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  1. Found it:
  2. It was an animated website.It was a map of Russia with every military maneuver by the hour pretty much.Anyone remember it?
  3. 6600 is best for cost-performance ratio. I got mine, 256 version used, for 73 bucks and it works great. Remember to tweak out your computer a bit (theres various guides, I can't remember which one I used though...).
  4. Thanks anyways guys,I fixed it.I turned off some service by accident that I guess was important to connect to games.
  5. I'm getting this message in several games,including this one, every time I try to play online.I just installed an actiontec gt7054g(something like that) router. I disabled all firewalls including the one on the router, enabled DMZ, and nothing. Anyone have an answer.
  6. Theres a link to download dual core optimizers on the AMD website.Its specific for each dual core processor.Got some FPS out of it.
  7. In the sound tab theres an option for it to be using hardware or software.I just bought a SB Audigy 4.Which option should I pick?Im trying hardware right now...
  8. AMD Trurion 64 x2 w/ gf 6150 GO.Works great!
  9. Bump.I was just over someone else's house.He has the same wireless router as I do and it connected just find.I cant figure out why my computer is having such a difficult time connecting to my router.
  10. Ok,I've identified the SSID.Now,whenever I connect to it it says "Please wait while windows connects to the network" and it keeps saying this anmd stops about 5 minutes later.
  11. I have a wifi router but I live in an apartment so multiple connections appear. I cant locate my wifi connection on the available connections.Where do I set this up?
  12. Ok, I just bought it.Read some online reviews at newegg and its better than my onboard so I bought it.Thanks wingnut,glad to see some posts in here usually they're rare!
  13. this was the one I found.