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  1. @Choad thats exactly my gameplay and is the reason why I generally set dfms and cut enemy ingress to town. Alas being f2p means I use a rifle mostly and in cps it is a virtual crap shoot who dies first or we both die.... 1.36 has generally been a success but the lag for me has increased, even with less enemy around since wbs finished. I will say tho, it seems just certain players are uber laggy - others seem to die when hit first time.
  2. Im liking where this is going..I am also in the same boat as tater. I want the game to succeed badly but a combination of high sub costs, God awful CQB gameplay, and the fact that the game becomes WORK is stopping me. My squad has mostly left or rarely log in at all now. Proximity aos and by extension proximity capping could alleviate 2 out 3 issues for me, and the inf only/land based subs would fix the last excuse.
  3. Hah thats bloody awesome!
  4. So you are saying a fully kitted out soldier jumping from the roof of a two-story building onto the roof of a cp below it and firing in one motion is good close quarter gameplay?
  5. Perhaps combined with more rank advancement? God knows we have to bring the new guys into the fold so they can see the tactical and strategic glory that our game CAN SHOW. Unfortunately, at the moment its ninja caps, followed by a flood.
  6. Thank you for that @OLDZEKE- I wasn't aware the g2 was in game yet. New tiers messing with me
  7. 100% great update if this comes..its simply expected from modern games, especially since its a key gameplay feature.
  8. Can confirm this..had a stu out today and the only enemy i engaged was an opel..ju87 came in and started strafing everything - including my stu. Commander was down but it successfully killed my engine with its mg. Has there been an accidental ap rounds substitution? Happy to chalk one up to bad luck but multiple occasions today of it happening.
  9. How true..we can debate the timers all day, but in the end it is up to all of us to create the gameplay we want.
  10. The fights bog down in general because they started with a ninja cap! For better or worse, BOTH sides don't construct attacks anymore. One fms is NOT an attack! We don't FIGHT our way in anymore, unless one side is sooo overpop that they cannot get ppl out of the towns to find ems, atgs, ets etc. It is not a lost art...just seems we have lost a lot of great tactical leaders on both sides. We all want those fights that go for hours with both sides having a chance to win if they take it. OICs need to step up. The game shines when we have huge battles.where one side can lose and still say what a great fight - rather than the other side capped all our undefended cps then camped our AB.
  11. ..which is exactly what CRS have said they wanted to remove..ninja solo caps. Light ews and suddenly ...BANG BANG BANG - the town is all capped other than the bunker.
  12. That's what I am saying krazydog.....we are pleading for players to come back BUT the game mechanics are fighting us everywhere.
  13. I have capped nine spawnables since WBS started only ONE had a mission posted in it after pleading for help with posting a mission. Its either I despawn and make a mission myself and HOPE axis dont start recapping it before I try to get through the mess of UI and get back to the depot, or lose it too overwhelming enemy forces. I am sick to death of doing all the damm work. There are only 8 or 10 players who actively do ANYTHING in tz2/3 to promote attacks or setup a viable defence on the allied side. The numbers on axis are overwhelming most of the day and they have simply burnt out all the good leaders we have had. WBS just makes it worse as the player base logs in and automatically goes to the side they perceive is on top. I have set fms to fbs countless times and pleaded for help to get it down...crickets..I post missions in spawnables I have capped..crickets when I plead for a mission to be posted. I set cutoff fms with ets and opels etc passing by in a victory procession and STILL NO ONE SPAWNS IN....The playerbase is set in turtle mode, but in this game, where we spawn in KNOWN locations it just becomes a campfest which in turn makes the problem WORSE. If you need to defend, defend AGGRESSIVELY. Staying passive in a cp just allows game mechanics and lag to kill you. The players log off, don't come back and MOST IMPORTANTLY DO NOT SUBSCRIBE! I dearly want this game to continue on to bigger and better things but at the current time, I cannot see it getting much past WBS. Time will tell I hope I am wrong.
  14. quite a few old ANZAC will be back for WBS....see you all on the battelefield!
  15. Yup Kazee... was just too effective..allies, when I logged in, were 5-10 dropped to 4 inc myself then came right back up to around 15 when some squad came on. As long as leadership can control the mole and not make that the priority (herding the cats), they are disproportionally successful.