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  1. Jammyman Rest in peace brother.
  2. Looks good Propa thanks S!
  3. Good luck and glad to see dedication to this type of deployment in game! S! and best of luck.. S!
  4. BUMP::: 42nd is looking for new and old players to join the team of 42nd jager Division we have been around the game for about a month maybe little more or so,we are a AXIS only Squad as well.but we have alot of vet players in the squad and we have new Players with us as well..If you are interested in joining or checking us out look us up in game or check out our website! We run on Teamspeak 3 Server feel free to join us there as well! S! see you all in the battlefield!
  5. Gonna Bump this up for we are Growing in numbers alittle bit since Opening the Squad up Saturday June 1st 2013...We are still in the Recruiting Process So if interested please check out our TS Channel and Website.......
  6. Well i can say log in again is messed up was able to login last night after everything but can not login this morning. Looks like it's fubared again!!!! Hmmmm 2 days now and i could only play for a hour or two hmmmmm....So whens this going to get fixed????...Those that can't log in needs to be acredited for the troubles!!!
  7. Did someone say sheep!!!!!