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  1. works for me...amything to make it easier for new converts
  2. That's amusing...fixed spawn points in depots and army bases and FMS...truly amusing
  3. Is this issue similar to trees and berms stopping rounds when from our pov we have open shots?? This seems to be a real game breaker.
  4. A lot of this dirt of thing could be done via modern graphic cards shaders..minimal cpu required. Not sure if the engine can handle it. A lot of this stuff is available free in the unreal engine marketplace.
  5. I can see the issues with spawning higher tier atgs but atm i have seen exactly two atgs brought in with fms and they have always (as they should be) brought into the flanks of probable et exits. I just want to get more atgs out there....
  6. In windows 10 you can click on the sound mixer icon and mute one instance of the game. Works with any game that outputs via dxsound.
  7. Do the GMs have the ability to follow players and see from their POV? Perhaps posting a short video of the player getting 22 rifle kills in a row at 300+m could be illuminating.
  8. Good ideas...we need ideas to incentivise players to sub to the game BUT the cost involved is too high, especially in this economic environment. Different subs as suggested would likely work..perhaps with a chance for a free month for outstanding teamwork aars etc. This would again INCENTIVISE teamwork. I really dont think the devs have a feel on WHY people dont sub or leave in general.
  9. True but lately we have 5-6 players that do the hard work and the rest getting shot over and over and then either (1) log off in disgust, and leave the game (2) log off then go to the overpop side and make it worse (3) say screw this and manage to find the ems or get a fms from a rear town and backdoor the enemy fb (after killing an ems an running down an opel with your mate in the back, forcing the opel to stop and turning it into a rolling ball of flame) . Then hot dropping the fb with one engineer..waiting for the tigers to spawn and move off. THEN get a fms to town..recap the spawn. Spawn an atg kill the tiger camping the spawn.. ...and watch the bunker go axis as the five defenders cant get to the bunkers single entrance. And STILL crs ignores the playerbase issues. Tz3 esp is rush bunker then camp. This is what our game has come too...no wonder there is a mass exodus of subs.
  10. A panhard with a 37mm? Get that in and I would resub in a heartbeat. Nothing like killing tanks with a car...
  11. So defending a far cp by running from say the AB?? Easily abused by the attacking forces as there would be no need to post missions in the cp.
  12. ..and there is one of the major issues with game related to the vis settings. One player can see another just fine - the other cannot. Likely the #1 cause of "hacker" reports.
  13. Barbed wire for sure!!
  14. Underpop side attacking?? In this game?? Perhaps in tz1 it might work..in tz3 its a recipe for losing spawns and bunkers...witness Mouzon yesterday.
  15. Unfortunately it is more likely the f2a accounts doing the spying... We all know the GMs do what they can..but esp in tz3 there is a problem with a lack of GMs.