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  1. i have noticed with the new wave of Steam players, they like to take the fight out of town and into the countryside, attacking the mobile spawns and then the forward base itself. if it was made so you have to make your way across the countryside and attack/capture the forward base to the next town to active the supply chain, it would make for a lot of fighting between the towns. it also gives points of vulnerability to attackers as they would need to defend both forward bases to hold a spawnable. i think the new players would like fighting for ground between the towns before actually assaulting the town.
  2. bofors are deadly. there are 2 planes that can withstand a hit from a bofors and still fly, thats the Havoc/DB-7 and the Stuka, and not so much the Stuka. alot of that is a not-so-complete damage model on the Havoc/DB7 .
  3. i like Teamspeak's poke feature. if you poke someone on Teamspeak you type a message and a female voice will say " wake up " . first time i heard that it immediately made me stop what i was doing and investigate.
  4. hello folks, i decided to drop in for a while and play some WWIIOL. i am not a day 1 player, but i am a month one player. the game was about 2-3 weeks old when i joined. i played WWIIOL daily for 8 years before slacking off (China patch did it for me). one thing i have never liked in the game is indicators of balance. from the balance boxes at the website to the overpopulated/requesting reinforcements indicator at the login or the spawn delays in the game. all they have ever done is put me in a defeatist mood when i see one side overpopulated. i have always believed that a simple uninformed choice of side at the login, with the side switch delay still active, is the best way to balance the game. if people have no idea what the population is like when logging in, they will choose sides based on what they like and go in with a positive attitude that would only be effected by what they see on the map, not by some balance indicator or spawn delay.
  5. i tried it and it works, but it launches outside of Steam and therefore does not have the Broadcasting feature. i like Steam Broadcast, i use it to see how games play in real time. it also made me take a look at WWIIOL when i saw it there. it would be a good thing if i could use my premium account and use Steam Broadcast.
  6. i decided this weekend to start playing again. since i wasnt going to get paid until today, i made a free account to use for the weekend. the problem is, i dont know how to change the login so i can use my old account.
  7. yea, i figured that out. i found out that WWIIOL had made it to Steam from Steam Broadcasting. i watched a few and decided to try it. i downloaded the client from Steam. it took me a few minutes to figure out i need the regular client instead of the Steam one. its loading now
  8. did you make the switch to 64 bit? how can you be using 8 GB of memory without 64bit ?
  9. I have 8 GB that not a problem. I was just wondering how the game is able to utilize 8 GB of memory. I was under the impression that 32 bit applications could only access 4 GB of memory and that you needed to switch to 64 bit to make the integers needed to access more than 4 GB.
  10. S! I am a month 1 player that played Allied for 8 straight years, and 4 years off and on. my primary weapon is the Havoc, second is the Hurricane mk1. lets see how the game has improved !
  11. i have a logitech 3d pro and am unable to get the game to recognize it. it wont keymap to anything. ive tried switching the "with joystick" and "without joystick" as well as to a redetect from the controller tab. neither works. windows (windows 7 64bit) shows it as working fine.
  12. nevermind, i fixed it. in the profiler adjustments, the advanced tab has a pulldown the selects a preferred device. mine had gotten selected to "none". once selected the stick works fine.
  13. S! folks. been gone about 3-4 years something like that, decided to see what was going on with all the free-to-play stuff. i got this error upon reinstalling. like most poeple, the game runs anyway with no obvious problems. at least untill i try to p.m. someone. wont work at all. i havent tried any kind of numbered channels,but i suspect they wont work either. preset channels work fine.
  14. i have two Link Layer Topology programs, 2 Protocall Versions (4-6), a General NDS Protocall driver and Jumpstart Wireless Filter running along with the standard qos packet scheduler client for microsft and filer/printer sharing. how many, if any, can i turn off? i cannot play due to this 20033 packet loss auto-despawn.
  15. i have an Athlon 5200+ stock is 2.7 ghz. at the desktop it would run about 51c. ingame it was running as high as 68. i backed off my frequency to 2.2 and it runs a ragged 62-65c depending on how big a battle im in. so i goto tigerdirect and see what they have in CPU cooling. i find a cool looking rig from Cooler Master called the hyper N520. it has 5 heatpipes and 2 fans that flow 42 cfm. i installed it and immediatly my desktop temp went from 52c to 41c. ingame it would only go up to 46c. i went and cranked up the frequency to 2.96 ghz and tested ingame temp. after an hour it finally broke the 50c mark and leveled out at 51c. im happy now the hyper n520 rocks for only $35.
  16. it must be ok, so far the highest ive reached is 52c, and im running at 2996mhz,stock is 2.7. so i would have to say i got the paste on right,and the Hyper N520 is a great cooler. now all i need is to know how far i can go with my system clock before worrying about other stuff,like power regulators. i dont have to worry about my memory,as it has a function that forces it to run at a specific frequency regardless of the system clock.
  17. i dont know the best way to apply paste, i am afraid i have it wrong. it wasnt transparent, but it was as thin as i could get it and still be even. i used a matchbook for my straightedge. any reccomendations would be appreciated.
  18. http://www.tigerdirect.com/applications/searchtools/item-details.asp?EdpNo=4434989&SRCCODE=WEBLET03SHIP&cm_mmc=Email-_-WebletMain-_-WEBLET03SHIP-_-03ship
  19. so im flying along in my Havoc on my way to bomb LaRoche. i look behind me, there is a friendly, and he kind of shoots forward a little bit, nothing big. a minute later i look again and he suddenlt froze and started going backward and up, then snapped back to where he should be, hmmm. i get to LaRoche and there are planes warping in every direction and speed you could think of, i go ahead and drop my bombs and turn for home so i can reboot,i look behind me again and a 109 comes warping in at like-mach 5 only to freez at the last second and sank down to the ground and disappeared. and few seconds later i cthl'd to find my wireless modem was down to a 1 bar connection.
  20. make sure your extension limit is turned off in the nvidia settings, it will cause that problem if its on.
  21. ya, i spent the last 8 years with cords running all over the place.when the router is working,it works well,my ping is in the 40 ms range.
  22. i dont know why, but every now and then my wireless router just goes south on signal strength,and will stay that way for hours. right now its normal with all 5 bars.
  23. turn off the extension limit in the nvidia controll panel, BE doesnt like it.
  24. i am encountering i slight glitch with my mouse/windows 7 64 and BE. when ingame as infantry,you roll your mousewheel to change weapons. my avatar sometimes switches when im not even moving the mouse. AMD64x2
  25. your AMD dual core has a bug with the timing. run the AMD dual-core optimizer to fix the problem. http://support.amd.com/us/Pages/dynamicDetails.aspx?ListID=c5cd2c08-1432-4756-aafa-4d9dc646342f&ItemID=153〈=us