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  1. I was just thinking about the least amount of dev time...
  2. What is this teamwork you talk about?? ..next you will want combined arms and atgs brought in with trucks! SCANDALOUS!!
  3. If we want a visual cue of a dead aa/atg just give it a small explosion and smoke from the brewed up shells.
  4. No comment...which is a comment in itself
  5. In some aspects of your argument I am in total agreement. Fights in the zees are fun..BUT the way the map is made strategically they can be cut off so easily, and the towns have limited use. With the new map extensions that are possible now we can look forward to a reason to have naval battles.
  6. Is there a game engine limitation on manning gun emplacments? Can they not be implemented as non movable spawn points (with traverse and elevation)?
  7. People can CHOOSE to change their minds about subscriptions as well. All this damn fine work from listening to the PAYING PUBLIC..and then you ignore what you stated in WRITING. Personally, I have no issues with it one way or another but your flippant responses are diametrically opposed to your "we are listening to you" official stand.
  8. Full supply at an underpop side fms is still only 10 guys...umm i really dont think you realise the gravity of the tz3 issue. I actually agree tho with making fms only able to spawn say 25% of the spawnlist. Force the playerbase to bring in more fms if they want more feet on the ground. We have a trickle resupply mechanism now. You could adapt that for fms supply.
  9. Perhaps CRS could ACTUALLY play underpop over and over again..and see what its like?? Just putting it out there...I have and do..and believe me it still takes forever to cap a cp in lowpop.
  10. or perhaps it was just the one ei attacking in town?? Ya think?? Hmm?
  11. Look at the stats...some VERY lucky pak36 gunners these last few campaigns.
  12. Hmmm but one shotted by pak36 on flank in this game....
  13. place a simple bar graph on the log in page..no need for numbers just percentages. Is this SOOooo hard?
  14. I did...i was bored...it was all too easy. LMG is a laser..smg so so...stugs were awesome 3h awesome...4g so so. tiger...boring..dial in the rangefinder BOOM kill...BORING! ...didn't fly