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  1. This is a common issue with laptops, you need to be able to set the dedicated GPU; and this IS possible on every laptop, you just need to look into it a bit.
  2. NOTE: IF YOU HAVE ISSUES REGARDING ACCOUNT & BILLING , DO NOT POST ON THE FORUMS, INSTEAD CONTACT US DIRECTLY AT HTTP://SUPPORT.PLAYNET.COM GAME ISSUES Troubleshooting CTD (Crash to Desktop) issues Game will not load / start How to Configure Multi-card nVidia laptops to work with Battleground Europe. How to Configure Multi-card ATI laptops to work with Battleground Europe. Fixes for Registry/Install Errors TWEAKS How to play in windowed mode Game clock going crazy - Fix inside! How to set up multiple installations Tweaking nVidia Graphics for Max performance HARDWARE Dual monitor - Lock the mouse on one screen Alienware laptops that can't load the game How to run Battleground Europe in Linux (v1.33 update) [Nvidia/Game settings] The quest for playable framerates GENERAL How to set trim and flaps CTHL - What does it do? Returning player FAQ BATTLEGROUND EUROPE WIKI SUPPORT PAGE FAQ PAGE IF YOU CAN'T GET THE ANSWER TO YOUR PROBLEMS HERE THEN START A THREAD IN THIS FORUM AND ASK FOR HELP, IF YOU STILL CAN'T GET IT TO WORK VISIT OUR SUPPORT PAGE AND SUBMIT A TICKET: HTTP://SUPPORT.PLAYNET.COM
  3. Yes, you can spawn Trucks and haulers with the Starter account. Start up a new account, and then you can manage your subscription and add a starter subscription there. Get back to me if you need any further assistance!
  4. Have you managed to fix this issue yet? As i mentioned in your support ticket, try another reinstall if there are corrupt files. Also double check password , but i assume that is correct as you can log in here. There are no issues with your account, so it must be something client side im afraid.
  5. Glad you finally got it working!
  6. No. It means that they are not connected. If you have an account thru playnet, you cant use steam to launch the game, and if you have your WW2OL thru steam you can only use steam to launch the game.
  7. Showoff. <3
  8. Do you use any kind of brand software like Razer Synclipse or Logitech Profiler? ( What kind of headset do you use? ) I had a TON of problems with the Razer software because it can mute induvidual applications within the software itself thru shortcuts that you dont know exist. IF you do, go into the Software, in my case Razer software, go to Audio settings and there you will find some kind of "Mute list" or something like that.
  9. Hello Hellranger, Did you manage to connect to Discord, or do you need more help? Thanks,
  10. Did you find someone to help you?
  11. Correct. The following information is taken from the Support: Here are the steps to receive you FREE Hero Tow account: Create a brand new free to play account. Submit a support ticket request as: "NEW HERO TOW ACCOUNT." Please include the gamename of your primary Hero account, and your newly created free play account. Our team will then add the permissions to that new account. That's it, you're tow account is ready!
  12. I know that this was discussed many years ago, and it is based on the same rendering limitations that the bombers also have ( cant drop bombs from too high ).
  13. Thats weird. I am 100% Sure i could see in SOME way if people had been away long, since we booted out inactive people from Weasels. Ah well, No idea then.
  14. It should show last login when you click the player. I did that with the Weasels.. Click Offline members, click a player name. it should say JOINED SQUAD and LAST LOGIN. Can't confirm this , since im at work right now sadly.