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  1. So i login today to play some and the chat window is gone when im spawned.Tried hitting y all that stuff but that just turns the whole hud on and off.Tried resetting hud settings tried rebooting game and comp etc.
  2. i run this game flawlessly on a 4870.
  3. i have a 4870 but use xp. ive had 0 crashes.
  4. ya u should totally buy m0re r4ms
  5. if you must go nvidia, go for the 9800 GTX.However, the 4850 performs better at the same/lower price.and the 4870 performs excellent for just a bit more.
  6. You know, the keylist that has all the special letters etc.Like if you hold alt and hit certain numbers on the num pad it makes weird letters.thanks,
  7. just got meh headset in the mail today. its amazing. vibration is pretty awesome sorry if this is off topic
  8. Sometimes it takes a while for new accounts to be able to log in, it did with my old second account i had.Im sure someone will assist you soon.
  9. why would you choose vista over xp anyway?sorry i cant help but just wondering
  10. they were 55
  11. My bet is that it overheated too.try your onboard graphics and see what happens.
  12. Im talking about the list of em.not just random letters
  13. Well, I run through headsets so fast its not worth buying the cheap ones anymore.Ive run through 4 in the past month.No, im not destructive to them either .Last one broke when breaking up a dog fight the wire snapped in half because it got caught on my foot as i ran towards them.Anyways, whats a good headset?
  14. i dont always play on a headset for one, i have a surround sound system, and 2, they support 7.1 surround sound?
  15. got that headset otw to me now im lookin for a good sound card for about 130$
  16. I have onboard sound, so a 50ish dollar durable one will do.I plan on getting a 100-120 dollar sound card in the future though
  17. Imo, yes.Just save up 1000 bucks and build yourself a nice rig Way better than small upgrades here and there to squeak by
  18. Well, i run ww2ol with 40-120 fps easy but I start recording with fraps and my fps goes to 1-2.I have it set to run at 25 fps full size, i then tried half size and same thing.It's making me pissed because my comp with less than half of the specs of this one, runs with fraps at only a 2-10 fps drop... any ideas?
  19. After experimenting with some overclocking, I went into bios and used speedfan, the temp in speedfan was about 78c and on bios got up to 92c...everything works fine nothing feels hot etc, i restored stock settings and my idle is 39-40c and under load about 60-62c. I have stock cpu heatsink, are these acceptable temperatures?
  20. could be packet loss.just my guess
  21. did a test, spawned in on offline mode through a bunch of smokes and shot for about 5 mins and the highest the temp got was 41c.
  22. Ya but after I flashed my bios im getting 35c idle from realtemp(same as coretemp) and 28c from easytune5 which came with my mobo.before i flashed my bios i went into bios and it said my cpu temp was 92c. o.o