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  1. Is it related to the streaming of all the tiles ppos (+ now waypoints) into memory and setting the fms at the same time? Localised testing? In any case, I commend CRS on being proactive about this!
  2. That is extremely interesting..and most likely the source of the massive lag spikes players get in towns.
  3. If this post is serious then Houston..err Portland - we have a problem!
  4. I concur..but considering the allies discord channel is empty in tz3 and we don't have hc online for hours at a time, what effect would this have? It always comes down to the very few to even bother making a mission in a spawnable before it gets capped. There is just no fight in the vast majority of tz3 allies. The majority won't mark, won't reply, some don't even move during an entire defence - almost as if they are second accounts. I challenge any impartial judge of the game to watch via the CRS spy in the sky and still expect players to pay for this gameplay.
  5. ...all very valid points but will be dutifully ignored. The worst thing is all this could be fixed in a few days IF CRS was willing. All the rest of the game idiosyncrasies can be forgotten if both sides had an even playing field. The numbers in game have plainly told CRS that the customers are not happy - it's up to them now.
  6. While looking around the latest unreal engine I fell upon this independent conversion utility. https://www.presagis.com/en/product/openflight2unreal/ It uses datasmith as an intermediary so should in theory be able to import ALL the games modelling info into unreal, and therefore be able to tap into the thousands of hobbyist modeler's out there, especially in the Covid-19 times. Thoughts?
  7. I think that NEW players especially have been brought up on the current range of shooter games. The fps infantry gameplay is the core of the game and clearly the worst performing. I would suggest the devs actually play other games the come back to this.
  8. My great uncle claimed this was SOP in North Africa when they were raiding supply depots and airfields. The Brits used gunned up jeeps and the Aussies had the side firing mortar/cannons, lmgs, and a boyes up front. Back when men had a set!!
  9. +1 for the steelseries arctis pro
  10. This is rubbish...if one side's population CHOOSES to play massively overpoplated WHO is actively destroying the game? Yes, it is true that players can choose a side but the same people are fighting ai for whole campaigns in the timezone they can play. They CHOOSE to do this. ..They COULD choose to even the population and actually FIGHT!. @XOOMwhen you choose to address this is when the allies will start logging back in.
  11. Why not have an option to untick "Show waypoints" per mission/target.
  12. Definitely agree @Kilemall.. Unfortunately CRS seems to be stuck in giving us more goodies to play with, before addressing the core problems of the game. EVERYTHING else is fluff if you don't have population equality. EVERY other game makes it a core mechanic, but this one.
  13. Can the game have an option to change this automatically? Some would not like it but it could be a tickbox.
  14. @XOOMWith respect you are AWARE that the pak36 is vastly overpowered yet you still allow it in game. YOUR OWN DEVs have told you and the playerbase that the gun is artificially too powerful due to a bug. Yet you tell us that we are employing the tinfoil hats when you (quite probably by mistake) don't give ftp access to 2lbrs. This was for weeks!! ONE: Making the spawnlist a manaual effort is insane and a huge workload on one person. Mistake happen - we are human. TWO: Stop fiddling with the spawnlists - and let the playerbase sort out the campaign and not YOU.
  15. Good work on finding this dfire