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  1. i run this game flawlessly on a 4870.
  2. i have a 4870 but use xp. ive had 0 crashes.
  3. ya u should totally buy m0re r4ms
  4. if you must go nvidia, go for the 9800 GTX.However, the 4850 performs better at the same/lower price.and the 4870 performs excellent for just a bit more.
  5. Sometimes it takes a while for new accounts to be able to log in, it did with my old second account i had.Im sure someone will assist you soon.
  6. why would you choose vista over xp anyway?sorry i cant help but just wondering
  7. they were 55
  8. My bet is that it overheated too.try your onboard graphics and see what happens.
  9. just got meh headset in the mail today. its amazing. vibration is pretty awesome sorry if this is off topic
  10. Im talking about the list of em.not just random letters
  11. You know, the keylist that has all the special letters etc.Like if you hold alt and hit certain numbers on the num pad it makes weird letters.thanks,
  12. i dont always play on a headset for one, i have a surround sound system, and 2, they support 7.1 surround sound?