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  1. It's on the wishlist, but the game currently cannot handle long range shots, just as it cant handle very high level bombing.
  2. Sorry, but DD is top tier equipment and will be continue to be Subscription Exclusive.
  3. Having "side" packs would create too many different packs, makes much more sense to just have one with all of the same category And as previously mentioned, Heavy tanks and other top tier Equipment and tank hunters will continue to be exclusive to Subscribers.
  4. High tier units and some specialist units such as snipers will continue to be subscription only.
  5. Sometimes the patching client mess up, and doesnt fully patch the game. Reinstalling the game from full installer as XOOM pointed out above will fix the problem Get back to me right away if this still doesnt work for you!
  6. Decision was made, reason was explained, and its now live on the server. No need to argue with eachother over it, lets move forward now
  7. Oh god i miss RDP Bombing those. Eh. 10 years ago
  8. Axis had 1 flag in the town when the decision was made. You cannot cover the entire new area with 1 flag, leaving it in a very bad spot for axis. The options were to allow axis AND allied to move around flags before its unlocked after patch, OR to call it a draw and start over safe. The first option resulted it so many flag movements that it would completely change the battlefield, which makes no sense. Simple facts
  9. What im saying is, that if we made a naval DLC, it would only have one boat in it... That people would use Since FMB is included in the basic game package Top tiers are Always reserved for Premium subscriptions, and wouldnt be part of the DLC
  10. The first four are automatic based on player post Count / Subscription type. The rest are different ranks manually set by us with different access levels, most are not used anymore.
  11. Because of links and logistics. Axis would need major flag movement to be able to continue as is, and allied would need to be allowed to match it. The amount of moves needed would change the battlefield so much that it makes much more sense to just call it a draw.
  12. DLC for one boat?
  13. There are no benifits to downgrading from Premium to DLC. You lose out on the best toys, amongst other things.
  14. It is possible to change a players rank, but with that come less Equipment. We do not change player ranks unless something is broken At this time, Rank is directly tied to progress of personas, so as in every other game where you have level 1 2 3 etc, we use ranks instead of numbers.
  15. Glad to see you got it working, otherwise get back to me