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  1. Agreed..lets make it as simple as possible for the rats to flesh out the tiers.
  2. The rendering of inf at 300+metres should be blurry. Perfect resolution IS gamey..its not real life. I agree the vanilla LOD system unreal gives you are subpar, and Post Scriptum is a perfect example. No optimizations can fix that mess . An ideal engine would have object culling and streaming built into it. "Our" antique engine has the basic cell streaming already - more modern engines such as the one Star citizen is using has systems that allow solar system wide resolution down to man on the planet fps battles..all in the one engine. Yes - it IS ROCKET SCIENCE. But it can be done. Unreal as a base is great for devs as there is thousands of people proficient in it, but it would definitely need to be modified for this game.
  3. Do you mean "shock horror" maneuver war? I love the idea. Would need alterations to the core of the strategic layer tho...
  4. I like the idea..but most attacks are started by "stealth". No defenders no ews just hordes of fms inc..before the enemy can react. It a byproduct of the games mechanics.
  5. Consider this...would you prefer a community that didn't give a rats about the game in general? Or a passive community that just says thank you sir can we have more...then never play the game again??
  6. I would love to kill ryman and his cronies...over n over n over
  7. If the game engine is so good WHY do we continuously get those wtf moments when we hit say an enemy tank. You cannot be telling us that their is a connection issue for everyone of the countless scenarios we all see in in game.
  8. CRS

    The simple fact that a player can play in the original game client at the SAME TIME as playing in the steam client, is simply astounding. Is there any wonder there is a griefing/spying issue??? I was simply amazed that CRS would not have coded that out. In all honesty CRS will probably delete this post.
  9. Simply making the vehicle suspensions actually work instead if skating around on a 90% flat game environment and tipping over at a log/berm would be a great advance. I feel the collider system is very inferior to modern expectations and is at the core of many game issues. This would require major work on the game client though..I don't think the current rats have the resources.
  10. Welcome Dre21...wanna have actual fights in the next campaign??
  11. I like the basic idea but making non USbased players get penalised simply because of where they live is not a good idea. Funnily enough there are players from other ountries who play the game..and pay to do so.
  12. I tend to agree, Delems BUT a five min cap timer is reinforcing the fact that the player is playing on a seriously over populated side. They have CHOSEN to continue the clubbing of the baby seals. If they don't like it they can remedy it on next spawn (after a suitable downtime to alleviate any spying issues etc). The main issue is players want to win - there is no current DISINCENTIVE to stay on the overpop side and roll town after town. This is the core issue we all face. An A1 game would not even contemplate having a system such as ours..not in a million years.
  13. I'm sorry I thought the pak36 was useless..T0 atg that you find at EVERY fms that can take out all allied armor? Sure is bad when one side says we are being biased against doesn't it?
  14. CRS

    Where did I say force? There is a need for incentivising the low pop side, that is all. If you WANT TO KILL AI - go for it. It is YOUR MONEY - you may spend it as you will but if the game has any future you needs TWO sides playing it.
  15. CRS

    CRS you are seriously fooling yourselves if you think the local pop imbalance is ONLY 2:1 The fact that you have stated this is laughable and disturbing at the same time. The problem is A LOT WORSE. New players (and ONE SIDE has a HUGE AMOUNT of them) are great to get but they are ONLY GOING ONE WAY. SERIOUSLY, DUH! ^^^^^ This is a seriously good idea - easily implementable AND swinging numbers either way. On death, the game checks again for pop imbalance and POPS UP A MESSAGE - Do you want to FIGHT OR CAMP? Play <INSERT LOW POP SIDE> and get some new supply! Plus the fact that you are SERIOUSLY LOOKING AT THE ISSUE? REALLY? The same issue we have been complaining about for YEARS?? The one that you ignore because you don't want to [censored] off the current players? Well no SD seriously worked - it proved your PLAYER BALANCE SYSTEM DOES NOT WORK!