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  1. And we told the Rats that there is no reason to go that far north but they expanded it anyway..
  2. Can we add the normal atg emplacements to these?
  3. Crap..coming home today after a week touring the south island in NZ. I feel I have put ON weight.
  4. ..and one that could be implemented without much new coder work.
  5. Perhaps the tank is aware that a sapper is about to send him home early and he pulls the plug early? No idea - just considering other possibilities.
  6. Does the client lag we are experiencing lately have anything to do with this perception?
  7. Who's coming with a wacky laffly?
  8. Is the database consolidation have any effect on the lag in game?
  9. I would like an option to be able to spawn in an AA gun or Atg into an emplacement built into the trench, with the same system we have for fms now. Green to go (with backspace to choose) red no go..Should also have an option to rotate the gun.
  10. I (sadly) see them as easily campable from armour and air. Is camouflage netting in development? The game has developed into fast trucks setting up fms before Aos are placed. There will be no time to setup these type of defences when one side is heavily underpopulated. I applaud the idea behind this and it clearly shows what ppos are capable of....but addressing the game population in general and the gross imbalances should be the devs #1 focus IMHO.
  11. And they do now? Engies are prime targets!
  12. ..they all come back!
  13. same thing here dre21..ticket submitted
  14. With nearly all vets at max rank I think a voting system is the best choice.
  15. Awesome news @DOC...and way to go in reminding the doctors that they CAN'T explain everything. Time to invest in lotto );
  16. Whether CRS want to acknowledge it or not the game has reverted to a mass spawn, cap the spawnable, campfest. If this doesn't work it becomes a grindfest which bores PAYING and f2p customers alike. I am in total agreement that there is currently no way to actually lead attacks or defence. For any wargame this is indefensible.
  17. I am still seeing lag spikes on myend when around other laggy players...it seems to have reduced a lot lately.
  18. I love the idea but the selected videos were super jerky and I would imagine anyone looking at that would baulk. Whether we like it or not it is 2019, and giving a taste of that would not show prospective customers the gameplay we all love and play for.
  19. And @sgthenning you are embarrassing yourself stating that pak36s cannot kill matties and chars..
  20. sooo...no euros or aussies allowed sgthenning?
  21. Bring back the HEAT rifle grenadier!
  22. Well done @XOOMand the rest of the team...working well at last and now we can move forward.
  23. Further to my earlier post....I want the game I started playing almost 20 years ago. True combined arms, where BOTH sides had a good chance of winning one MASSIVE battle, then could shake the proverbial dirt out of their kits and could log off knowing they got great value for money, helped their mates (win or lose), or stay on for "just one more fight". For the last month for myself personally it has been a rare moment to get more than ten guys in the same attack. It has been the same guys doing all the work, and yes when the game becomes work...... I hope that @XOOM can turn it around. It was with a very heavy heart, that I pushed that unsubscribe button - this is not just a game but a community of like minded souls.
  24. Have ANY rats even responded to these ideas? This is a big part of why I have just unsubbed. Whether it is true or not I have the perception that CRS will not, or cannot change things for the better. These posts are from players actively trying to play the game and having their well thought out posts ignored.
  25. I really don't think that CRS has nearly enough clout with their subscribers to ask the current subbed players to pay full price and at the same time give new subs a reduced price. I for one have finally given in and unsubbed my account - due to all the above reasons in the thread. I cannot see value at all in a combined arms pvp when there is not enough numbers to even guard a spawnable. CRS at the moment are not giving the playerbase what they have advertised. This, combined with the god awful infantry lag, the bugs that have been in game for the last 20 years, and flippant remarks by some CRS reps just nailed the coffin shut for me. I would probably pay $5 a month for the current gameplay, but remember aussie primetime is tz3. If I'm not axis I am cannon fodder 90% of the time. the only time I can get what even approaches a combined arms attack is my Friday morning that I have off work. For a few hours a WEEK I get value for my money.