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  1. I just downloaded Teamspeex and I also want to get online with it. Where do I go? What do I do? Also what's a good headset/mic for my G5 Dual 2.0?
  2. It's Bernard Hermann's score to Alfred Hitchcock's "Psycho."
  3. Mmmmmmmmmmmmm ... odd blueberries ..... arghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.....
  4. Great! Now even the artificial intelligence is going German! If this isn't proof that CRS are nothing more than a pack of bloodthirsty fascist collaborators I don't know what is!
  5. "Where was that ju load of paras headed?" Straight to Hell from whence the jackbooted, goosestepping fascist bastages came by the looks of your score. Excellent work!
  6. I was banned for a year for nothing more than the bugs. The very same bugs you are all experiencing now. The year ban was quickly removed within a few weeks because luckily I had screenshots and evidence which proved that everything I was being accused of was nothing short of false and libelous accusations spewed forth in complete ignorance by an angry mob of vindictive little thugs without a single shred of evidence.. Very much like your own post just now Hoodoo. Under the circumstances the analogy to "Gestapo tactics" is quite apt.
  7. Okay, I just thought one of you guys might know. Also I'm having trouble viewing a couple of kbar's movies on here. They just come up as white with audio. They're some of my favorite's "VRHC Movie" and there's one I also think may be kbar's called, "Payback."
  8. Nonsense. I spent 3 months trying to figure out what was going on while I was accused of "cheating" and "hacking." All my posts were deleted because I asked whether there was such a thing as an invisibility bug. When I went back to try and log onto the boards I saw this message: "You have been banned for the following reason: None Date the ban will be lifted: Never" I was one of the first people to experience these bugs back in October of 2005. Not a single person would help me including yourself. There is no excuse for the way I was treated. I'm simply glad to see you've all finally come to see the error of your ways.
  9. How do you make movies? I'm on a Mac.
  10. 9) Don't forget invisible tables in the CPs if you are in a town before the tables go hot. I'm glad to see that CRS has finally come to their senses and are at last allowing Mac players to discuss the system wide bugs in the code openly without adding insult to our injuries by instilling the constant fear of retaliation in the form of threats of permanent banishment in the game and on these boards. I wonder how many Mac players they've already lost forever due to their prior Gestapo tactics. I personally know of at least 20. We should all thank Mike "Krieger" Daniels for helping to set the record straight. The rest of the angry lynch mob should all be ashamed of themselves.
  11. No preferences file as the program has never successfully launched.
  12. I just downloaded the Mac full install at work and I can't launch either ww2ol or ww2olconfig offline or online. Nothing happens. Dual 2 ghz G5 with 2.5 gigs ram 2 17" flat screen displays. I tried downloading and reinstalling twice. I tried to go on Bittorrent and download that installer but it won't let me log on. What gives?
  13. Dear Gophur, As I struggle to continue playing this game despite the fact that this latest Macintosh version barely seems to function even after the million steps not described on the install site one has to take to properly install it I have been compiling a list of defects which no-one seems to be addressing. First of all here is my current system configuration. Machine Model: Power Mac G5 CPU Type: PowerPC G5 (2.2) Number Of CPUs: 2 CPU Speed: 2 GHz L2 Cache (per CPU): 512 KB Memory: 2.5 GB Bus Speed: 1 GHz Boot ROM Version: 5.1.8f7 Video Card: Nvidia Geforce FX 5200 Running Mac OS X 10.3.9 My WW2OL configuration is as follows: Video: Resolution 1024X768 Millions 32 bit Refresh 120hz locked to refresh rate FSAA samples OFF FSAA quality Off (My monitors are set to 1024 x 768 120hz prior to entering the game.) Sound: Enable Sounds Force stereo OFF Convert sounds on load ON Max sounds 128 3D quality Low Vol Up all the way Music Down all the way SFX Clear viewport not checked Show info checked Shadow 0 Vis dist Far Hud Health/ammo/compass Supress Muzzle smoke Suppress tracer LOD field of View Checked LOD Limit per frame Checked Texture: Texture reduction is ON Everything else including enable multi-texturing is OFF Enable radial clutter is ON Set to middle both sliders Visible player limit is high Language English Joystick is a CH Fighterstick Trees: Both sliders set to halfway Tree resolution is Medium Use Tree Vertex Shader is checked. I can not turn on the textures they are blinding and so poorly conceived that I can’t see a thing but millions of tiny dots when they’re on. I cannot hear engine sounds of any vehicle that I am in for example planes, trucks, tanks. I can hear other’s engine sounds but often they are mixed up or coming from seemingly the wrong direction. For example a fairmille will play a laffly sound. A PZ to my right will sound like it’s coming from my left. Enemy AI seems to follow me and only me around like a magnet. If I’m anywhere close to it out of 12 or so others near it it picks me and chases me around till it gets me. The most serious problem besides not being able to hear audio properly, view the textures as I could before this patch and being unfairly followed around by enemy AI, is the apparent memory leak which seems connected somehow to the text chat window. I discovered that after being logged into the game for some time I start to get FPS hits that seem to be coming at regular intervals. I’ll be getting 20 – 30 fps when every 3 or 4 secs I’ll get a 3fps hit which causes everything to freeze for a second then move again. If I’m running I will be running at a frame rate which would have been decent if I had all my graphics turned on all the way (which since this patch is impossible) and my character freezes at 3 fps then runs again and so on. I’ve tossed preferences, defragged my hard drive, re-installed the game, etc nothing seemed to work. Finally I started playing around with turning the HUD on and off I realized that had no effect on the fps issue however when I turned off the chat window it fixed it. The FPS hit issue connected to the chat window seems to only start happening once I’ve been in the game a while. Eventually the FPS hits when the chat window is up get more and more frequent and if I don’t leave the game the hits result in an eventual crash to the desktop. It’s like the buffer isn’t clearing and seems characteristic with a standard memory leak issue in the program. I do notice that it doesn't coincide with a new line of text being displayed. It will happen at regular intervals whether something is typing on a channel I'm displaying or not Anyone else experiencing all these issues? Will they ever be fixed Gophur? Whenever I go on the help channel and ask about them I’m told it’s because I’m on a Mac and I should by a PC. If the manufactures truly have this much contempt for what I’m assuming is a decent share of your customers who are on Mac platforms may I suggest you stop trying to sign us up with this poorly constructed Mac version of the game and we’ll stop subscribing to it. All the feedback I’m getting from players is that the PC version works great and no-one is experiencing these issues except the Mac users. Can Mac users expect to receive refunds for their subscriptions since the premature release of version 1.19? Can we also expect to receive checks from Playnet soon for our services as full-time beta testers of this latest release?
