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  1. Thank you for that @OLDZEKE- I wasn't aware the g2 was in game yet. New tiers messing with me
  2. 100% great update if this comes..its simply expected from modern games, especially since its a key gameplay feature.
  3. Can confirm this..had a stu out today and the only enemy i engaged was an opel..ju87 came in and started strafing everything - including my stu. Commander was down but it successfully killed my engine with its mg. Has there been an accidental ap rounds substitution? Happy to chalk one up to bad luck but multiple occasions today of it happening.
  4. How true..we can debate the timers all day, but in the end it is up to all of us to create the gameplay we want.
  5. The fights bog down in general because they started with a ninja cap! For better or worse, BOTH sides don't construct attacks anymore. One fms is NOT an attack! We don't FIGHT our way in anymore, unless one side is sooo overpop that they cannot get ppl out of the towns to find ems, atgs, ets etc. It is not a lost art...just seems we have lost a lot of great tactical leaders on both sides. We all want those fights that go for hours with both sides having a chance to win if they take it. OICs need to step up. The game shines when we have huge battles.where one side can lose and still say what a great fight - rather than the other side capped all our undefended cps then camped our AB.
  6. ..which is exactly what CRS have said they wanted to remove..ninja solo caps. Light ews and suddenly ...BANG BANG BANG - the town is all capped other than the bunker.
  7. That's what I am saying krazydog.....we are pleading for players to come back BUT the game mechanics are fighting us everywhere.
  8. I have capped nine spawnables since WBS started only ONE had a mission posted in it after pleading for help with posting a mission. Its either I despawn and make a mission myself and HOPE axis dont start recapping it before I try to get through the mess of UI and get back to the depot, or lose it too overwhelming enemy forces. I am sick to death of doing all the damm work. There are only 8 or 10 players who actively do ANYTHING in tz2/3 to promote attacks or setup a viable defence on the allied side. The numbers on axis are overwhelming most of the day and they have simply burnt out all the good leaders we have had. WBS just makes it worse as the player base logs in and automatically goes to the side they perceive is on top. I have set fms to fbs countless times and pleaded for help to get it down...crickets..I post missions in spawnables I have capped..crickets when I plead for a mission to be posted. I set cutoff fms with ets and opels etc passing by in a victory procession and STILL NO ONE SPAWNS IN....The playerbase is set in turtle mode, but in this game, where we spawn in KNOWN locations it just becomes a campfest which in turn makes the problem WORSE. If you need to defend, defend AGGRESSIVELY. Staying passive in a cp just allows game mechanics and lag to kill you. The players log off, don't come back and MOST IMPORTANTLY DO NOT SUBSCRIBE! I dearly want this game to continue on to bigger and better things but at the current time, I cannot see it getting much past WBS. Time will tell I hope I am wrong.
  9. quite a few old ANZAC will be back for WBS....see you all on the battelefield!
  10. Yup Kazee... was just too effective..allies, when I logged in, were 5-10 dropped to 4 inc myself then came right back up to around 15 when some squad came on. As long as leadership can control the mole and not make that the priority (herding the cats), they are disproportionally successful.
  11. How about the inside of TRUCKS or infantry barracks. Plain 20 year old textures that make it had to even see the doorways let alone get out of them at night.
  12. Mole attacks are way too powerful. Everyone knows it, it works both ways of course but the OP side has the power to suck defenders into light ews town (ESPECIALLY huge towns like Gent etc) and then have a big coordinated attack in another target. The fact that the devs cannot address this is damming. Cap a cp...hide for 30 mins...cap another one. Yup people will pay for this! The real issue is the vet players will be forced to guard (which burns them out) and the other towns may or may not even have any coordinated defence.
  13. Sheesh it's obvious to everyone here that tanks don't get involved because of all the shreks/zooks/sappers around. Players don't even spawn atgs or fms anymore because unless its a 232 or a DAC/STU you got buckleys chance of killing anything other than a truck. Armor in city fighting is hard at any time but with the current total lack of coordination, they are just sapper bait.
