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  1. those specs are fine - I personally would go for a bigger power supply to futureproof it tho.. Vyper sounds like you have driver issues of some sort.
  2. I'm about to purchase Vista ultimate but will most likely be dual-booting it with my current xp setup. The rats had stated that they will try to get it working with Vista, but I'm sure they have other priorities. Is the firewall blocking the application?
  3. It happened to me last night again, same error. This was after a 4hr session - hey I'm on holidays
  4. Still no reply from the rats??
  5. nope no good - opened up these ports and STILL get the error stating that it is reverting to the old code. If I open the firewall up it works fine - SOOOOoooo, are the RATS going to state the REAL ports that need to be open??
  6. Thank you gnasche - I CANNOT BELIEVE THIS ISN'T ON THE RATS HOMEPAGE! Will try and report back after work.
  7. Guys I'm having a weird problem with netcode2 asking for ports to be opened up in my firewall. I have the normal tcp 27015-20 open but netcode2 says its reverting to the old netcode in game. It all works fine but I would like to use the netcode2. Any ideas?
  8. Using a sblive my sound is still borked while flying ONLY - sound fading in and out. I still get the sse2 concussion bug flying as well. FPS are low but quite playable still (50ish, used to be 100ish) but the ctds are GONE. Thank you RATS. DropBear ps Using netcode2, Dual core duo 2.8n 2gigs ram, and a 7800gtx
  9. I'm afraid you will have buckley's chance of running the game with a SiS card - primative 3d acceleration if any. I would spring for a 7900gt as they are quite a good value, as well as being available in agp and pci. Do you know what type of card you have Arthua2? Give us more of your machine specs so we can help you.
  10. Hi all! I have a creative X-FI and it works great on the ground..BUT in the air it RANDOMLY stops working, fading in and out. Once it starts I need to restart the game to get rid of it. I have the latest drivers from the creative site, and they are supposed to be fully openAL compliant. On the ground I NEVER get the same problem, after hours in the same mission even. Can anyone help? DropBear PS FPS are fine, normal lag.
  11. any news on a possible fix? This is a game breaker for me - at least for flying. I also had the sse2 bug but changed back to the original exe type to fix that... DropBear
  12. Pls note the sound never bugs out while I'm on the ground..it works very well 90% of the time. 3D sound ingame is awesome - for me its only in the air that I get the fades in-outs. Doesn't sound like its a creative only problem tho - squad mates reporting it happends with onboard realtek audio as well. Hedkvist which drivers are you using? I may try reverting to older drivers.
  13. same cpu but the intel chipset ;( Extremely annoying...and STILL does it one notch down in sound HW acceleration.
  14. I was in the same boat as everyone else - huge stutters flying since the patch. I tried reverting to 84 series nvidia drivers and it helped some but was still there. I then started doing some research - it seems the 91 series drivers are implementing open gl threading as standard - I turned that off in my advanced settings, as well as the waterhaders in the game settings - and the stutters are largely GONE (just don't get me started on the general haziness and fog). BTW, I have a 4600X2 AMD, 7800gtxm 2gigs ram.
  15. With all the rendering changes in 1.24 coming up surely this is the ideal time to fix the FOV issues with widescreen monitors?
  16. My opty 165 setup had mediocre performace until I installed xpsp2 then the latest nvidia chipset drivers (leaving out the hard drive drivers), and then the latest directX. Doing all that gave me 150 fps in the air (was 45ish) Make no mistake - you NEED all the drivers updated on your machine or the default windows ones will suck your performance through a straw. I agree tho - the latest nvidia graphics drivers gave me crap results. I use the 81.43 drivers with my 7800GTX - AA 2x AF 4x
  17. excellent results - stutterfree flying even in high load situations like AF's under attack, CAS work in cities. Recommended!
  18. thx for the reg settings - will try it now and report back
  19. I'm going to give this a try - can someone point me towards merlins app to change the registry settings?
  20. all usb based sound devices require cpu cyles to process the sound. If you get a "decent" sound card with low cpu usage you will gain better fps/be able to process more sounds.
  21. ...and of course anyone with any modern laptop or widescreen LCD monitor is "nerfed"
  22. KILLER thats great news...especially on the choice of routing. For players from Australia and Europe I can imagine a choice of routing would be MOST beneficial!
  23. i thought it was fine too..for a few hours..now its worse than EVER!
  24. thanks to the rats, gnasche etc. who have replied - but is anything actually getting DONE? Most aussies don't have the option of going to optus cable - if I could I would!
  25. I can confirm that iinet (that uses telstras network) routes through reach.com as well. I'm at work so cant post a traceroute. DropBear