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  1. I miss you hard fighting [censored]!
  2. At least everyone is in game and not starring at a timer out of game. AKA spawn delay. Man I remember the spawn delay threads years ago and was a big fan of using capture and movement timers to help slow the roll and get everyone in game. It fell on deaf ears. It’s good to hear/read that the new team had the smarts to give it a go. !S to the new Rat team you guys were left with a mess from the old team and glad to you guys are cleaning it up. Some day “soon” I shall be returning , but in the meantime I will be activating my account in support of the best dam game on the planet. ez out-
  3. I can’t think of a timer that shouldn’t be effected by the population and its effect on side balance. The population in this game determines Many things. So should the timers on what I have called the big three for many years, Capture, movement and resuply. Eventually spreading to every dam timer in the game each taking a slice of the pie so to speak. They must be dynamic and slide up and down as the population increases and decreases with the ability to adjust on the fly as does the population difference between the sides. Ez-
  4. So putting the shoe on the other foot could you make X amount of lists? Three were mentioned....so there is the ability to do that. And I get the brigade based part......just curious as to supply levels when multiple AB towns lock horns. Or should I say when smaller towns have to lock horns with bigger towns and vise or versa.
  5. FB's that were pits....lol.....omg whos got a pic of one of them. And with the new changes inb....the old will once again become new.............almost wants to make me organize an attack......Reims was my biatch.
  6. Bump! For a great bunch of players! Get Some!!!
  7. I think we need lists to match the AB's or Town size....Single AB towns get X amount of supply...Two AB towns get this amount of supply...and so on. Small, medium, large and supersize. If I'm correct the largest cities on the map contain 3 city AB's and an AF AB. Should we treat towns with docks as an AB? I dunno but I personally think larger towns should be way harder to take, hold more supply and possibly even have the ability to hold more over stock. If the team can create three sized lists can they make lets say 5? ....to help account for towns with multiple AB's and or AF's and Docks. And yes that code stuff is rocket science to my arse. Good post Chokk
  8. Glad ya liked that I just think the AB's could be a huge part of the supply formula . Along with even possibly effecting movement, resupply and maybe a hold timer as well. Larger cities would take longer to move into, while single AB towns wouldn't. I think some of our largest towns like Twerp and Reims that have 3 town AB's and an AF AB for a total of 4 AB's should be reflected in the size of the initial supply list. We have three, two and single AB towns. Hence the supersize (4th Needed) supply list. A fourth size. Like it did back in the day, once the front approached a larger (***cough*** supersized) city it darn well better have multiple links to match the defenders supply. In fact I think each AB had an independent list. Which I personally liked but don't think it would go over all that well today. A central draw from a pool will. I'm really liking the whole idea of falling back to a town based supply system in one way, shape or form, Keep up the great work you guys are nail'in it!!!
  9. While I'm sure I could live with it...but....the small, medium, large thing...im not ordering a value meal..lol...Reims and Antwerp supersize. I just think that's sounds too generic for a game like ours. Let alone the strategic level of game play it opens up when and if AB's could be the factor determining the size of the initial lists.....heck maybe they could even help determine the supply rate....a 4 AB towns supply might take a bit longer then lets say a single AB town. Just kickin it out there
  10. I think this is where overstocking or the amount you can over stock should take some serious concideration. If my side owns Ant and Schilde and the other side needs schilde to hit twerp...we should be able to over stock schilde prior to the enemy attacking. AND of course that supply should stay there indefinitely.....I'd like to see AB's determine or help determin the size of the lists each town has...again based on the amount of AB's.
  11. First off, mad props to the new team!! Its awesome to see the game developing once again, thanks for all the hard work, again well done. Listened to the chat and love the fact we are returning to a town based supply system. Interdiction......Resupply moving once again from rear line towns. Lov'in it. Just my two cents: I like the fact (like it was back in the day) that AB's should help determine the amount of supply a town had. Attacking Antwerp with lets say Schilde alone would have been just about impossible. Is it at all possible and/or are you guys taking into consideration possibly having each AB add a certin percentage of supply to the list. Ex. A town has 4 AB's. Each AB would add lets say 10 or 20% of a standard AB list to its supply. Meaning that town would have a supply list 40 0r 80% larger. Just curious because it was a pretty neat factor and definitely added to the strategic level of the game. Leading me to my next question. Is the supply in these multiple AB towns going to draw from a central pool or will they maintain different supply levels? Keep up the great work!!!!! eZ
  12. That's not really a good way of looking at it, sure we all want more targets on the battlefield.......BUT again counting on the new players and the current player base to HOPEFULLY self balance itself will never ever happen. Again bringing in new players is a beautiful thing....expecting them to help with the under pop issue isn't gonna happen.
