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  1. Hmmm, I may try and get there. Bit hard to say for now, but sounds pretty cool.
  2. Just resubbed to the game. Don't know if I can join this event yet as it is a while off, but I hope I can.
  3. Actually Greni has always had access to it, and he can use it if he wants to.
  4. Hey all, I am no longer running the realism events, so please do not PM me your information. As much as I would like to, I do no have the time. There are a few things a disagree with, but this is not the place to voice my disagreements. As most of you know, I have put many hours into the realism events through web designs and event scenarios. If I had more time, I would be here again. I did ask for help with the events (not through CRS), and that help that I 'recieved' did not listen to a word I said and started setting up things in their own way. Fair game. If I had more time I would set up more realism events - and maybe I can under a part-time basis. And when I say realism events, I do mean Realism events - not training events. Ok, I am going off course here ... I miss REALISM EVENTS, and I can still do them on a very limited basis. Let me know what you think here, and we can start the ball rolling afresh.
  5. Lost in translation?
  6. I have decided to create this post to let the players understand how the signup process works for the website, and why it would make registration for the event so much faster. Imagine if everyone just turned up for the event, and we had to start assigning player. It would take forever. and this website was designed with one goal in mind - to speed up the unit assignments. So starting from the begining (assuming you have just heard about realism events, and want to join) : 1 : Sign up on the website (http://www.pillboxgames.com/RealismEvents) (image : http://www.pillboxgames.com/RealismEvents/process/step1.jpg) This is a one time process, and basically puts you in the database. 2 : Once signed up you have options (you do not need to do any of these) (Image : http://www.pillboxgames.com/RealismEvents/process/step2.jpg) At this point, the thing you would want most is the Teamspeak details. 3 : Once you have signed up, log in : (Image : http://www.pillboxgames.com/RealismEvents/process/step3.jpg) 4 : When you sign in a signature is generated for you. You can use this as you wish, but it contains information about the event (timezones, TS details, etc) (Image : http://www.pillboxgames.com/RealismEvents/process/step4.jpg) 5 : Once you have logged in, you can sign up for the next event (only if it is open for registration) (Image : http://www.pillboxgames.com/RealismEvents/process/step5.jpg) 6 : To sign up for the event, you need to choose your side, and enter your password. This will place you as registered and unassigned for the next event (Image : http://www.pillboxgames.com/RealismEvents/process/step6.jpg) 7 : You can now view your assignment details (Image : http://www.pillboxgames.com/RealismEvents/process/step7.jpg) 8 : As you probably have not been yet registered, your assignment details will contain no information of real value. (Image : http://www.pillboxgames.com/RealismEvents/process/step8.jpg) 9 : The next process is done by the sideleader. As I am the admin, I have access to both sides assignment lists, but sideleaders can only view their sides lists (Image : http://www.pillboxgames.com/RealismEvents/process/admin1.jpg) 10 : This is what the sideleader would see, It is basically a list of all the players registered to their side. From here, the sideleader can select what unit the player will use and what squad they will be assigned to. You will notice that 'ThePillBox' is unassigned (Image : http://www.pillboxgames.com/RealismEvents/process/admin2.jpg) 11 : The sideleader places you into a squad and the rosterboard is automatically updated (the board is also automatically updated once every 24 hours - as is your signature) (Image : http://www.pillboxgames.com/RealismEvents/process/admin3.jpg) When the rosterboard is updated it will also show you if you have been placed ina squad : (Image : http://www.pillboxgames.com/RealismEvents/process/roster.png) You can see 'ThePillBox' here : (Image : http://www.pillboxgames.com/RealismEvents/process/step9-b.jpg) 12 : Now when you go back to your 'assignment details' it will show you what unit and squad you are placed in. It will also show your other squad members : (Image : http://www.pillboxgames.com/RealismEvents/process/step9-a.jpg) And that is the basic process. Hope it makes you understand the process behind the website.
  7. Spawn lists were available to both side leaders.... here is something the players do not see : (Was supposed to come out as a table) Did not work, so will provide a link EDIT : Link : http://www.pillboxgames.com/RealismEvents/spawnlist/laststand.htm
  8. No. When people die (or som new people log on) they decide to spawn a He111 (or any bomber for that matter) and come back and decided to bomb the hell out of everyone.
  9. The database was wiped a while ago - you probably need to sign up again, as everyone was removed.
  10. I have broadened the rules for outnumbering. I have raised it to 10 positions, this means that if one side has ten or may players then the other side, no more players will be able to join that greater side until the numbers are less than a difference of 10 players. (lol, if that makes sense). It used to be set at 5. Heavy should be able to register now.
  11. S! Soldiers of BFE:World War II Online, As you are well aware, the next event 'The Last Stand' will be taking place tomorrow. Both the sideleaders have been assigning players units and squads. Check the Rosterboard below to see what squad number you are assigned to. If you would like further details of your squad and unit assignment, follow this link (You must be logged in) : http://www.pillboxgames.com/RealismEvents/assignment.php The Rosterboard also contains Teamspeak Information, as well as the Event Times. As soon as you log in, make sure your RANK is correct (EVERYONE is a private - except for the Squad Leaders [Rank 8] and Side Leaders [Rank 11]). To reset your rank you have to type .setrank 0 in ALL YOUR PERSONAS. To speed things up, when you spawn in, please get together with your squad so we can see who is with who. Anyone caught using binoculars who should not be will be kicked off the server and unable to rejoin. All vehicles MUST be multicrewed (except AA/ATG guns). If a vehicle is not multicrewed, that player will be assigned as a Infantry Unit that is available. Current Rosterboard : (if it does not display, click here : http://pillboxgames.com/RealismEvents/Signatures/Roster.png ) Thanks all. Hope you enjoy it.
  12. To all the axis soldiers, I have been in recent communications with Kitty420. She has not yet confirmed that she will be leading your forces, though she has expressed an interest. If you want to be assigned to a certain squad, please inform her, and if you want to be, or are a squadleader, please let her know. I will be reply to this post at a later date to confirm if she can/wishes to lead, so please do not bother her until she has accepted leadership.
  13. Are you sorted? You signed up for the event?
  14. I have just gone through the players list, and you are not in it. I erased the database a while ago. You will need to sign up again.