points for kill and recap and a cap awarded.
  8. I just had a mission in Hurtgenwald. was USAsmg defending our spawnable cp. I kill an ei smg upstairs (am awarded the kill too on csr) but for some peculiar reason i do not get a single point for the mission, nore do i get a cap awarded (recap for ei in cp) My previous mission i was US rifleman and killed a truck, got awarded 45 points. Something bugged ? Country Branch Date/Time Killed By Town Origin Mission Role Points Kills Hits Captures Result TOM US Army Aug 15 12:48 - 13:00 Hurtgenwald Hurtgenwald-Monschau Depot Attack US M3A1 SMG 0 1 0 0 RTB 12 US Army Aug 15 09:15 - 09:19 Bergheim Bergheim-Kerpen FB Defense US Rifleman 45 1 5 0 RES 4
  9. sorry about that bob5, we had a few encounters yesterday, u will get me next time
  10. Hi bar18 Every city consists of depots with an adjacent cp, the cp is a small grey building waving a flag, these cp's are capture points which needs to be taken/conquered in order to capture the city. apart from the depots there are Armybases in every town, some towns only have 1, some have 2, big cities have 3 or more. these armybases cannot be captured until the town itself has been contested (1 or more cp's taken and held) for at least 10 minutes. Most trucks nowadays are used to setup fortified mobile spawns (FMS) . it can also be used to tow aaguns/atg's especially the heavy ones, since the smallest can now be spawned at an FMS. The tier system is like a development supposed to image the research and development made by different countries during the war. We start at Tier 0 which largely represents the 1939/40 units, as the Tiers progress to Tier 1-2-3 both sides gets more advanced units to play with. The USA enters the game in in Tier 3, at which point some/most of the British and the French brigades are taken out as the Americans take over. Dover is a town in England, on very few occasions the axis have managed to get across the channel and take towns in England and win a campaign by doing so.. and by that point most mainland allied brigades have been pushed very far back, the french near their southern Factory towns, the british in England. Frankfurt is an Axis Factory town far east on the map, and neccessary (most times) for the allied to gain a victory. so it is in play near the end of a campaign mostly. I hope this helps you a little, if you want more info, feel free to ask. Bob
  11. Welcome back This link should help with the sound issue:
  12. actually I dont fly at all, tried that, found the ground from above too fast , too often I spend my time ingame playing infantry only. Usually i am one on the allied side that reacts to new ews instantly, which as you can guess, my ctd's taken into consideration, is not going very well at the moment. Most of the time nowadays, the axis will get a 4-10 minutes headstart on me, depending on spawn wait upon bdeshift, eventual ctd, and if so, another gamereload/choose side/Choose bde/ make new mission/ spawn in/ try to locate that engine i wanted to locate 10 minutes ago, but unfortunately now, while i was going through all my procedures (which by the way never happened to me until last 2 months)the axis now have setup already and are inbound and im suddenly not locating anything but some bullets flying toward me. This ctd cr.p is giving the attackers yet another advantage in their setups, and tbh, im not playing anymore until it is fixed. I love your game, but this is affecting my gameplay to the point, where i dont really care much anymore.
  13. Enough. For 2 months now, every single time i shift brigade, i have an extremely long spawning period, we are talking 3-5 minutes. And usually, like 60 % of the time, i ctd after having sat there looking at my screen waiting to spawn. If you care, send me an e-mail once this is fixed. If not, oh well.