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  1. Did you atleast hold a (couple of) Funeral(s) for him?
  2. Please create a support ticket at and we will look into it and help you fix it.
  3. I did not accuse you of being side biased nozlen, i said you were seeing it one sided. What i mean is, you assume by all logic in your OP - That Greentags gets destroyed by far superior Equipment by spawning tier 0 tanks and face end tier tanks. That statement would only be valid if one side had all the greentags and the other had all the vets with tigers, which obviously isnt true. Greentags face other greentags, there are equal amounts of spawned Equipment on both sides.. I guess the Point is that any statement saying that Greentags dont have a chanse in tier 0 Equipment is incorrect.
  4. You are seeing this way too one sided. Why do you assume that one side has all the greentags, and somehow the other side is completely made out of veterans with all the top teir stuff? Its same on both sides. There are just as many ( No, there are more ) low level tanks as its top teir tanks , but a a huge majority of the players activly playing is greentags, and the spread between the two sides in terms of greentags are the same. And this is not speculation, this is fact. Tier 0 would make people wonder " Is this it? " " Why dont you guys have X plane or Y Tank? " Etc, because how do you expect a new player to know RDP cycles? The option would be intermission i guess, but stop a Campaign to have several weeks of ... What? Meh, Personally i Think the current way is the best of whats availible
  5. Tier 0 would be a terrible choice, it would end up no different. The overwhelming majority of new players play normal Infantry, and based on the feedback we have from new players so far, i have not Heard a SINGLE one complain about facing better Equipment ( Because , lets realise it, most people have no clue what tanks are better than X yet )
  6. Hello, You cant use your normal account on steam, you need to download the client from our homepage and use that version! Steam accounts can only use steam.
  7. Hello, This is a known issue, and we are working hard to find a fix for this. It effect some people, and we should have a fix soon hopefully!
  8. Hello, Sadly there is no way to use steam version with your Playnet account. However, you can easily make playnet run thru steam, if you want that. Steam accounts and playnet accounts are different, but play on the same server
  9. Hello, If you run into these issues, please use the .report function so that our GM team can look into it right away!
  10. As previously mentioned, please try to see if its any difference if you disable Netcode3 in the ingame options!
  11. Im confused , what is unfair ? Are you trying to compare premium access with free to play access? We offer welcome back Soldier promotion for old premium accounts where you get 30 day FULL access for free without being in the game for 10 years, but free to play players who may have played every day for years doesnt get anything, Isnt that what really is unfair if anything? If you have trouble activating your WBS Promotion to get 30 Days free, reach out to me and i´ll help you out!
  12. Glad that you got it sorted!
  13. This is 100% False. CRS Does not push for either side to win or lose a map at any time. Balance is done with automatic SpawnDelay and Supply, it is not Manually changed at all, ever.
  14. Hello, Does the game send you to the support page? Does it crash? ( Look for a crashlog in windows ) . Please make sure that your DirectX and Graphic drivers are up to date, i had a few people with older AMD Graphic cards who had simular issues, which updates fixed.
  15. For some reason, a few people are experiencing difficultys to patch. I suggest that you simply remove the game and completely reinstall it, will be faster for you.