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  1. Some very interesting ideas here...food for thought.
  2. Has "gifting" of subs been looked at? I assume @PITTPETEcan do this manually?
  3. The game gives a message to them that the ao has been removed, rtb and despawn. What do you suggest CRS can do to help this situation?
  4. I love this idea...@XOOM Btw, I have now re-upped so beware the valleys and berms for my Panny/Wacky laffly.
  5. Wth potthead 1 2 3 or whatever we are up too...how dare you humanise yourself with that self serving bloody AWESOME video! Next you will be telling us that you are a vegan! Dropbear Ps awesome video from a proud Qlder that STILL hasn't seen snow.
  6. I'm sure we could use the sheep as quasi war dogs..reskin ftw!
  7. I have subbed to the starter account this campaign until the land based subs become available, so I have a vester interest in the available numbers.
  8. Engineers are at a premium usually..they are my primary targets especially at the beginning of an AO. That and the addition of engies to starter accounts (and possibly wasted earlier??) would sway me to keeping them where they are for this campaign. The fact that there are more guys having them ava8ble for use also means more chances of getting them killed.
  9. I wholeheartedly support these ideas, but of course without subs nothing can be done.
  10. QFT...everything else that CRS does is gilding the lily.
  11. Is the game audio system so broken that truck audio can not be heard clearly in town from the fbs? THIS is why fms go down so quickly...simply put the overpop side has the opportunity and the numbers to spawn multiple trucks and placing out of ews range before the previous ao is finished. Placing one inf in each mission is easy when u have the numbers. EVERYTHING is easy when u have the numbers..but hc based ums that can be set anywhere could be game breaking. I look forward to seeing how it goes..at least CRS is trying to keep battles going, but any side that is currently OP is going to be exponentially harder to stop now.
  12. The playerbase naturally gravitates to units that have a longer TOM- tanks and aircraft. Being killed over n over an over again, by enemy you don't even see due to vis limits, frustrum culling, and simple god awful cqb lag, gets any side down.
  13. Make them able to "support" armor by fixing tracks/engines as well?
  14. I for one LOVE the scale of the map..BUT, are we designing the gameplay for people with hours of available uninterrupted gameplay, every day, or players with an hour or two every few days maybe. In the time poor days I would think most possible subscribers don't see the value in a sub when it can take 20-30 mins to get a tank in a good spot sometimes. Fast infantry gameplay is great but the cqb gameplay does not give the overall scope of the game. Imagine if you are a new player for a moment - spawn in an advertised fms to either die immediately , or wander around looking for enemy, or finally get to town and get inside a building with an enemy flag.. The disparity between what we advertise and what the common player gets to play is huge, and I feel is a major reason behind the low subsciption rates. The new lower price starter account should alleviate this...gives the new guys a taste of all the available forces.
  15. to anyone who knows you need two sides to have a game..