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  1. No, me too - and I was so looking forward to being able to finally try this - with the extended hours. Oh well, next time.
  2. Hmm, well, maybe not. I downloaded and installed .28 and still having the same issue.
  3. Oh drat, I think I just solved my problem, didn't realize there was a new verison .28 out. Apologies for the interruption.
  4. I'm sure I'm not following some testing protocol here, but I just downloaded wwiiol0000131027.exe, installed it, and if I run "Battleground Europe TEST > Test Online" Then it shows the production version ( in the terms of service window and connects me to the normal live server. How do I get into the test server? If I run offline it seems to use the new version, but not having much luck getting online with it. Any advice? I apologize if this is a FAQ - I tried searching for a while without too much luck S!
  5. There was a vegetation bug thread a few days ago that seemed to just disappear - or it got moved and I can't find it. In that thread, I mentioned that I hit this bug often, and as proof, I hit it tonight and captured numerous screenshots to demonstrate what exactly we're talking about. As I mentioned there, I've gotten this: * On three completely different hardware platforms (both ATI and nVidia cards, both AMD and Intel processors). * On two different OSes (XP and Vista). * Its not reproducable on demand, but I experience this same thing roughly once a week. Here's a screenshot I just captured from Diest, at the Paal depot, looking northeast. Note the landscape is devoid of vegetation except in a few scattered places. Here's a view in the same direction but down farther south from Diest-Aarschott depot. Note that there is still normal vegetation to the east, and in fact if I turn south it's quite lush. But to the north and northwest its bare as can be. Here's a view from the northwest of diest, looking southeast toward town. Note the minimap in the corner. I "should be" looking through a ball forest, but there's not a tree in sight, and minimal bushes. After logging in, here is the last view with vegetation restored. You can't even see the town with the trees in the way. I really hope the rats get to the bottom of this one, it really disrupts gameplay and I'm increasingly seeing people exploiting it. I'm happy to collect any debugging information that could help, next time I hit this. Please include your own screenshots in this thread, as they occur, to show that everyone is experiencing this same thing. S! Warthog