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  1. Hmm... things aren't so great with my 4K monitor. Every time I launch the game it opens in a small window much smaller than the screen. I've been trying the native monitor resolutions - but every time it opens a small window. There don't seem to be any preferences to open in "windowed" versus "fullscreen" mode. Any tips to get it into a high resolution 4K fullscreen mode --- not windowed? Other games work fine at the native 3840 x 2160 resolution - so I would think that's correct. I also tried 1920 x 1080 and other modes, but always the same result. If I redirect it to my old monitor it runs fullscreen.... but I'd really rather not be using that monitor (for obvious reasons). Any tips!?
  2. I've gotten the game to run under vista - but as soon as it starts up - I can't do anything to move the mouse - just stays rock solid. Everything else works fine if I run as admin and under WinXP compatibility mode. Looking forward to rats supporting the game and working out the kinks, but I still have XP in dual boot, so, while it's a pain to keep booting back and forth, at least I can still play.
  3. I have two drives in raid 0, and I noticed a huge boost in performance for game load times, boot time, other application start times, and compile times (I'm a software developer). True, it won't do squat for your framerates, but raid 0 striping can give a huge performance boost in other areas.
  4. Hey all, I haven't done a realism event since the one before pillbox tookover. I just signed up for this event, as allied, but the briefing page here: http://www.pillboxgames.com/RealismEvents/briefing.php Lists me as Axis. Strangely, my profile, here still shows as Allied. http://www.pillboxgames.com/RealismEvents/details.php I've always been a strictly allied player, and would rather not play axis. Is there a way to get this corrected?
  5. I occassionally run with 2 accounts on a single PC, it's definitely possible if your PC is beefy enough. You simply have to ALT-tab to switch between accounts. As someone mentioned, having both programs running you will get sounds from both accounts, which is kinda confusing since, if you have say a laffy and an ATG right next to each other, you'll get a nearby explosion sounding on your speakers for both accounts - but if one is facing, say east, and the other is facing west, you'll hear that sounds in both ears and will have trouble figuring out where it's really coming from. You can disable sounds, in one of the accounts, once you're logged in, in the video and sound configuration area. But you need to do it before you enter a mission. You'll probably find it tough to do much useful with both accounts other than using one for towing - it's just too confusing to really try to use both of them effectively for combat. Well, at least I find it too confusing.
  6. Shameless bump. Come on, nobody knows?
  7. Your system is more than enough to get great framerates. Mine is a little bit better but in the same class as yours and I'm getting min 40 FPS, with peaks of 100+ FPS. You'll be very satisfied.
  8. You don't need to have two seperate installations of the game - I was able to get it to work with a single installation. Just log in with the second account after launching the first account. I haven't figured out a way to have it remember the two seperate accounts seperately, i suspect you're right it's stored in the registry. But, my account names are relatively short and I'm a fast typist, so it hasn't bothered me much.
  9. Hey guys, I recently upgraded my system, and when I did so, bought a new version of Windows XP Professional. I was a little hesitant to buy a new copy, figuring I probably wasn't going to get much use out of my old box and could use the old copy of XP Pro. But, what convinced me was the guy in the store who said new copies come with a free upgrade to Vista. Since I figured I'd go to vista soon anyway, I got the XP Pro. So, now I'm going to mail in my Vista coupon and realized its for Vista *Business* edition. And, after looking at the Vista info pages, it kinda looks like it's really about business, not home stuff, but I couldn't get a good feeling of what game support, if any, it had. You guys know much about it? Am I screwed? Will this thing even come with Direct X 10? Am I going to have to fork out the bucks for the home version? Any thoughts? Warthog
  10. You've run into more problems than average for a new player, and that's unfortunate, but I honesly don't think your experience is a great reflection on the game. It's really a pretty stable game, in the scheme of things, but one with an extremely steep learning curve. Sounds like you're close to getting the game working, so your next problem, as others have pointed out, is going to be learning the game. And, I'll back up the other posters. This game is HARD. The problem you're seeing flying is exactly the kind of thing you're going to face. Taking off is hard, because the plane acts like a real plane of the time. Unlike "easy mode" flight simulators you might be used to, this one models the way planes really acted in the WWII era. The game is packed with this sort of thing. I guarantee the next thing you'll find is that you start hitting your opponent and he won't die. Why? You aren't hitting anything vital. That is, you can stab me in my foot all you want and I'm not gonna keel over and die. Stick with it and you'll find that this attention to detail is what long-time players love about this game. But it's what you're going to hate in the beginning. Good luck and stick with it, I guarantee if you do you'll be hookend and will never find another game like it.
  11. Its not just you, someone already has a thread: http://discussions.playnet.com/showthread.php?t=139349
  12. I've been having trouble with the wwiiol website last few days too. None of the graphics will display (and take a long time to time out). That pretty much makes the site unusable, since most of the links are graphical. And CS&R unusable, as well.
  13. Well, decided to try it, and well, I won't really say it's buggy, but I don't like the interface change. I wish the toolbars were draggable. I can't stand having 3 bloated lines of buttons and menus. Oh well, these days I use firefox most of the time, anyway.
  14. I'm using 93.71 I've been seeing some strange bush glitches on occassion, but I'm not sure it's driver-specific (I just got the card - an 8800GTS, so don't have a lot of history with it). They really aren't very disruptive though - I don't see them often, and when I do they're just a little strange looking - don't really interrupt my gameplay. Other than these the driver seems fine.