  14. @kazee I would welcome you to play allied in this mini-campaign and start attacking in tz3. I for one would be with you. BUT... I am not sure if its "just" the beta we are playing but in my TZ3 normal playing time lately I have logged on to find ONE AO active. Axis HC are choosing to ignore the other AO. I logon sometimes to find easily enough players to start an attack BUT the population is "happy" to sit in "defence". Key players, veteren players with years of experience are happy to defend and pad their stats. Some, of course, do the "right" thing and try to defend spawnables and bunkers actively, by finding enemy spawns, fms etc and TAKE THEM DOWN. OTHERS choose to sit back and snipe, and worse actively encourage new players to do so. That is their right of course - they can play the game any way they like. Meanwhile I Login to find Boom totally cutoff and down to the bunker with the allies fighting hard to maintain control of the farmhouse bunker. No-one, and I mean NO-ONE was trying to recap. Greentags around, NOT ONE would respond to pms to help me cap spawnables. Some of them moved AWAY from cps I was asking on target and side for help with - so they are actively choosing to NOT help. Note quite a few of these were NOT greentags as well - vet players who are choosing to maintain the camp. I have to question if some of these are axis second accounts logged in to see our movements - it was really that blatantly obvious. I capped alone TWO spawnables, killing LOADS of axis players by myself, one spawn twice. The axis players were rolling in waves once they found me capping...how DARE I BREAK THEIR CAMP? Over a good 15-20 mins I killed the enemy and kept capping spawns - ALL ALONE, with probably 6-15 allied players at peak in the town. Is the playerbase HAPPY to get rolled in TZ3? Are they happy to extend the losing run of campaign wins? In the end all this negative gameplay does is KILL the game in this tz, one side gains more players and extends the roll. I can see that with 2 aos active in the real campaign that tz3 will be a roll fest, but saying that I am happy to try it - if only to show CRS how we "allies" are choosing to play the game. Please note: I logged into the game after we were totally camped with three axis spawns, tiger camping the AB, and ems all around the town and 251s rolling through town killing infantry. I understand that players give up - but ACTIVELY giving them the cps without a fight when we had ample supply left to retake it is WRONG, and will kill this game in the end. I implore the gms to watch the gameplay in tz3 and prove me wrong. CHOOSE - FIGHT OR ???
  15. I think the workload for the skins would be too much for the volunteer devs, and would pull dev time from other projects. The current format for models doesn't appear to be skin friendly..are there any options to export the models exterior layers into another program?
  16. From real examples, and some from recorded samples from the era. Analog tape to wav files.
  17. Is the game able to stop a fru from bring placed behind enemy lines with a RIVER between the two? This is the only problem I have with them. I am not sure whether the code will check for this. No sappers, rpats, etc and I am good with them. ANYTHING to get the gameplay flowing again !!
  18. Simply put..in a real open war environment, there is no way a pattieserie for example would be allowed to stay next door to an army spawn point (any place with a strategic component). There is ZERO reason to place buildings so close that infantry are ALLOWED to jump from the spawn to the cp roof. We have the opportunity to remove this ridiculous practice now.
  19. Great information laid out simply.
  20. Totally agree Potthead...its momentum -the snowball effect of good comms, players willing to do the difficult things (like guarding, getting fms up, covering armor, using atgs ), and most importantly REAL leadership. Real leadership doesn't always have to come from HC..anyone can see a need for something and just DO it. The numbers come when the playerbase feels a part of something bigger than themselves - an army rather than rambo.
  21. OMG.....THIS is what we want! Please CRS can we look into these audio paks? I think everyone can agree that the work Merlin did to change the audio of the trucks in game didn't really have much effect on in game audio cues. We can still hear the truck audio from way too far. Changing from the old sounds to the new sounds and MOST of the returning vets thought W T F. If the current sound engine cannot support high fidelity audio what can? Can we start a thread about the sound engine options?
  22. Thank you @OHM! Hopefully this will make some more epic fights in this campaign and not just cap spawn and flood.
  23. But isn't that the POINT? The tests are invalid if one side doesn't turn up and play.
  24. Hi guys, Upon trying my steam account this morning I came across an error after hitting the Join the battle button. An unknown error occurred. Please try again or try offline mode. When contacting support please provide the following code; 10000000-0000-0000-0000-000500002f05 Game works aok offline. I asked my brother to check and his had the exact same error but with a ***2f19 at the end. steam auth server issues? Worked fine yesterday.
  25. worked fine this morning thank you guys