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  1. @XOOM?? The ball is in your court.
  2. On the good news front the mission automation seems to be working very well...this is a great quasi fix to the convulted mission system.
  3. I think we need some more INPUT from the playerbase about these CORE mechanics - the fact that there is only around five players actively contributing to this thread is telling. Regarding pop balance...when one side is so OP that the ACTIVELY cap the bunkers early because they have enough players to have a fms waiting at the other teams now active fbs... well HOUSTON we have a problem. Last night we had a quite a few new players running around Mettet - the ones that found the defensive fms and in the ab were mowed down repeatedly. ONE SIDE did not actively cap cps because they were attriting the link town so effectively. It was smart game play for ONE side - effective but in the long run where do you think those new players will go now?
  4. well...US primetime? Boom taken with a gross axis SD that didn't stop them at all because they had the spawn and managed to all spawn in BEFORE allies responded. SD is TOTALLY INEFFECTIVE IF YOU DO NOT DIE! One town away from Antwerp and the BOOM skyline was full of EA...kudos to a team that overwhelms a town but ASSUMING the town has defenders is NONSENSICAL AT BEST. All the games spawn delay system is doing is annoying one side and making the other side log off, which makes it even WORSE. Currently CINEY attack is being easily killed off with inf as the SD makes it even if you CAP A SPAWN you cannot get back in before ONE ei can recap the cp..err DUH! Seriously, and i mean this wholeheartedly DO CRS DEVS ACTUALLY PLAY IN HIGH SD conditions? The system is broken, the playerbase know it, but we don't seem to be even TRYING anything to fix it.
  5. It is certainly heartening to see general agreement from our players regarding these issues - now all we need is CRS input.
  6. @B2K are you really going to compare the opel cross country performance against any of the allied trucks? The opel is like a racecar across open ground compared to them all.
  7. All I see is CRS pulling out the same old excuses..these are the same CRS who NEVER play at these extremely low pop times. The same CRS reps who wonder where all the subscriptions are going and then counter with flippant off the cuff remarks. Lets just brainstorm ALL possible solutions - nothing off limits. its OUR game even more than CRS...if we want it to continue its up to us just as much as them.
  8. perhaps rollback the last patch?
  9. This is true but there is visual feedback with flags going down and up according to ownership etc. I don't think we need to copy them BUT it is what potential new players expect to see..perhaps a furling of the flag..some visual changes on the walls showing allied/axis propaganda?
  10. You mean the area capture mechanism that EVERY OTHER WARGAME USES? The gold standard for infantry based shooters? Guess they were all wrong..
  11. Good luck CRS!
  12. So..we take the few vet players that are not currently f2p away from the town defence and attack the fb? It is incredibly easy for an overpop side to have one defender at the fb or even attacking and simply doing a .own fb every now and again. Simply said, the underpop side simply doesn't have the numbers to dedicate to this. Its WORK to guard, and try to herd the cats. You can win a town over a hours hard work, then lose it in 20 after everyone logs.
  13. Would it be possible to have localised spawn delays? I am thinking if one side has an ao on a town and is massively OP then the SD kicks in hard AT THAT AO and surrounding fbs. You can spawn in at any other town and start perhaps interdiction or a para drop for example.
  14. I still have not read the reasoning behind CRSs decision to NOT allow premium subscribers to go "down" to starter subscriptions. You are saying on one post that we need everyone to stay subbed , and by your own choice forgoing completely the players who want to be subbed by anyway they can.. @XOOM I have subbed because I want to help, but the value for money at tz3 is nonexistant. Six players on allied side last night AND EIGHT SECOND spawn delay??? The spawn delay was swinging widely to both sides over a few hours, but the actual players in the aos were still able to be counted on one hand. The balancing mechanisms fail at extreme low pop but I don't see anything in your posts regarding possible fixes. Please, what are your ideas on getting more numbers in game?
  15. Some very interesting ideas here...food for thought.
  16. Has "gifting" of subs been looked at? I assume @PITTPETEcan do this manually?
  17. The game gives a message to them that the ao has been removed, rtb and despawn. What do you suggest CRS can do to help this situation?
  18. I love this idea...@XOOM Btw, I have now re-upped so beware the valleys and berms for my Panny/Wacky laffly.
  19. Wth potthead 1 2 3 or whatever we are up too...how dare you humanise yourself with that self serving bloody AWESOME video! Next you will be telling us that you are a vegan! Dropbear Ps awesome video from a proud Qlder that STILL hasn't seen snow.
  20. I'm sure we could use the sheep as quasi war dogs..reskin ftw!
  21. I have subbed to the starter account this campaign until the land based subs become available, so I have a vester interest in the available numbers.
  22. Engineers are at a premium usually..they are my primary targets especially at the beginning of an AO. That and the addition of engies to starter accounts (and possibly wasted earlier??) would sway me to keeping them where they are for this campaign. The fact that there are more guys having them ava8ble for use also means more chances of getting them killed.
  23. I wholeheartedly support these ideas, but of course without subs nothing can be done.
  24. QFT...everything else that CRS does is gilding the lily.