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  1. So..remove warping would remove the ability to rtb? If we want to remove warping would stopping the ability to rtb if your origin was not the town work? Of course that would break overstocking etc. unless you own both links AND the AB.
  2. Merlin pls don't take it personally..we applaud your efforts at trying to fix the issues of truck audio. In practice however I can still hear the incoming trucks at range..its just at a higher pitch which makes it EASIER to hear over general combat when you have good spatial separation with decent headphones. Of couse if you use the "gaming" sets that over use bass it may be different.
  3. A year is very generous...maybe 3 months? Only because if the have played that long they are already hooked!
  4. Great to know...3h,l,n are the same?
  5. Nice moz
  6. I think the main issue is the new players not knowing how to work the game interface. Perhaps, on despawn a tick box for rtb at the closest depot or fms.
  7. I too feel the f2p crowd should have the bare minimum kit that can provide a way to defend or attack objectives. Whether its a light atg, light AA, atr, etc. The dlcs could just move up to the next rank. Remember, smgs and trucks are just for this campaign...normally its rifles only. Of course the subscribers would need better guns from fms, such as 6lbr,pak38 etc. How often do we see hundreds of new faces early in campaigns with very little staying later to be as knucks has said "fodder". Over and over we ask for more players but over and over we drive them away.
  8. Agreed..a simple fix. As a ex rugby league player and father of two more..the worst possible thing you can do when exhausted is to lie down - you gotta open those lungs Of course, if i am being shot at I may not be standing ....
  9. I think the main problem with the ppos is that they were designed as simple one piece objects with the associated collider. The real need is a system that has connection points on each end so we can "connect the dots" Of course this would need dev resources that are spread too thin as it is.
  10. So the new SOP is to lob grenades into the inf spawns? Of course the axis rg is the go to weapon in this specific case. I have heard that grenades are actually getting kills now? P.s. Of course if enemy infantry are in the AB already the new inf bunkers are not the issue );
  11. I too have no problem discerning opel audio from 1+km and my headphones are not turned up too high..if anything the higher pitch has made it easier to locate them. In town of course the audio drowns out as it gets swamped by all the dead pz engine audio that stays around for minutes after the et has actually been killed. But by all means "fix" the truck audio.
  12. ...and therein is your problem. There are no more dedicated players who want to work with a combined arms attack. Its all 1vs the enemy. The dedicated players have left for good, or left, come back and see what the game has degenerated into...and leave again.
  13. I am seeing a lot of new players in game. Do the in-game tutorials show people how to mark? I know getting any of the new guys to use the chat channels is exhausting. Any of them that actually attempt to do so are snapped up by squads. The rest are just fodder...smoking their own fms and shooting rifles at planes.
  14. for all you hard work and time!
  15. Would it be worthwhile spending time on it..the unreal physics engine is quite good and expandable for our specific cases
  16. I for one would think about making each afv a localised low number (3-5??) spawn point for rifles only. Players could spawn in to protect the armor from sapper/rpat attack. This simulates combined arms at its best. Back when the Anzac were at full strength we would make our own ZOCS, and they were secure against most other than sustained bombing. We rarely see this these days as numbers are low PLUS the new players we get are used to BF5 style attacks. I need to kill something in 1 min or i'm logging crap. If they leave, so be it..The armor is now vulnerable. On the opel audio front - yes the audio has changed BUT my panny/dac just needs to go out a little futher to hear them coming. The opel cross country speed is still way too high...thankfully not as fast as an AP round through the fueltank (my favourite meteor) Edit: @HATCH Is there any reason why bushlines at a certain radius from towns/fbs cannot be made unpassable (collider engaged). Is it game memory limited? A big part of getting armor battles is stopping the bushline warping. Of couse tanks need to be able to get through..or just make gaps in them to allow AFVs to pass through them. I am just not sure of the game engine limitations.
  17. The game engine only uses projectile or HE energy to damage items? Why not include kinetic energy? Still the barbed wire is awesome for funelling enemy inf into a kill zone.
  18. I totally agree about the bridges aos/dos...making it hard for the playerbase to fix an obvious to them issue without needing HC to 1st remove an ao/do somewhere on the map, and then replace it with one that was needed 30 mins ago;) Artificial gameplay barriers like this need to be removed. Bridges were highly prized in the war and were blown only under the direst of circumstances. Our engies make them a lot more trivial. Perhaps make them need more engies to fix? ...no, current game numbers would preclude this. Of course, making river crossing ppos would alleviate a lot of the issues, plus INCREASE the gameplay options. Don't over complicate things - a staged build raft system for both sides, with no build zones too close to enemy held cps. Only usable for trucks and infantry - no tanks but perhaps scout cars.
  19. As a player whose first instinct on a new AO is to get a scout car, pop the hatch, and listen....then start hunting opels, HTs, etc. I feel once the fms is found its all over, UNLESS they have paks already out. You can tell the squad based fms setups by this BUT it all depends on sufficient manpower per mission which the game hasn't had for years now. I would normally locate the fms and get players intercepting the flow of the enemy from the fms before I suppress it. I try to find some reverse slope or cover and stay at range...unlike the 232 at grobb fb killing all at our fms by rolling in and out of the spawn point. Bad form, and besides you get a better gun picture at range. No amount of ppos save a fms from being camped...it just bottles them up and makes them an easier target from CAS. As others have wrote - some of the current game design paradigms depend on more numbers than what we have. Nothing worse than being over pop and setting a great fms and having for example greentags spawn in, shoot, smoke, and nade their own fms. Unfortunately it happens FAR too often, on both sides.
  20. ..and why does a barbed wire ppo stop a full speed cru2 when setup on a road? We cry out for immersive gameplay then this happens. Was funny when a DAC flipped over it, somersaulted BACKWARDS, and rolled off. And it wasn't ME this time. Something wonky about the DAC - the cru2 stopped cold, but the DAC bounced backwards then flipped over.
  21. @XOOM, can the current speedtree implentation have coliiders? I am all for removing our warp tunnel bushlines.
  22. For a game developer with stated aims of open communication with the playerbase, well lets just say the players are not happy. This lack of forethought has overwhelmed the excellent patch ahead of us. In any game perception is everything.
  23. Will the open beta run concurrently with the current campaign?
  24. Sooo..we going away from historical date introductions already? Can't have it both ways.
  25. The fact that CRS is cherry picking the "historical" entry dates is a bit rich when the game revolves around the french NOT being routed in the Battle of France. The initial implementation smacks of decisions made by like minded guys with noone pointing out the game play issues. Axis wants 3Hs, allies get rifle grenadiers (across brits & french). History has been warped because of our starting campaign lines, but the devs have implemented historical dates that don't take this into account. Char2bs anyone?