  13. When a side is over popped....shouldnt they be chewing up supply faster then an under popped side. I mean the sometimes seemingly endless supply shouldn't exist in the lists like they do. If my side was way over popped I would not expect to see a lot of top gear left. Sometimes its not how ya get beat its what you got beat with. You will never see a post whining about how we got over run with infantry late in a fight....compared to a tank camp with tons of top geared equipment showing up at the end of a fight like it was the beginning. As for supply.....again the wining side is moving away from their factories (Red Ball Express) and supply should be a bit more difficult traveling a greater distance...hence the longer resupply timers for the over popped side and or the side whos distance grows greater from the factories as they capture ground. I could go on and on....again even the movement timers as well.... I think since its the population that drives this game (under or over pop) it should effect every single timer in the game in one way shape or form. The timers and the LISTS would scale up and down as does the variation between the two sides does. !S
  14. Me as well....the big three.... Capture , movement and resupply.....should all be effected by the pop and /or the difference ....heck right down to the point the actual lists take a hit.........l
  15. lol I know but I do try
  16. While Im all for the color change(gfj with the quick change)and a fru that's a bit tougher, but not the whole fortified FRU gig. Can you guys be alittle bit more specific on what its going to take or not take to knock out the updated FRU
  17. Quit killin me bro....gj btw
  18. Couldn't agree more!! The years past of slowly ripping the roots that the former player base grew do to game changes, has reared its head. Theres a whole new player base brought about by insta action changes and or lack of any change at all. Inf placed fru's is just one...omfg skulls (havent had them on since day one). Moving supply. WTF is that? Hitting FB's (which are a bit tougher now) and might I add has had a huge impact on sustaining an attack. And that was almost screwed up when they were suggesting making the fb industructable thank god they didn't go that route. Now we have peeps wanting to make a box that spawns a whole dam armies worth of supply either indistructable or ***cough*** tougher. CHange the look, give them some camo....hey heres an idea, PPO's that PLAYERS could place that could HELP fortify the fru......how about a multitude of units (besides infantry) placing frus' with different types of spawn lists. All keeping natural barriers in play. Self towing? Allowing ATG coverage for the fru. Some of the ideas getting kicked around from what im hearing are just crazy. Its time to roll back a bit to what worked....adding new stuff that fits that mold. As for my Axis comrades who are bailing out....due to some sort of OMFG the RATS ****ed us...suk it up! and dig in. And fyi they didn't. This is an awesome change.......lets get back to what we were once really good at. Peace.
  19. The OP should have spawned an engineer. ..the fb was basically undefended. Instead he choose to whine away on side chat. A few more minutes or a better response and the attacking fb would have been down. First sign of ews I was out with an opel........infantry based fru.s have given the new school player base a bad impression while at the same time it has given the olé school players amnesia. Im glad we went back to truck placed frus and Like I said last night on ts it's gonna take the vets and even the vets them selves to revert back to tactics that can help slow the roll and kick the over popped well organized attackers in da nuts and teach those that have never done it or have simply forgotten how to ZoC. and fight against a well organized over popped side.
  20. Awesome fight. I had a fru that lasted a very long time and was actually one of the first placed. Vonrudi and I capped the Neuv. and Chauney cps to kick off the attack. Slowly but surly all hell broke loose after that as the Allies responded and beat us back outta town. Some great defensive fighting I must say. It was the bridge repair that allowed Allied armor to roll to the east side that tipped the battle , an allowed the Allies to gain a real strong foot hold back on the east side of the river. Well done to both sides it was a blast. To the guys on TS ***wink*** it was an honor and a pleasure. Thanks to all on both sides, once again it was an awesome fight. !S
  21. 1.34 maybe? I know the day Paras were introduced was freaking awesome(pretty sure it was around this time of year).......sheesh how long ago was that, cant recall.