  14. Hux, your Mac is getting a bit older for this game but there's no way to tell until they can write a Mac version of the game that functions properly. Many of us are on brand new dual processor G5s with plenty of ram and new video cards and we're experiencing frame rates so bad as to make the game completely unplayable due to the poorly written and untested code. Other M.P.O.L. games work fine on my Mac. Wait to consider upgrading until they release a Mac version of the game that functions with a modicum of reliability. Until then I suggest you issue a help ticket to Playnet as I did and they'll give you a cash credit for the period of time since the premature release of 1.19 for the Mac.
  15. Ahwulf, You won't notice the chat buffer hits until you've been in the game for between 20 mins and an hour. Then it becomes very apparent. The rest of the HUD didn't seem to have any effect on or off. Eventually there will be a frame hit effect you can actually see in the fps readout top right. It's very rhythmic every 2 or 3 seconds there'll be a 3 to 4fps hit. As I reported earlier it's not related to chat entering the buffer as it continues whether a new line of text is displayed or not. It seems more related to time. Time spent in the game, and real time it’s like a stop watch effect. Perhaps the mission timer? All I know for sure is that once the hits present themselves if you turn the chat window off they go away. If you bring the chat window back the hits come back with it. Eventually doing something else in the game will combine with the effect to cause a CTD which I assume is related to video card or actual ram memory. Is the chat window tied in anyway to the game clock? Could the game clock that stores day and night changes be the source of the leak?
  16. Gren, That was a very accurate description. I was actually straffing one day and I could hear the death cry of the jackbooted German infantryman after I was already 600 to 700 feet in the air. The only difference I would say that I'm experiencing is that I don't hear my plane's engine sounds when I'm starting up. The only plane sounds I can hear are guns, and the engine when I'm going in and out of a dive. I'm also hearing a lot of sampling error clicking. The kind you'd expect to hear if you were playing something back at the wrong sample rate. For example when I hear a rifle shot close by me I hear a click after the shot.
  17. Ahwulf I wish you best of luck with your forensic investigation. All I can add to it is that there is a direct correlation of some sort to the fps issue and the chat window because the fps hits go away when you turn the chat window off. I haven't noticed any correlation with the sound issues and the chat window, however I have experienced temporary moments of normal sound which went away after reboot.
  18. Well I finally got a response to my help ticket with Playnet. There was by no means enough space to list all the defects of version 1.19 into the allotted 500 character space on the ticket but in listing just a few of the major ones I was awarded a month's credit for being unable to play the Mac version of the game in its current state. I advise every other Mac player of World War 2 Online to do the same until the programmers develop a Mac version that functions. Hopefully a month will be enough time.
  19. Fine. But currently everyone admits the software simply doesn't work. I'm sure they work hard. But they're game programmers not ditch diggers. They should have told us this was still a non functioning beta and many of us would never have downloaded it. If they feel they're not paid enough for their work they can find other jobs elsewhere. Although I would suggest they do not use version 1.19 as a sample of their work in their job search. I'd like more money for what I do too but I am still held fully accountable for the work I do whatever my rate may be. That's what defines me as a professional. If by some fluke they didn't realize that all the problems they were clearly alerted to in the actual beta were never resolved in the final release they should refund our money and apologize for their error. However everything I've seen indicates that they did know. Your loyalty is commendable but there is such a thing as being loyal to a fault. I'd like my money back until they figure out how to fix their mistakes. They can simply credit my credit card for the period of time I've paid for where the game didn’t and still doesn’t function. A formal apology for this shoddy release is in order here. I’m still waiting to hear one.
  20. Dear Ivertti: That's fine. However it's clear and it has been admitted by the producers themselves that version 1.19 for the Mac doesn't work no matter what high end Mac you're on. If customers want to do the Rats’ job for them that's their decision. I myself have a job and I don't work for free. If it were a couple of small bugs I would feel as you do and be more tolerant. This however is a non-functioning beta at best which has been passed off as a tested and proven version of the game. This is simply unacceptable. I love this game too or I wouldn't be wasting this much time trying to whip the programmers into something resembling professionalism and holding them accountable for their shoddy programming. If I passed work off like this in my own field I’d be fired immediately. I can tell you with all certainty if they try to release a packaged version of this game in the stores with this level of unprofessionalism the game will suffer terrible reviews and will likely be removed from the shelves. That truly would spell the end of this game for all of us. I'm tired of all the excuses. I feel the best way to support this game’s future is to let the programmers know in no uncertain terms that they really blew it this time. If they can’t accept that from their friends and loyal customers then they are doomed to fail with the public at large. Fix it. Or lose subscriptions. It’s really that simple. I believe I’ve made my position clear and I’ll wait to see what fixes occur in the next few weeks. (As to sound bugs I'm experiencing all the ones previously listed in this topic.)
  21. Ivertti this is quoted from another topic on here: